Knead re-run


Back at Knead again, that didn’t take too long did it? This time I was going to stay a little while longer and try some savouries.

Pork and fennel sausage roll – This was really good, a delicious filling and the pastry was lovely too. I really wanted to try the other flavours but I had just finished eating breakfast @ Bean and Grain. 

Tiramisu – not as good as the one from Mezzalira, but still very good!

Chocolate tart– this was ridiculously rich (more of a dark chocolate tart), definitely one to eat last because it is so sweet, it even made my lemonade taste like water afterwards, that is how sweet it is.

Chocolate eclair– nothing too special, it had a nice chocolate custard filling.

The sausage roll for me was definitely the highlight! Maybe I just happened to get the best tarts the first time round, or maybe I just need to try them all to really be sure. 


The need for Knead


I was taking my Mummy out and about in Belconnen markets and we couldn’t pass Knead without stopping by.

From their website:

Knead Patisserie’s philosophy is simple: to use real ingredients (organic where possible) and create delicious food from scratch on a daily basis.

 Knead Patisserie serves an array of rustic breads including Baguettes, Traditional boiled Bagels, Sourdough, Light Rye and Multigrain Cobbs, tarts including crème brûlée tarts, frangipane, chocolate ganache and berry cheesecake tarts, and individual cakes, muffins & pastries.

They have a beautiful marble top studded with beautiful tarts, breads and pastries.

Berry Cheese cake ($5.00) and creme brulee tart ($5.00).

Berry Cheese cake – Even though the cheese layer was very thin (in comparison to a ‘normal’ cheesecake), there was intense cheesecake flavour. Truly wonderful.

Creme brulee tart despite leaving it a few hours before eating, the top still had a great toffee sugar top that I could break with a spoon. The custard filling was silky smooth and delicious!

There were so many choices and everything looked incredible it made it very hard to only choose two things.

Venue: Knead patisserie

Address: Shop 18, Belconnen Markets, Belconnen

Phone: (02) 6162 3200


I didn’t take the sign too seriously when it claimed to have the best pies in Merimbula, but the cheese and bacon pie was so good we came back the next morning to have them for breakfast! I also ate the curry pie and it was better than most.  

Venue: Bakehouse Merimbula

Address: Alice St , Merimbula, NSW 2548 

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Bakery bonanza! @ Curtin


My friend and I very much enjoy our pastries, so when she recommend that I go to Curtin bakery and grab a vanilla slice, I went at the next available opportunity.

With all the choices available, I had to stay focused, after all I just came straight from Wild rye bakery!  

This was like 90% custard, the way a vanilla slice should be!  They have opted for a more traditional passion fruit icing which sweetens the slice just enough. The only trouble is taking a bite without it spewing out the other end.

Bakery bonanza! @Chifley


I love discussing food and after talking to some work colleagues about pastries, one of them mentioned delicious croissants and pastries at Chifley shops. I had no choice but to head out first thing Saturday morning to Chifley!

Wild Rye bakery is located within the supermarket at Chifley shops.

Croissants, breads and tarts – oh my! What to choose?

Okay, maybe I got a little over excited, but I don’t regret my choices:

(clockwise starting from top left)

cinnamon croissant – a subtle cinnamon taste inside a more ‘bready’ croissant

poppy seed croissant – oh my! When my work friend told this was her favourite, I thought it was an interesting concept: ‘poppy seeds were inside a croissant’. This was possibly my favourite bakery treat, the poppy seeds make a sweet nutty paste inside an almost hollow croissant. 

cheese and bacon croissant – I am a big fan of bacon and cheese anything, so I was surprised to find that this wasn’t my favourite bakery treat of the day. I much prefer bacon and cheese rolls.

cream cheese and sultana danish – a nice ‘not to sweet’ combination.

apple danish – this would have been more delicious if I warmed it with some ice cream!

and a custard puff  an awesome thick custard sandwiched between a delicious sugary pastry  

If you’re thinking about running to Chifley shops now to grab some croissants hold your horses, I hear the best day to go is Saturday, preferably in the morning to avoid disappointment.

You would think I would be content with all these bakery treats but I convinced Timmy to come with me on another bakery adventure as I heard there was something worth travelling to Curtain shops for.

Venue: Wild Rye bakery

Address:  Shop 20-22/ Eggleston Crs, Chifley ACT 2606

Phone: (02) 6282 9255 ‎

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Trapper’s Bakery re-run


I promised my friend pie, so even though my plan A of going to The Daily Pie Cafe failed, I was still going to get us some pies! I started heading towards Goulburn, in my mind it wasn’t that far away, but after what seemed forever, I finally saw the big merino in the distance.

Pies we chose~ clockwise

Curry – I do love a good curry pie, so I do take a risk trying it whenever I can at a bakery. I didn’t find it to have a strong curry flavour. Not bad but definitely not memorable.

