Something great is coming

TimmyC and I are going on our honeymoon! 

I remember when I was telling people that I was engaged, people thought I was already married and when I got married, people thought I had already been on my honeymoon. I could never win. 

It has taken a while to plan (17months to be exact) but it is finally happening. I am usually the least organized foodie, however I have definitely pulled my weight when it came to planning this trip because I had a foodie wish list I wanted to fulfill. 

Join me on this foodie journey to see where I end up. In the mean time… any guesses?

6 thoughts on “Something great is coming

  1. Paris, France and then a driving holiday across the southern states of the USA (west to east) then north to New York for bagels and Reuben sandwiches. Wait, that’s my dream holiday!

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