Penny University

Over the weekend I had brunch at Penny University, I don’t know if brunch was particularly superb because of the fine company I was with or if the food was just amazing. May a little from column A and a little from column B.

Despite the heavy rain, everyone wanted to be at Penny University.IMG_7373.JPGI was torn between two menu items (P.U. Rarebit and McPenny) as I always am, but the waitress said that the bagel was a new menu item and had been very popular.

The breakfast menu at Penny University, what would you have chosen?IMG_7361.JPGP.U Rarebit Gratined Guinnes, leek and cheddar bagel finished with sauteed spinach and a poached egg and chilli jam ($17.00) added ‘Pialligo’ bacon ($4.00). This won’t be for everyone, it is very cheesy, rich and heavy but that is the sort of breakfast that I like. I like how both halves of the bagel had melted cheese on it, which one its own was nice but add a little of the chilli jam and it transforms into a heavenly bite. The Pialligo bacon is a thicker cut but not overly salty and compliments the rest of the dish.IMG_7367.JPGIMG_7366.JPGJuice of the day Pineapple, cucumber and … I want to say mint. I asked the waitress to repeat the juice of the day combinations and I still can’t remember what the third ingredient was, I just couldn’t get over the fact that there was cucumber in this drink, but oh my, it was a perfect combination! A wonderful mix of cold juice with refreshing flavours.IMG_7359.JPGEveryone really wanted their coffee ASAP, it was a little slow to come out but it arrived before the food.  IMG_7362.JPG

Avo dish avocado on toasted dark, charred corn and quinoa tabouleh, chevre, chilli oil and a 65/65 egg ($19.00). My super fit yummy Mummy friend ordered this, I didn’t ask her how it was, but she ate everything so I assumed it was nice.IMG_7365.JPG

IMG_7364.JPGCronut Maple and thyme ($6.00). The texture was brilliant, although it made the bag transparent the actual cronut itself didn’t seem that oily. I couldn’t have really establish it was a maple and thyme flavour it was just sweet with the perfect amount of icing and sugar.IMG_7374.JPGNot as pretty when all icing smeared onto the bag.IMG_7381.JPGCheck out those sexy layers.IMG_7385.JPGI didn’t know if it took long to get a seat because I sadly arrived fashionably late but while we were seated the wait staff were very friendly and attentive, it was just a bit of a bother to split the bill at a busy counter when there was card fees and Sunday surcharges.

I enjoyed the diverse menu options, the food, the decor and the staff attentiveness; I can’t wait to go back again.

Venue: Penny University Coffee Roasters

Address15 Kennedy St Kingston, ACT

Phone: (02) 6162 1500
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Bread Nerds- complete with map!


If you build it, they will come.

Even if it’s off the beaten track. Well actually it is a new road out in Hume so new it isn’t even on the google maps yet, so you could understand the frustration of how to find it. That bagel place sell bagels at the Kingston markets and my friend sent me a flyer that they had opened a cafe called Bread nerds. Once you hear about somewhere new, it seems to pop up everywhere! Later that week I read the Canberra times article and saw yummy pictures from Corridor Kitchen’s blog.

Fancy looking coffee machine but Timmy said it was just average coffee.

A cute small space with so many different options of bread, bagels and baked goods.

Also a variety of hot food.

‘Everything is made on premises’ I was assured after asking where their sausage rolls were from. Despite a long list of pie and sausage roll flavours, including butter chicken, chicken mornay, beef and chilli and pork and fennel, they only had “plain” of each that morning.

I asked the assistant which was better, the sausage roll or the pie and she told me that she was a vegetarian for 6 years and the sausage rolls changed that. It was really nice meaty sausage roll ($4.00) and you could tell it was home made with hidden vegetables inside the mixture. I didn’t even need sauce!

Cinnamon and sultana bagel and cheese bagel- the bagel had a nice crunch to the outside whilst still be soft and fluffy in the middle. I haven’t had many encounters with bagels but my friend said that she could make better.

It was around 9am when we ordered the strawberry and rhubarb danish ($3.90) and when I took my first bite, the custard was still slightly warm, the pastry was soooooo good being really crunchy and flaky. One of the best pastries I’ve had in a while- amazing!

Coffee eclair– a strong coffee cream flavour, despite the messy imperfect glaze, the choux pastry was very fresh and tasty.

Past the food van in a big red building, Unit #4. I hope you find it!

Despite the odd location and hours, I look forward to many more visits out to Bread nerds to try all their interesting pie flavours and delicious baked goods.

Venue: Bread Nerds Artisan Bakers

Address: 4/92 Sawmill cct, Hume, ACT 2620

Phone: (02) 62602062

Opening Times: Monday – Friday 7:00 – 15:00

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Bean and grain


I’ve been walking past this shop front for ages now and then when I missed a few weeks of shopping at the Fyshwick markets, Bean & Grain finally opened. As soon as I heard, I grabbed a friend and we headed straight to the markets!

The first thing that caught my eye was the cabinet filled with tarts and pastries. My eyes lit up like a happy little girl. 

Oh yeah, there were bagels

and coffee too.

Chicken and curried leek pie ($6.00) I have a thing for curry pies and I’ve never had a curry pie containing chicken, also chicken and leek is a wonderful combination. All in all- an awesome pie! The guy sitting next to us was eating a giant sausage roll and beef bourguignon pie- I asked how his pie was and he said the meat felt dry and it wasn’t the best and when they left, there was still half the sausage roll on the plate. Maybe we were lucky with our pie choice.

Tomato bisque & sour dough grilled cheese sandwichSour dough bread lightly grilled with aged cheddar & gruyere cheese & out signature rich tomato bisque ($19.00) The soup was nice and creamy by itself but if you dip the grilled sandwich into the soup, the serving suggestion from the waiter, it’s magical!

Turkeysmoked turkey, maple chilli bacon, cheddar cheese, sprouts, avocado, tomato & cranberry mayo ($13.00) They ran out of the cranberry bagels by 1pm and there weren’t that many bagels left, so we went with an onion bagel. A great combination with crispy chili bacon, avocado with turkey and cranberry sauce. The Japanese inspired salad was good and a little a bit spicy.

Sweets to go– ’Bob the baker’s’ famous hot cross bun ($1.50 each), chocolate chilli tart ($4.60) and Portuguese tart ($4.00)

It might be a personal preference thing but I prefer more fruit in my hot cross bun so ‘Bob’s famous hot cross bun‘ didn’t cut it for me.

Chocolate chilli tart– a smooth delicious tart, I couldn’t taste the chilli directly but I could feel the slight warm burning sensation on my tongue and throat.

Portuguese tart– not very ‘custard-y’, very thick and heavy with an almost cheesecake texture.

The staff were really friendly and I do like the menu at Bean and Grain although it is limited. I’m keen to come back to try the breakfast menu with all the jams made in house and they have Belgium waffles. 

Venue: Bean and Grain

Address: 12 Dalby St, Fyshwick, ACT 2609

Phone: (02) 62959220

Opening hours: Thursday – Sunday (8:00am – 5:30pm)

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