Weekend brunch essentials

Weekend brunching essentials.

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Pickle Rick


I spent the morning learning the craft of pickling and making chutneys with a dear friend at @cornersmith . I can’t eat my wares for another 3 months so I bought some of theirs to eat for now. So so good 🤤

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Vic’s Meat Market

Many moons ago, TimmyC and I experienced David Blackmore steak and we fell in love. Ever since that delicious introduction, we have been on the hunt to find it again (Chifley’s bar and grill have sadly changed their menu).
Knowing that we were going to be in Sydney for a long weekend, we went to book seats at the Wagyu bar located at Vic’s Meat Market. Unfortunately, they were closed for refurbishment but they asked us if we would like to come in for an early trial. We of course, jumped at the chance.
We were greeted by Matt, a former chef turned butcher, who was going to be cooking these delectable delights. The bar was all set up with beautiful salads to share as well as individually portioned potato salad and crunchy slaw. We all fell in love with the potato salad but was sad to learn it was not reproducible in our kitchen as they use brisket drippings *drool*. Even though I am thrilled at the idea of steak, it did not dampen my appreciation for the freshness and tastiness of these salads. Tomato and basil has long been one of my favourite pairings and I almost ate the whole plate myself. Fennel salad provided a tasty crunch and palette cleansing between steaks. They even threw some vine ripened tomatoes into the smoker which gave off a rich tomato explosion as they burst in your mouth.
Off we went on our glorious steak adventure. We first started out with a pasture fed scotch fillet; seasoned and cooked perfectly, we were eager to see how the calibre would be lifted as we went onto subsequent steaks.
Grain fed 270 days black angus T-bone – they let me nibbled around the bone and I was in heaven.
The T-bone steak is on the left hand side of the plate.
David Blackmore rump steak. Now we were getting serious. There was a notable difference between the taste and quality of meat. It was hard to not eat the whole plate, whilst knowing there was still more to come.
David Blackmore sirloin. If you don’t have teeth, don’t worry, this steak will just melt in your mouth. Again, this was another step up in quality and taste. This was sooooooooooo good, I’m starting to salivate just remembering this steak.
David Blackmore scotch fillet 9+ marble score. There was another elevation of quality and taste but nearly as noticeable as the other two leaps. This was borderline too rich (if there is such a thing) and needed either rice or salad to accompany it. So delectable, but you didn’t need much to feel satisfied.
The staff are so passionate and knowledgeable on what they love to do and this resonates with the quality of produce they have in stock (including Canberra’s own Pialligo bacon). Walking through the butchery, everything is so wonderfully displayed, I’d buy one of everything if I lived in the area. If you’re not confident in the kitchen, it’s nice to know you can get them to cook for you next door.
I hope the Wagyu bar is not too far away from opening. If you’re a keen carnivore, I definitely recommend you go and check it out.
Today, Vic’s Meat Market is launching their new Smokehouse and Grill menu to the public and hope to show off their large custom smoker to coincide with their third birthday. All weekend they will have free live music, giveaways and meat fry ups. I am super keen to return to try their ribs, brisket and a dish called ‘burnt ends’. Omg I love the crispy parts!
Venue: Vic’s Meat market
Address: Sydney Fish Market, 50-60 Bank street, Pyrmont, NSW 2009
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 7am – 4pm
Sat-Sun 7am – 5pm
Smokehouse and Grill
Mon-Sun 10am – 4pm