It was months ago when I had walked past the old site of Smoque in Civic to discover a new Korean BBQ coming to Canberra. KOR BQ didn’t have much on their upcoming website when I went to research them in March but by the time I returned from my honeymoon, they were in full swing. I had heard good things and I was excited to try their menu.

The restaurant wasn’t empty, but we were also just EXTREMELY early.My friends and I ordered the honey lemon citron tea ($4.00) and honey lemon ginger tea ($4.00). The description of ‘nice taste, won’t be wrong’ and ‘great for winter’ did amuse us thoroughly but they were precise as they did have a nice taste and it was the perfect beverage for winter. I enjoyed that they had unusual non-alcoholic beverage choices outside of soft drinks.Japchae beef brisket, vegetables and julienned egg served with mung bean noodles in a homemade soy sauce ($16.00). Half way through eating our noodles, I remembered that there was supposed to be beef brisket with the noodles (although they still tasted delicious without it) and when we enquired they were very apologetic that there was a misunderstanding in the kitchen. We didn’t worry, we were just checking if there was supposed to be meat and moments later they came out with a small bowl of beef brisket and apologised again. A must for any Korean meal and a tasty dish to snack on while you wait for your BBQed meats to cook.The beef that didn’t make it into the noodles the first time.Cheesy kernels sweet corn kernels, carrot and cabbage in an indulgent cheese mayonnaise hot plate ($6.00). I must admit, I found this very unusual. I love anything cheesy and I love corn but this was like a cheesy corn mixture on top of a coleslaw mixture. Really weird but it strangely works.KOR BQ Creamy fried chicken friend chicken served with our homemade white sauce ($24.00). You would think that this creamy sauce would belong on a pasta dish rather than Korean fried chicken but it was so moreish. Having sauce on top was the perfect balance of having the crunch of the chicken as well as only a bit of sauce. I find original fried chicken too bland and sauce coated chicken too OTT, but this was juuuust right.Korean BBQ – OMG yes, over a decade living in Canberra, why did I not make Korean BBQ my preferred choice of dining during winter?! It provides instant heat and entertainment with a delicious ending. The exhaust fan worked really well and I didn’t walk away with charcoal smelling hair.

Our charcoal came and we were ready to go!Sizzle time!Bacon enoki mushrooms (3 sticks $12.00). We were really surprised about how delicious and succulent this skewer was. Definitely worth ordering.Even with our poor BBQ skills (we were too busy talking), all the meat came out really tender and flavoursome with the right dipping sauces. You could tell that they use high quality meat. The only downside was when we finished cooking, they took the coals away and our wonderful heat source was gone. 😦

Pork shoulder (200g $16.00).Beef rib eye (100g $15.00).We really enjoyed our visit; the service was attentive, the food was delicious and they have a spacious casual environment. I think the only thing they were lacking was a good dessert menu but since our visit, they have expanded their dessert range.

Don’t forget, the fried chicken and Korean BBQ is not available at lunch time so I think the best time to visit is for dinner so you have the full selection available, although I hear their soups are pretty tasty too.

Venue: KOR BQ

Address: 13 Petrie Plaza, Canberra ACT 2601

Phone0451 101 633

Website: www.korbqcanberra.com

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