The Pancake Place

The Pancake Place might seem like an unusual choice for dinner but they have an extensive savoury crepe menu and then there are some people who still act like they are five and choose sweet pancakes for dinner *looks at TimmyC*.

This establishment has been in Port Macquarie for more than 20 years and it brings much nostalgia to those who used to come here for a treat as a kid, not because it is still open and serving delicious pancakes, but because the decor, friendly hospitality and uniform have not changed much since.


If we are going to do a kid indulgent meal, we may as well complete it with an iced caramel ($6.50) and iced coffee ($6.50). It is very nicely decorated with cream, ‘tv snacks’ and sprinkles.

Large stack of 3 pancakes ($14.90) with extra ice cream ($1.50) and extra syrup. Thick fluffy pancakes that have never disappointed. I’m glad that we got an extra scoop otherwise I don’t think they would have gone far enough for three pancakes. I also like how if you want extra syrup they leave it with you at the table.



Gourmet crepes~

Each savoury crepe comes with a soft roll with delicious butter. The meals came out at lightning speed, drinks and water came out within minutes of ordering and in less than 10 minutes all meals were on the table.


Bologneseprime ground beef with onions, mushrooms, garlic, tomato and red wine, topped with a mild cheese sauce (lite bites $16.90).



Chicken and asparaguschicken, mild cheese and asparagus with our creamy wine sauce (lite bites $18.90).


Mexicanprime ground beef with chilli, capsicum and beans topped with melted cheese (lite bites $16.90). Obviously not authentic, just an Australian Mexican version complete with Doritos corn chips. I chose a small one so I could fit in sweet pancakes for dessert but even after eating the small one I was stuffed. Lite bites just mean there is less filling. The salad was very bright filled with unusual things such as kiwi fruit, watermelon, zucchini, red cabbage, pretzels, tomatoes, pineapple, canned fruit and fresh strawberries.



Always fast friendly service here at the Pancake Place, but I think that the savoury crepes lacked a bit of salt and flavour having only used very mild cheeses and the ‘cream of the crop’ choice on the menu would be their sweet pancake options.

Venue: The Pancake Place

Address: Clarence Street, Port Macquarie, New South Wales 2444, Australia

Phone: (02) 6584544 They apparently don’t take reservations during the peak holiday season, it is a first come first serve basis but we didn’t have any trouble getting a seat for dinner.

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Dolce & Salato pasticceria

Over the weekend Canberrans were out and about, enjoying the sun, doing a spot of shopping and a lot of them were having a sweet treat from the new dessert hot spot in Civic Dolce & Salato pasticceria, which had only just opened up less than a week ago.20131201-210834.jpg

A quick look inside- there are very cute tea-cup lights and a very big cabinet full of Italian desserts but I’m always a little wary of Italian pastries because there is nothing worse than stale pastries, so I went with a gelato instead.20131201-210849.jpg

Lots of friendly staff ready to take your gelato orders.20131201-210900.jpg

I am a fan of the indoor and outside seating area.20131201-210910.jpg

Tiramisu gelato ($5.00) and Yoghurt berry ($5.00). In the first instance of tasting the tiramisu, you could really taste the liquor followed by a coffee flavour. There is no mistake that it was tiramisu but the texture of the gelato when I went in for my first mouth full had me worried as it had the consistency of thick cookie dough batter.

The yoghurt berry in comparison had a completely different texture and it wasn’t overly sweet, a nice refreshing flavour for Summer.

I didn’t see anyone take any tastings so I don’t know if they are available, but you would hope to enjoy it when it was 5 bucks a scoop!20131201-210926.jpg


I can see this place getting very busy during the upcoming hotter months with their great location, large variety of gelato flavours, extensive Italian dessert range and with the eventual wood-fired breakfast menu.

Venue: Dolce & Salato Pasticceria

Address: 108 Bunda Street, Canberra, 2600

Phone: (02) 6248 8660

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