It had been years since I had been to Rubicon and after the fantastic meal I had the other week, I wondered why I stayed away for so long.There was a choice of four, five or six course degustation and we decided on six courses (surprise surprise) with a few extras. When we had the ‘Design your own degustation‘ explained to us that we could choose any six items on the menu it threw all reasoning out the window. It meant I could have 6 Wagyu steaks or Timmy could have all the desserts but the whole table had to decide on the same 6 courses, so we had to compromise.

Amuse bouche~ orange, rhubarb and walnut.Extras~

Toasted garlic, chive and parmesan ($1.50). This wasn’t as delicious and moreish as Sizzler parmesan bread (I swear they use some sort of addictive drug to make that), but it came out very fast and it was at a bargain price.Oysters with smoked bourbon sauce, bacon, shallot, pecorino ($4.00 per oyster). Not my favourite as I found the sauce overpowering the other ingredients. It had too much going on and I couldn’t even tell there was an oyster in there with all the other textures.Design your own degustation 5 courses($80.00 pp).

Yellowtail kingfish sashimi, green nam jim, lime, yuzu, coriander, coconut, cress. This dish had a perfect balance and pairing of flavours. This was definitely worth ordering.Scallops, confit chicken, bacon jam, apple, calvados. I LOVED this dish and I was surprised as a lover of scallops, for me the chicken stole the show on this one.Roasted pork belly, celeriac remoulade, crackling, apple. Classic pairings that work really well together; the pork was incredibly tender.Green beans and snow peas, tarragon and lemon dressing ($9.00). This was my attempt to eat more vegetables during the degustation but I really could have skipped it. The snow peas were just a touch over cooked and I wasn’t a huge fan of the dressing.Duck confit, ginger miso roasted mushrooms (swiss, king, oyster, enoki), braised cabbage, duck brik. I was a little disappointed with this dish as I wanted more saltiness to the duck, the mushrooms to be more flavoursome and the brik outer layer to be crisper. In hindsight, I probably would have skipped this course.Shoestring fries, smoked paprika ($9.00). I know this sounds simple, but it was delicious because it was served ridiculously hot with the right amount of seasoning. YUM! Also the perfect side to the rib eye.Chargrilled Wagyu rib eye, onion, boulangere, asparagus, horseradish, sauce bearnaise. YAY! This was really delicious and cooked perfectly. BOO! I was starting to get uncomfortably full and forced myself to finish it. I probably would have enjoyed this more, earlier on in the degustation.Cooked perfectly to my liking.Palette cleanser~ carrot and green apple sorbet. I wouldn’t have been able to tell this contained carrot except by the colour.Dessert~ they let you choose different desserts (phew!)

Caramelised apple tart, sablé, butterscotch, creme fraiche sorbet. This was definitely not what we expected as we thought the tart would be made from pastry, not sablé. The base was really hard in comparison to the apple and we found ourselves having to stab our spoons in the base just to break it. It had a beautiful butterscotch sauce but we felt it just wasn’t the same calibre as the savoury dishes we had chosen.Spiced rum and honey panna cotta, drunken fig, sauternes jelly, hazelnut, earl grey ice cream. I liked the sound of spiced rum and honey in a panna cotta but oh my! This would have been considered a fire hazard with how much rum was in it. It was so intense, we didn’t even finish half of it, albeit it was the biggest panna cotta I have seen.Even though we didn’t completely love our desserts, we had a fantastic time and I look back on my savoury courses fondly. The service was friendly and attentive and I definitely look forward to going back soon.

Venue: Rubicon

Address: 6A Barker St, Griffith ACT 2603

Phone(02) 6295 9919

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Le Bon Melange

If I have been waiting over a year for Le Bon Melange to open, I can’t imagine how long Natalie the owner and pastry chef has been waiting for. I first noticed Natalie’s work on Instagram and since then she has made numerous birthday cakes for my friends and I.

Le Bon Melange had their first day of trading yesterday and I beelined straight there when I had the opportunity. It is a little out of the way of the town centre, but I parked near neighbouring shops and walked over.

It is a very cute shop. I loved the European look of the chairs and tables, so much sunlight spills in from the large windows and the glass cabinets are filled with a variety of delicious goods.I’ll have one of everything, please.Enjoy the lovely sunshine with their outdoor seating.The service was still finding their feet but forgivable since it was their first day. Everyone was very friendly and helpful as I inquired about half of their products.

My intention was to only grab two things and head out the door, but that cabinet made everything look so inviting. So I decided to buy 4 items, then one more… Then another. I was almost out the door when the chocolate coated macarons were added and I found myself lining up again.

Top left (clockwise): Lemon curd meringue jar ($6.50), sausage roll ($5.50), croissant ($4.50) and salted caramel eclair ($5.50).Top left (clockwise): Apple turnover, White chocolate and raspberry macaron coated in chocolate ($4.00), custard filled baked doughnut and cross section.TimmyC and I agreed that our favourites were the lemon curd meringue jar and the apple turnover but I would really love to see the selection expand and grow over the next couple of weeks. I was pleasantly surprised with their opening hours as they are opened 7 days a week, 6:30am – 4:30pm.

Venue: Le Bon Melange

Address: corner of Gungahlin Pl & Bruning St, Gungahlin ACT 2912

Phone: 0423748063

Opening hours: 7 days a week, 6:30am – 4:30pm


Guillaume sneak peek

Two things about this dish. This was the first time when I said we were sharing the entree that they served it up equally in two equal portions. My friend didn’t have to wait for me to take photos before she could start (but she did anyway, I think out of habit). And two, that cauliflower purée is out of this world and is possibly the lightest smoothest thing I’ve ever eaten. The meal just got better from there 😍😍😍

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The tale of my Friday night went something like this…

Hooray – my friends finally decide on going to the Harmonie German club for dinner, I’ve been wanting to go there for years!

