Pickle Rick


I spent the morning learning the craft of pickling and making chutneys with a dear friend at @cornersmith . I can’t eat my wares for another 3 months so I bought some of theirs to eat for now. So so good ūü§§

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Vic’s Meat Market

Many moons ago, TimmyC and I experienced David Blackmore steak and we fell in love. Ever since that delicious introduction, we have been on the hunt to find it again (Chifley’s bar and grill have sadly changed their menu).
Knowing that we were going to be in Sydney for a long weekend, we went to book seats at the Wagyu bar located at Vic’s Meat Market. Unfortunately, they were closed for refurbishment but they asked us if we would like to come in for an early trial. We of course, jumped at the chance.
We were greeted by Matt, a former chef turned butcher, who was going to be cooking these delectable delights. The bar was all set up with beautiful salads to share as well as individually portioned potato salad and crunchy slaw. We all fell in love with the potato salad but was sad to learn it was not reproducible in our kitchen as they use brisket drippings *drool*. Even though I am thrilled at the idea of steak, it did not dampen my appreciation for the freshness and tastiness of these salads. Tomato and basil has long been one of my favourite pairings and I almost ate the whole plate myself. Fennel salad provided a tasty crunch and palette cleansing between steaks. They even threw some vine ripened tomatoes into the smoker which gave off a rich tomato explosion as they burst in your mouth.
Off we went on our glorious steak adventure. We first started out with a pasture fed scotch fillet; seasoned and cooked perfectly, we were eager to see how the calibre would be lifted as we went onto subsequent steaks.
Grain fed 270 days black angus T-bone Рthey let me nibbled around the bone and I was in heaven.
The T-bone steak is on the left hand side of the plate.
David Blackmore rump steak. Now we were getting serious. There was a notable difference between the taste and quality of meat. It was hard to not eat the whole plate, whilst knowing there was still more to come.
David Blackmore sirloin. If you don’t have teeth, don’t worry, this steak will just melt in your mouth. Again, this was another step up in quality and taste. This was sooooooooooo good, I’m starting to salivate just remembering this steak.
David Blackmore scotch fillet 9+ marble score. There was another elevation of quality and taste but nearly as noticeable as the other two leaps. This was borderline too rich (if there is such a thing) and needed either rice or salad to accompany it. So delectable, but you didn’t need much to feel satisfied.
The staff are so passionate and knowledgeable on what they love to do and this resonates with the quality of produce they have in stock (including Canberra’s own Pialligo bacon). Walking through the butchery, everything is so wonderfully displayed, I’d buy one of everything if I lived in the area. If you’re not confident in the kitchen, it’s nice to know you can get them to cook for you next door.
I hope the Wagyu bar is not too far away from opening. If you’re a keen carnivore, I definitely recommend you go and check it out.
Today, Vic’s Meat Market is launching their new Smokehouse and Grill menu to the public and hope to show off their large custom smoker to coincide with their third birthday. All weekend they will have free live music, giveaways and meat fry ups. I am super keen to return to try their ribs, brisket and a dish called ‘burnt ends’. Omg I love the crispy parts!
Venue: Vic’s Meat market
Address: Sydney Fish Market, 50-60 Bank street, Pyrmont, NSW 2009
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 7am – 4pm
Sat-Sun 7am – 5pm
Smokehouse and Grill
Mon-Sun 10am – 4pm

