The tale of my Friday night went something like this…

Hooray – my friends finally decide on going to the Harmonie German club for dinner, I’ve been wanting to go there for years!

Boo – I’m running late because I ran through IKEA and couldn’t decide between 5 different types of white photo frames. 

Hooray – I got a park right at the front and I’m perfectly on time. 

Boo – all my friends are late. Reminder to self: get new friends. 

Hooray – I join the club at a bargain price and sign my first friend in who arrives a minute later. 

Boo – the club is super busy, especially the restaurant. 

Hooray – we found a vacant table!!!

Boo – we are warned by a waitress that the wait for food might take a while because it’s so busy

Hooray – there are many things I want to try on the menu. I better join the line and order entrees while waiting for friends. First friend is reserving the table. 

Boo – my second friend has just arrived, I have to leave the line and go down stairs to sign her in. 

Hooray – I’m back in the line with second friend not too far from where I left

Boo – third and fourth friend have just arrived. I have to sign them in 

Hooray – I leave second friend in line to order entrees 

Boo – line is now out the door. I join the back of the line thinking by the time everyone figures out what they want, I’ll be near the front. 

Hooray – friends decide quickly and join me in the line. 

Boo – I have just read that you need to reserve a pork knuckle but ask and you might be lucky. Urgh I better look for a plan B. 

Hooray – I squeal with excitement as the cashier tells me that I can order a pork knuckle. I am smiling uncontrollably like I’ve just won the lotto. 

Boo – order a dish of spaetzle ($10) and not a side ($4)… probably should have read the back of the menu 

Hooray – food arrives in a timely manner and I don’t have to eat one of my friends!

Boo – I ordered a soft drink which usually fills me up and my huge pork knuckle is coming. 

Hooray – friends help eat some of the pork knuckle. 

Boo – they keep asking if my board is finished as I slowly complete the pork knuckle. It’s not lady, please leave me alone. 

Hooray – I’ve finished the whole thing! The bone is very clean

Boo – I didn’t finished the spaetzle

Hooray – I enquiry at the bar why there are some random European goods in the glass cabinet, including some delicious looking Milka flavour I have not tried (chips Ahoy! Cookies 🍪). 

Boo – guy behind the bar is wondering what I’m talking about and what the hell Milka is. 

Hooray – you can purchase these items!!!!!!

Boo – the guy has to check if there are more Milka bars down stairs, he is unsure if they have any left. 

Hooray – I shake my friend’s arm violently as he said there are plenty and asks how many I want. OMG!!!

Boo – I cannot see what the second flavour is as the bars are overlapping and I can only see the non-English writing. 

Hooray – a kind lady opens up the cabinet so I can see the second flavour. It’s hazelnut. Yes I think I’ll get that one also. 

Boo – no one knows a price of the Milka chocolate 🍫. 

Hooray – the lady who saw my excitement about food tells me about German market days. The whole club is filled with German meats and goods. She said I would love it! And yes I would!

Boo – they have just had one and the next one won’t be for a while 

Hooray – the Milka bars are at a bargain price. I am ready to live in this German club!

Hooray – I have ripped both packets opened and the chocolate is delicious. 

Hooray – I have found out the next market is on the  Sunday 10th Sep.  
Hooray – I’m feeling like the luckiest girl in the club!

Hooray – I’m looking forward to my next club visit, it will hopefully be before market day.