Mushroom – subtle taste, if someone gave me this pie I would have thought it was a plain pie.

Pepper (chunky) – I cut this pie in half and I only had one chunk of steak in my half (my fried got several). While eating this pie, you can definitely feel the pepper and the one chunk of steak I had was very tender.

Cheese and bacon – A crowd favourite, so we had  to get this flavour. This pie was very delicious, I found the filling very thick and when I did my ‘Goodberry’s upside’ test, nothing moved.

Something a little sweet~

Even though we were pretty full, I couldn’t come here and not get a vanilla slice.

Carrot cake – the carrot cake was a little dry but it did have a lovely icing.

Vanilla slice – just as good as I remember it, tasty and not overly sweet custard complimented by it’s sweet icing. 

I’ve never seen such a cute size for Appletiser before! They have a huge selection of soft drinks, flavoured milks and water as well as juice. 

Clean bathrooms, high turn over customers and a nice place to rest. If you’re travelling through definitely plan your break here. 

Tasty things are baked @ 210 degrees

My mission: go to 210 degrees patisserie & bakery and pick up my mud cake that I purchased through ‘GrabOne’. It’s not like I didn’t achieve my goal, I just happened to leave with a lot more than one cake. 

7” mud moist mud cake, a bargain for $9.00 though the ‘GrabOne’ voucher.


There is so much to choose from- bread, foccacias, pastries, slices, tarts, savoury tarts, cupcakes, slices, cakes and daily made rolls.


I was looking at the semi-empty pie cabinet and since it was well before lunch time, they looked to be very popular! I asked how long it was til the next batch of pies, they said it was going to be 20 minutes, “I’ll wait!”.

While I was waiting, there was always a steady stream of people coming in, the staff were friendly and the coffee smelt amazing.


The smell of delicious pies wafts through the store as they were being cooked. Mmmmmmmmm finally, the shelves are re-stocked!


While I was deciding what pie I wanted, someone inquired what the thinner sausage roll was, ‘an italian sausage roll with wholegrain mustard’. SOLD! I want a cheese and bacon pie and one of those!


The sausage roll was piping hot and delicious! The cheese and bacon pie was one of the best I’ve ever had, the perfect balance of all the ingredients.

A fresh roll- delicious with a nice oregano flavour.

The tarts looked so beautiful, I couldn’t not leave without one… Or two? 

Strawberry tart– I had to get one because the last time I got one I only got one nibble  This was SOOOOO yummy! A bit hard to eat because of all the strawberries but if you’re not sharing, it’s not a problem.


Crème brulee tart– it had a slight toffee crunch that I could crack with a spoon that made me squeal with excitement! The tart was Ah-mazing! It was truly a crème brulee in a tart!


I asked them why ‘210 degrees’? and they said that it is a good temperature to bake bread at, which I thought was very cute. Everything I’ve tried was really good and I’m excited to go back and try more (and grab a few more tarts!). Go earlier to avoid disappoint of empty shelves!

Venue: 210 degrees

Address: Hughes Shopping centre, Canberra, ACT 2605

Phone: (02) 62810111

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 7am – 5:30pm

                                       Saturday 7am – 2pm

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Just passing through


It was only by chance that we stopped here because my caffeine addicted friends needed a coffee before we got to Sydney, as the one that we got from Braddon Maccas was just so bad that they couldn’t drink it past the first sip (why were we even surprised?).

My eyes widen as I stepped in and saw the display stand filled with so many different cakes and slices! All the back shelves were lined with bread baked fresh that day! Mmmmm I was in bakery heaven!

The spacious seating area with clean bathrooms makes it an ideal stop for families and tourists passing through. The delicious baked goods is just a bonus! The warm fireplace adds a touch of country charm as well as creating a warm atmosphere for those to choose to sit inside, while the outside veranda allows you to sit in the sun and relax while reading a newspaper if you weren’t rushing back to the car.

For what was meant to just be a coffee stop, we sure did come out with a lot of food!
The cinnamon donut was soft, fat and squishy! Sooooo nice!

Cheese and bacon bread– not stingy with the topping at all! It was delicious but had to be eaten over several sittings.

Vanilla slice– the icing was nice and sweet which balanced out the filling which wasn’t really “custard-y” but more creamy. It was so tall I almost had to unhinge my jaw to get my mouth around it! It might even rival Braidwood bakery’s vanilla slice? 

Coffee was supposedly really nice, but I can’t really vouch for that .

Obviously I’m not the only one to think that this bakery is awesome!

Venue: Trapper’s bakery of Goulburn
1 Sowerby Street, Goulburn, NSW 2580
Phone: (02) 4821 4477

Opening Hours: 
Monday – Thursday 5:30am – 7:00pm
                                        Friday- 5:30am – 8:00pm
                                        Saturday – 5:30am – 7:00pm
                                        Sunday – 5:30am – 8:00pm