Food coma -Thanksgiving 2013

A work friend of mine was disappointed in last years Thanksgiving festivities which resulted in her eating leftovers by herself on the day and celebrations were on hold until the weekend, so she took it upon herself this year to host her first Thanksgiving. Australia isn’t the biggest on gobbling down turkeys but obtaining one wasn’t too hard (Costco approximately 7kgs – $50.00). This thing was huge and almost took up most of the space in our small Australian oven.

The secret and tips to an amazing moist turkey: leaving time for turkeys to defrost (nothing worse than a half frozen turkey on Thanksgiving day!), marinating the whole turkey in a brine mixture overnight, buttering on top and under the skin.20131128-200327.jpg

After teasing us with its tantalizing smell for four hours, the turkey was finally ready with a gorgeous golden tan and succulent tender meat.20131128-200611.jpg


Check out the size of the wing!


A potluck lunch means  a wonderful mix of moist cornbread, salads, roast vegetables, dressing and homemade gravy *drool*. I only took a photo of my first plate. 20131128-200557.jpg

All finished off with a homemade pumpkin pie. So many spices with the sweetness of roast pumpkin equals a very good end to the meal.


Nothing but a speckle of meat left and a carcass ready for stock making.


That’s the perk of working with a diverse multicultural group, experiencing holidays from other cultures!      HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

Now excuse me as I enter into a food coma…