Love the blog! Are you going to the Malaysian High Commission this Sunday for their food and cultural festival? :)

Aww thanks! 😀

I’ve been trying to make it to most of the ‘Windows to the World‘ that has been happening, unfortunately I didn’t make it for pancakes with Canadian maple syrup or the Haangi with the New Zealanders but I did go to the Thai (along with everyone else in Canberra) and also checked out Saudi Arabia with their dates, vegetarian pizza and exotic Arabic coffee.

I have plans this weekend so I probably won’t be able to go to the Belgium one (10am – 4pm) tomorrow which will show off their waffles, beer and mussels, but I hope to make it to Malaysian one (9:30am – 5pm) on the Sunday! If you go, I would love to see photos! 


Have you tried the Turkish Pide place in Yarralumla? Best kebabs you’ll ever have.

Yes I have! I didn’t post any photos, a kabab half devoured wrapped in foil doesn’t have much of a photo appeal. I was told that there would be stacks of meat but I guess that is all relative to the person because I could have eaten more. Very filling, very busy and I felt that my whole ordering process was a bit rushed. Will have to go back again to try another meat.

Hi just wanted to suggest you try a thai resurant called Sabaidee. They opened in January, and i think they deserve more attention their food was really great. Their website says they are open for lunch on saturdays but when i walked past today it said they weren’t open for lunchtimes anymore and were sorry for the inconvenience. Their website is easy to find if you just google their name, i hope you enjoy it as much as i did!

Oooh yes, I did see that restaurant and I cranked my neck so far to catch the name while I drove past. It is on my ‘to eat list’, thanks for the heads up!