Star Buffet re-run

It was easier to show people the Star Buffet rather than describing all the different types of food, so that’s where I went last Sunday night with 8 other people. To my surprise (and also the club receptionist who said that this was their quiet night) the place was packed! We were even seated in the off shoot area, but it was conveniently closer to the food. Everyone grabbed a plate and headed off into different directions.

There were a few new additions compared to the previous Sunday lunch including: vegetarian dumplings, honey soy chicken wings, short soup (the soup is bland but the dumplings were okay) and grilled pork chops. I was disappointed to see that there were no Portuguese tarts that night but the mini creme brulees were still my favourite dessert pick.So have you been yet? Tell me what you think of Star buffet and if you think a place like this is viable with Canberra’s population.

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Star Buffet

When Michelle from HerCanberra told me that she had heard there was an all you can eat buffet in Kambah out of all places, we were keen to go ASAP. The Star Buffet is a new addition to the Burns Club which seats around 650 patrons, I didn’t believe it until I saw it, but the area is massive!

They were a bit funny about us taking photos so I only took a few (before we were confronted) and then the rest of the photos were of our plates at the table.   I don’t know if this includes the frozen Coke machine that they have but it is pretty good value if you drink soft drinks.  The selection of sushi isn’t so great but I was amused that they had a sushi train here.  I’m not saying that all the food here is fabulous, because it would be hard to deliver this amount of variety and for everything to be good, but there is an extensive amount of things to choose from and we were quite surprised with some of the food quality.

The selection includes roast meats (the pork has really crunchy crackling!), roast vegetables, different types of gravy, grilled meats (steaks were nice when they were just cooked), Asian BBQ, Asian stir fries, the cutest bamboo steamers with dim sims and BBQ pork buns, cold seafood and salads, sushi train, lamb shanks (which were surprisingly decent), fish, American pork ribs, the usual deep-fried foods, deep friend BBQ pork bun (yes you heard me right), pastas, pizza, waffles from a waffle iron, a cheese platter, chocolate fountain, fresh fruit, a large cake selection, creme brulees (yum!), panna cotta (I wouldn’t bother), tarts, profiteroles, Portuguese tarts (they were good), jelly, pudding and last but not least a soft serve machine.

I think the good thing about this buffet is the casual environment, the all you can eat aspect if your friends and family can really eat and the crazy amount of variety they have, I’ve never seen anything like it.The tables were getting cleared pretty consistently throughout our meal, they did close promptly at the end of the lunch sitting though so just keep that in mind if you come in for a late seating. The food was being replenished so variety of choice was always there, but I think if lots of people went you would have the added advantage of high turn over and more freshly cooked food.

You might have heard of Star Buffet because they are in a lot of clubs across NSW.

Venue: Star Buffet

Address: 8 Kett Street, Kambah ACT 2902

Phone: (02) 6296 3045


Opening times and prices:

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On the Grind Canberra

TimmyC and I were looking to get some late breakfast and try somewhere new, we decided to go to On the Grind Canberra which had opened a few months before hand at the Drakeford drive shops in Kambah. I was excited to see a modern day essential added to this set of businesses.20140706-171617-62177339.jpgWe were disappointed to see that they didn’t really have much food on offer with only cakes and a few basic sandwiches and croissants with fillings but we made the best of the situation and ordered a few light things which could be heated. A really basic set up with only a coffee machine, small oven for pies and sausage rolls and a cake display cabinet.20140706-171621-62181512.jpgI like how they tell you what the roast of the week is.20140707-232645-84405638.jpgChai latte (small $3.90). It tasted like really well heated milk with a hint of chai spice. I was a bit disappointed but Tim liked it. There was also no pattern or dusting of nutmeg on top, I almost thought it was the flat white and TimmyC’s big mug was the chai.

Flat white (large $4.80). Nothing too special with the coffee but we saw plenty of people walk in and out with takeaways. It is clearly a happy addition to the Drakeford drive shops.20140706-171622-62182995.jpgSize difference between the small and large.20140706-171646-62206563.jpg I love their funky wall clock.20140706-171618-62178851.jpgI thought the couch area had shallow seats and unusually high in comparison to the table. I think it would be more comfortable to sit on the plastic seats or the couches.20140706-171620-62180157.jpgA nice wide open space with plenty of seats.20140706-171651-62211106.jpgThey have funky light fittings.20140706-171652-62212486.jpgBanana bread ($3.50?). I asked for this toasted and it came out really nicely. The butter melted really well and it was a decent sized thick slice.20140706-171648-62208065.jpgScones with jam and cream ($3.20). We eventually ran out of the whipped cream and they kindly gave us another serve. The scones were served warm but between canned whipped cream and Kraft jam it wasn’t too appetizing.20140706-171649-62209616.jpgIt was nice to see that soy milks and other such ‘special’ milks are available and also at no extra charge, you rarely see that these days.20140706-171710-62230084.jpgIt is nice to see the local shops all supporting each other after seeing several people in uniform come in and grab some coffee. The staff were very friendly and despite its simple set up, it has the basics – coffee, good location, friendly staff and something for if you get hungry.

Venue: On the Grind Canberra

Address: 5/9 Jenke cct, Kambah ACT 2902

Phone: (02) 6162 1005


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