Baitong re-run

Yes my friend and I have been here many times (see my previous blog post here) but after a few months eating else where, we were craving different dishes but the same restaurant – Baitong Lao & Thai Cuisine.

Chicken wings deep fried chicken wings coated in a special batter, served with sweet chilli sauce. I love pairing fried chicken wings with sticky rice (I forgot to take a photo but you can see my previous post). It is so delicious and a hands on food experience.IMG_6016.JPGThe lao sausage is full of difference herbs and it also pairs well with sticky rice.IMG_6025.JPGSom Tum Laospicy papaya salad with fermented fish. I came with my Laotian friend and this is what she was craving. She claims this is the best paw paw salad in Canberra and she has eaten everywhere so I believe her! You can order this to be very hot, I just hope you can handle it if you do.IMG_6020.JPGCrispy Barramundi with thai salad sauce ($26.50). The fish is fried but not oily and is crunchy with all the fresh herbs and cashew nuts topped with crispy green mango.IMG_6027.JPG

IMG_6026.JPGI’m getting hungry as I write this post! I never really get around to eating much from the Thai side of the menu as you don’t find too many authentic Laotian restaurants in Canberra. I think if you venture out and try something different, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.