Boo – I’m running late because I ran through IKEA and couldn’t decide between 5 different types of white photo frames. 

Hooray – I got a park right at the front and I’m perfectly on time. 

Boo – all my friends are late. Reminder to self: get new friends. 

Hooray – I join the club at a bargain price and sign my first friend in who arrives a minute later. 

Boo – the club is super busy, especially the restaurant. 

Hooray – we found a vacant table!!!

Boo – we are warned by a waitress that the wait for food might take a while because it’s so busy

Hooray – there are many things I want to try on the menu. I better join the line and order entrees while waiting for friends. First friend is reserving the table. 

Boo – my second friend has just arrived, I have to leave the line and go down stairs to sign her in. 

Hooray – I’m back in the line with second friend not too far from where I left

Boo – third and fourth friend have just arrived. I have to sign them in 

Hooray – I leave second friend in line to order entrees 

Boo – line is now out the door. I join the back of the line thinking by the time everyone figures out what they want, I’ll be near the front. 

Hooray – friends decide quickly and join me in the line. 

Boo – I have just read that you need to reserve a pork knuckle but ask and you might be lucky. Urgh I better look for a plan B. 

Hooray – I squeal with excitement as the cashier tells me that I can order a pork knuckle. I am smiling uncontrollably like I’ve just won the lotto. 

Boo – order a dish of spaetzle ($10) and not a side ($4)… probably should have read the back of the menu 

Hooray – food arrives in a timely manner and I don’t have to eat one of my friends!

Boo – I ordered a soft drink which usually fills me up and my huge pork knuckle is coming. 

Hooray – friends help eat some of the pork knuckle. 

Boo – they keep asking if my board is finished as I slowly complete the pork knuckle. It’s not lady, please leave me alone. 

Hooray – I’ve finished the whole thing! The bone is very clean

Boo – I didn’t finished the spaetzle

Hooray – I enquiry at the bar why there are some random European goods in the glass cabinet, including some delicious looking Milka flavour I have not tried (chips Ahoy! Cookies 🍪). 

Boo – guy behind the bar is wondering what I’m talking about and what the hell Milka is. 

Hooray – you can purchase these items!!!!!!

Boo – the guy has to check if there are more Milka bars down stairs, he is unsure if they have any left. 

Hooray – I shake my friend’s arm violently as he said there are plenty and asks how many I want. OMG!!!

Boo – I cannot see what the second flavour is as the bars are overlapping and I can only see the non-English writing. 

Hooray – a kind lady opens up the cabinet so I can see the second flavour. It’s hazelnut. Yes I think I’ll get that one also. 

Boo – no one knows a price of the Milka chocolate 🍫. 

Hooray – the lady who saw my excitement about food tells me about German market days. The whole club is filled with German meats and goods. She said I would love it! And yes I would!

Boo – they have just had one and the next one won’t be for a while 

Hooray – the Milka bars are at a bargain price. I am ready to live in this German club!

Hooray – I have ripped both packets opened and the chocolate is delicious. 

Hooray – I have found out the next market is on the  Sunday 10th Sep.  
Hooray – I’m feeling like the luckiest girl in the club!

Hooray – I’m looking forward to my next club visit, it will hopefully be before market day. 

Hannara Korean BBQ – All you can eat

Stop the press! Run, don’t walk. Hannara Korean BBQ cuisine is now doing ‘all you can eat’ Korean BBQ.

I had dragged my friend to Hannara at the beginning of the year when they had just opened but nothing really stood out from other Korean restaurants. We tried a variety of dishes including japchae, fried chicken and bulgogi but what made me have food regrets was smelling other people’s Korean BBQ sizzling away. So when I read that Hannara was now doing an ‘all you can eat’, it was the perfect excuse to go back.

There are three buffets to choose from: ‘Premium Wagyu and seafood buffet($69.00pp), the ‘Wagyu BBQ buffet($59.00pp) and the ‘standard BBQ buffet($49.00pp). The whole table ordered the Wagyu BBQ buffet which included Wagyu meat, some deep fried seafood and bibimbap as well as everything from the standard BBQ buffet.

There are some terms and conditions attached: The menu you request can be sold out. Age under 10 is $20 pp. There is a penalty fee for leftovers. ALL food’s quality is the same as the single menu. Take out not available. Limited to 90 minutes from the first serving.

Ordering the Wagyu BBQ buffet meant that we could have delicious Wagyu meat as well as all the Korean fried chicken, japchae and corn cheese that we wanted!And so it began, our ‘all you can eat’ adventure included some very delicious Wagyu meat, crunchy fried chicken, some judgment from the neighbouring tables and ended in a lot of belts being undone.It might not look very pretty, but the meat was delicious.Korean BBQ is the perfect winter warmer and a fun delicious way to catch up with friends. I’m a huge beef fan so the Wagyu beef was my favourite, the Korean fried chicken was nice because the sauce came on the side and came with the perfect pickled vegetables. I thought the bibimbap was a little sad looking and disappointing but I would definitely come back again! I had lots of fun and didn’t leave smelling like charcoal (their extraction fans work quite well).

The service was prompt as there is a bell on each table, the meat didn’t take long to cook and 90 minutes is ample time to order, cook, stuff your face and repeat as many times as needed.

Venue: Hannara Korean BBQ cuisine

Address Shop 1,2&3 – 16 Moore street, Canberra ACT 2601

Phone(02) 6193 3016