Let’s do lunch! Bicicletta 

It is still March (only just!), which means that it is still Good Food Month in Canberra. I had completely forgotten that Bicicletta was doing a Let’s Do Lunch special, so I was pleasantly surprised when we were given another menu.

A great-priced set lunch with a matched drink from $38.00 per person. Two courses from the uniquely Italian inspired menu with a glass of Yalumba wine or Coopers pale ale beer.Entree~

Arancini roasted tomato and pecorino cheese risotto balls with garlic aioli. These were really crunchy and gooey inside. I really liked the how the cheese was all stringy when you cut them in half.Scottata marinated seared beef tenderloin thinly sliced with mixed Italian herbs served with rucola, parmigiano and olive oil. I found the beef full on little holes which gave it a weird texture, the rucola was limp and the flavours were not very strong. I enjoyed the arancini much more than this entrée.Mains~

Spaghetti al frutti mare fresh pipis, King prawns, scallops and baby squid , sauteed with chilli, garlic, cherry tomato and bisque. My friend’s pasta had more sauce than mine, so I found my pasta to be a bit dry. Even though  I would have preferred more chilli taste, I really enjoyed the seafood and the perfectly al dente pasta.Dessert~ It was only a two course lunch but we couldn’t help but order a dessert to share between us.

Tiramisu traditional cake with coffee infused savoiardi biscuits, mascarpone, eggs, cream and cacao ($12.00). I found the bottom layer of biscuits had soaked up a lot of coffee which made my eyes instantly widen. I stuck to the less intense biscuit layers with the cream and mascarpone and thoroughly enjoyed myself.Coffee and tea are included in the menu but we didn’t have any.

You know you’ve ordered a too big of an entree when the waitress asks if you would like any dessert before you go while packing up and you have to tell her you’re still waiting for your mains 😳 #toobig? #canberra #food #foodie #foodblog #platter #Bicicletta #NewActon

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Breakfast at Bicicletta

My friend and I were over due for a catch up and what better time to do so than over brunch. I hadn’t been to Bicicletta for over a year and I have never sampled their brunch/breakfast menu, so off we went on a beautiful Saturday morning.

The waiter seem to be confused when we arrived, he kept asking what room number we were in and we had to keep reiterating that we weren’t staying at the hotel and that we had booked a table for two. He eventually sat us at a table but he still looked slightly confused.

Omelette with spinach, asiago cheese and mushrooms ($14.00). I didn’t get to try it but my friend said she really enjoyed it.


Corn fritters bacon, sautéed spinach and provolone cheese tomato salsa ($14.00). This seemed like the most sensible choice as it varied from the usual bacon and eggs, pancakes and big breakfast, yet had all the elements to make it great, cheese, bacon and corn. Despite this, the dish fell completely flat for me. The corn fritters itself were a dull dry mess that had a kernel of corn in every other bite to remind me that I actually even ordered corn fritters. The provolone cheese seemed a little odd to me, reminding me off the individually sliced and wrapped ‘plastic’ cheese and they seemed to have replaced my sauteed spinach for a mesculin salad.


Their breakfast is not worth waking up early for, come a little later for lunch and dinner perhaps…

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Still on my friend’s birthday, we took her out for lunch for one of her favourite foods- pasta! I was a bit nervous coming to Bicicletta in New Acton after reading so many negative reviews about their service, but I was going to take the risk because it sounded like the service was really poor during dinner.

I saw this restaurant through the Entertainment book newsletter and squealed thinking it was a new restaurant. It turns out, Bicicletta had been open for quite some time and I was too busy eating at The Flint and The Parlour Room (before the fire) to notice. The interior decor is quite interesting, I particularly liked the light bulbs ‘dripping’ out from the taps but with all the concrete surroundings, I could see how this restaurant could get very loud very fast during a busy service.

Pappardelle homemade pappardelle with duck ragù ($25.00) A thick rich sauce with perfect al dente pappardelle pasta.

Maccheroni alla sorrento chilli, garlic, basil,cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella  ($22.00) You could taste all the individual ingredients come together to make this great pasta dish, although I did think it was a small serving size.

Linguine marinara prawns, scallops, calamari, mussels and half crab garnished in a seafood bisque ($25.00) Delicious but I didn’t expect literally ‘half a crab’ in the pasta, I had tie my hair back and pray I didn’t get any on my pretty dress. I loved the rich thick tomato based sauce with tasty seafood, although not the easiest of things to eat with all the shells. I still needed to add parmesan cheese to my plate for that extra ‘ooompf’.

Hot chocolate and flat white– we didn’t stop for dessert but we did get some hot drinks to sweeten our palate.

We got a plate of mini candy with our bill.

The serves did seem small but I guess I prefer quality over quantity with my food (although a bit more wouldn’t hurt ). The service was good but that might be because the restaurant wasn’t full and everyone that was sitting down was already eating. I would love to come back and try their breakfast and high tea menu. 

Venue: Bicicletta

Address: Unit 1/15 Edingburgh Ave, Acton

Phone: (02) 6262 8683

Entertainment card: in the 2012/2013 Entertainment book


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