Brisvegas – The Bun Mobile Food Truck

Not knowing exactly where I was going, I got in a taxi and in true dramatic Hollywood style followed The Bun Mobile Food Truck. They have a location calendar on their website, so today we were headed off to Brisbane West End.





I couldn’t help myself, if Tim was ordering chicken there was no way I could choose between Wagyu and pork. The buns were extremely soft and all the greens were very fresh.

The Wagyu bunslow cooked Wagyu beef, butter lettuce, soy pickled shitake mushrooms and red dragon sauce ($8.00). The meat was soft and tender but I felt that there were tpo many elements to the bun that overwhelmed the taste.

The pork bun twice cooked pork, hoisin sauce, sakura pickled cucumber and shallot batons ($8.00). They put too much hoisin sauce in the bun, which made it too similar to a heavily sauced peking duck pancake. If they eased up on the sauce it would be ok, but the pork was very tender.

The chicken bun – char grilled teriyaki chicken, slaw with julienne carrot and mint, Japanese mayo and hoisin sauce ($8.00). I’m not the biggest chicken fan (unless it’s wings) but I would have to say that this was the tastiest bun out of the three.



They have the three standard buns (pork, Wagyu and chicken) but they also had two specials, by streamlining their small menu allows a short waiting time for getting your meal. It was a really hot day when I had this so I wasn’t particularly ravenous and after nibbling and sharing three buns we were stuffed.

A nice concept to have delicious ‘Asian burgers’ on wheels to expand their market, I wish they’d drive down to Canberra though. image

Venue: The bun Mobile Food Truck

Address: Location varies in Brisbane CBD


Phone: 0401 420 922

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Chef’s gallery


Luckily we changed our dinner booking to 8:45pm and surprisingly we were hungry despite our late lunch at Jamie’s Italian. Off we went to Chefs Gallery with their convenient location right on George St in the heart of Sydney CBD.

Looking through the menu was like looking through a beautiful portfolio full of food porn. There is something for everyone who enjoys delicious food- everything from dumplings to steamed buns to freshly made noodles and Wagyu steak.

Ginger tea ($6.90)

Pan fried pork and cabbage dumplings ($9.90) Not the shape that I thought dumplings would look like but that didn’t take away from the taste. They had a nice and crispy texture just like a great pan fried dumpling should.

Shredded Peking duck with cucumber and hoisin sauce rolled inside a fluffy Chinese roti($15.90) Oh what an amazing combination, why aren’t more restaurants doing this?

Prawn and pork wonton noodles in a chicken soup ($14.90) The noodles were really good and in this restaurant noodles are stretched to order. You can see the chefs effortless pulling the noodles and cooking them fresh resulting in a nice chewy texture. The wontons were really good too.

Traditional Dan Dan noodles with pork ribs ($14.90) The same great noodles in a peanutty spicy sauce and a tasty pork chop on top.

Chargrilled medium rare Wagyu steak served with a black pepper sauce 180gm ($28.90) Yummy but expensive comparatively to other dishes which are just as nice.

Mixed dim sim platter with salad prawn dumplings using Australian wild caught jumbo size prawns encased in a translucent pastry, chicken and prawn shui mai encased in a won ton pastry, crab meat spring rolls, fried savoury daikon radish cakes ($19.90) I thought this would be one of the first things to be served but it came while we were munching away on our noodles. Everything was good but I also thought this was a bit pricey for what it was. Don’t be polite and say ‘you eat the last one’ back and forth, they are only good while hot!

Wok fried medium grain rice with prawns and diced Chinese olive ($14.90) You can’t really taste the Chinese olive but it was still really tasty.


Ice-cream 3 scoops- green tea, strawberry and mango ($9.90)

Steamed piggy buns with black sesame filling  ($7.90) Awww how cute one girl and one boy piggy. This is possibly one of the cutest things I have ever seen and I almost didn’t want to eat them, but after digging into the delicious black sesame filling I had no regrets of eating the cute piggy face.

Lots of staff so it is easy to flag someone down if you need anything. Dishes were promptly taken off out table to allow space for new ones and it is really handy that you can book a table.

Venue: Chefs Gallery

Address: Shop 12, Ground Floor, Regent Place, 501 George St, Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 92678877


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