Grounds of the City

With an optimistic approach, I didn‚Äôt think The Grounds of the City would be that busy as it was brunch time on a weekday but as we turned the corner at The Galeries, TimmyC and I were faced with a large crowd. Luckily most of them were waiting for coffee and takeaways and the line for a table was relatively short. We placed our name and number for a table of two on the list and was advised that there‚Äôd be a 20-30 minute wait, 18 minutes later we received an SMS that our table was ready.Walking inside the restaurant was like teleporting back to an era where men would wear hats with suits and would read the newspaper instead of staring at their phones. ¬†There were so many things to look at, I didn’t know which way to turn my head until¬†my gaze was distracted by the cake trolley. Yes, you read that right, you can request the cake trolley to be wheeled to you. I feel it would pair perfectly with a bottomless cup of tea (which is also on the menu).Flat white ($4.00). TimmyC really enjoyed his coffee, I now understand why there was a huge queue outside waiting for takeaway.Black truffle¬†omelette¬†with mushrooms and goats curd ($28.00) plus a side of bacon ($5.00). TimmyC at first had chosen eggs benedict for breakfast which was quickly vetoed by me as I heard about the specials. This choice was so popular, it was sold out soon after we had placed our order. When the server placed the plate on the table, I found the smell of truffles intoxicating. The omelette was perfectly cooked and I really enjoyed the addition of the subtle sourness that the creamy goats curd provided. I loved how ordering a side of bacon meant a plate of bacon rather than just a single rasher- WIN!The Bakery Basket¬†The Grounds continental selection of freshly baked pastries with house-made preserves, cultured butter and whipped mascarpone ($16.00). I thought the delicious flaky buttery pastries didn’t need anything more, so not to waste the delicious condiments, we ordered a slice of¬†sour dough toast ($4.00). I loved everything about this (I even started to just eat the mascarpone when I ran out of things to spread it on) and thinking about it again makes me salivate. The cherry on top was that they warmed the pain au chocolat perfectly to give a molten chocolate centre.So delicious and melty on the inside while being crispy and flaky on the outside.When eating in Sydney CBD, I can tell you where to get ramen, congee, thai stir fries, dumplings and baos, but if you wanted a good brunch spot, I’d be lost for words. The Grounds of the City fills that void and then some. I cannot wait to go back to try more from all parts of their menu and might even stick around for a bottomless cup of tea.

Venue: Grounds of the City

Address: Shop RG 12, 500 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9699 2235

Website: http://thegroundscity.com.au/
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Lorraine’s Patisserie

Finding myself up the top end of the CBD wanting to get breakfast, I knew exactly where I wanted to go. My sister had told me about¬†Lorraine’s Patisserie¬†ages ago and ever since then, I have wanted to try their famous strawberry and mascarpone cake.¬†It was just a few streets away from Pitt Street Mall, tucked in down the end of a cute little hipster-friendly looking alleyway lined with other funky modern shops. I was surprised to see that the patisserie was really small with no seating and they didn’t sell any beverages – but that didn’t matter as we found the cake cabinet¬†very¬†inviting.

We grabbed a few things and headed into the sun filled seats of Martin Place to eat our breakfast.Croissant ($4.00). We were tempted to go back and get another croissant, we basically finished it a few steps away from the shop front.Choc eclair puff ($5.50). This was heaven. The choux pastry was perfect with its little bit of crunch, the vanilla bean cream was divine all topped off with the right amount of chocolate. I was also tempted to get another one of these as TimmyC ate most of this one.Mascarpone cake lightened mascarpone, layered with crispy coconut dacquoise, fresh strawberries ($10.00). The perfect marriage of strawberries and mascarpone with an added delight of the chewy coconut dacquoise layers. As much as I enjoyed this, I preferred the choc éclair puff more as it didn’t have the hype and expectations placed on it like the mascarpone cake had. I thought the price of one cake was a little steep considering its small serving size.

Sausage roll. Not the most delicious sausage roll I’ve had but it provided a good savoury relief from all the sweets I was having for breakfast.I am eager to head back there and eat more of these cakes and croissants while hopefully also getting to taste more of their cake range.

Venue: Lorraine’s Patisserie

Address: Shop 5, Palings Lane, 320 George St, Sydney NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9254 8009

Doux Amour

I had been stalking Doux Amour for a while, ever since I spotted their very cute penguin choux pastry on Instagram. By chance, friends of mine came across their pop up store at the ¬†lower ground level, QVB and were nice enough to bring some home to share. Not all animals were available (7 out of 12) but I did have my eye on ‘Rosie’ (rose and lychee) and ‘PoPo’¬†(cookies and cream).

Photo sent from my friend which made me squeal very loudly.The menu.My friends couldn’t remember how much each puff was but I’ve seen on some reviews they are around $7.60. They bought home Rosie, PoPo and ‘Nutty Freckle’ (nutella).Cutting one up reveals a light fluffy custard that isn’t too OTT and you could easily eat more than one without feeling sugar sweats. I thought I would enjoy Rosie the most because of the similarity with Pierre Hermes’ Ispahan but surprisingly my favourite was PoPo. I thought the flavours of the nutella and rose/lychee weren’t strong enough.It could be said that these choux pastries are really gimmicky as they are very instagrammable and ridiculously cute but lucky they are also delicious. I can’t speak for all flavours though and¬†I still want to get my hands on ‘Blackie’ (black sesame), ‘Quackie (pineapple), ‘Hopper’ (strawberry) and ‘Chai-ger’ (chai).

Venue: Doux Amour

Address: QVB pop up, lower ground level north
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