Next level spite cake

I’ve been fueled by spite before but this cake was next level. It took three hours to prepare before it was in the oven for another 30 minutes, used 12 egg yolks in the filling and almost cost me my sanity.

Here’s a tip, don’t start making this cake after 9pm.

I hope it was worth it.

#spitecake #usingeggyolks #homecooking


3 thoughts on “Next level spite cake

    1. It was good and I fear I will have to make it a few times because I do get stuck with a lot of egg yolks often.
      I call it a spite cake because I always tell TimmyC will use the eggs yolks and I never get around to doing it. He called me out on it one night and I said- that’s it! I’m making a cake right now (10:30pm) and that’s how a cake made out of spite was born.

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