Flower child 

Tapping into local knowledge of North Sydney, I asked my cousin where should I go for brunch that is in Chatswood, has air con (it was forecasted to be a 38-degree day!), good food and easy access as we were going with TimmyC’s grandma. She gave me two options but she mentioned that Flower Child was a sister cafe of the famous Grounds of Alexandria- BINGO! That was the one we were going to choose, the only downside was that they don’t take any bookings. TimmyC’s parents went 1 hour early to book a table for 6 people, they had to leave their mobile number and would be called when the table was available. What was supposed to be a 35-minute wait turned into just over 1 hour because every man, woman and child decided to have brunch there as well.Freshly squeeze juices~

Watermelon, pineapple and orange ($7.00).

Pineapple, pear, apple, mint and ginger ($7.00). I would have liked a stronger ginger taste but the juice overall was nice and refreshing.Cake~

Passionfruit cheesecake ($7.00). I may have chosen this cake based on its pretty looks but luckily it was yummy. There weren’t many layers or different flavours in the cake so the price may seem a tad steep for its size and complexity. Breakfast~ available all day

Toast with jam toasted sourdough ($7.00) with avocado ($3.00). I thought I would have received house made jams as well as the avocado but apparently not. The reason why I ordered such a simple brunch was because I already had breakfast and this was really just supposed to be the savoury component as I was also ordering juice and cake.

Flower Child Fruit salad seasonal fresh fruits with compressed pineapple, watermelon, strawberries, grapefruit, lychee, pistachio, freeze-dried raspberries and yoghurt sorbet ($17.00). We didn’t see any lychee or grapefruit in the bowl but TimmyC happily enjoyed his light and refreshing breakfast but his favourite thing on the plate was that yoghurt sorbet. We are going to have to try and make some!Flower Child French toast banana mascarpone, sliced banana, dark chocolate crumb, baked pecans, fresh berries, salted toffee and maple syrup ($19.00). I didn’t know if all these ingredients would have made for an OTT breakfast but TimmyC’s Aunty finished the whole lot with ease.Brunch~ available all day

Tasmanian crispy skin salmon crispy skin salmon with young potatoes, green beans, truss tomatoes, radish, grapefruit, baby cos and olive tapenade mayo ($24.00). TimmyC’s Dad and Grandma both thoroughly enjoyed their meal. I loved the look of the crispy skin, it is making me crave salmon as I write this post.I think it was much easier to get a table for 2-4 people but I wouldn’t come here when it is really busy and expect to get a table without a small wait. Despite the hordes of people, a waitress set up our table, took our order and came back with our food in a timely manner. I loved the diverse range of menu items, the prettiness of the surrounds and food but I did not enjoy the wait and slightly cramped table we were on.

With gorgeous food and amazing looking cake cabinets like this, it is easy to see that this cafe has ties with The Grounds of Alexandria.Venue: Flower Child

Address: Level 3, Westfield Chatswood, 1 Anderson St, Chatswood NSW 2067

Phone(02) 9412 1555

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Hello Kitty Diner

There is so much cuteness in one cafe but the Hello Kitty Diner isn’t just for little girls.Even their booths are covered in this cute material.I really wanted a cute cheeseburger with the iconic Hello Kitty bow but we had just come from lunch so all I could squeeze in was a cute milkshake and a waffle for an afternoon snack (don’t give me that look).

When we were seated, we were given water in these really cute paper cups.The Pancake Milkshake ($8.00). This had little chunks in it and yes it tasted and felt like a pancake milkshake with maple syrup. I don’t know if it is worth $8.00 for the size, but I didn’t want a lot and it didn’t disappoint in flavour.Cinnamon waffles apple pie ice-cream, salted caramel ($8.00). I was pleased to see that it was freshly made and was hot and crunchy, while a lot of cafes I have been to serve a warmed pre-made one or even worse, from frozen. The fact that it was in the shape of Hello Kitty’s head topped with a cute bow was just a super cute touch. I really enjoyed the apple pie ice-cream that went really well with the salted caramel sauce. A perfect sweet treat that isn’t overly sweet or filling.True, a lot of the appeal of this diner comes from the novelty of having cute Hello Kitty detail around the cafe but the food we experienced was surprisingly quite good, albeit a little over priced for some things.

Venue: Hello Kitty Diner

Address: The District, ChatswoodInterchange, 436 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood, NSW

Phone: 04 3017 7850
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Tim Ho Wan – Chatswood

During my last fleeting visit to Sydney, Mum and her friends were sweet enough take me to Tim Ho Wan in Chatswood, the first of three locations in Sydney. I had just arrived in the CBD when my Mum’s friends had just started to line up, it was an estimated 40 minutes wait but the deal breaker was that all parties must be present to be seated in the world’s cheapest Michelin star restaurant. Conveniently for us, the restaurant is located right near the Chatswood train station and we joined the line long enough to quickly jot a few dishes on the menu before quickly getting seated.I could start to see why the line was so long besides the fact that it is new and the buzz around the brand name, the restaurant seating area itself wasn’t that big.I should have ordered that steamed egg cake! #foodregretsThe menu is limited to 25 menu items not including drinks. You write the quantity you want next to the item and hand in the order form like you would have Din Tai Fung.Vermicelli roll with shrimp ($7.80). I grabbed the top roll and thought they had forgotten to put anything inside if it wasn’t for the sad single prawn stuck somewhere in the lower half like a small rock trapped in a sock.Vermicelli roll with sesame sauce ($5.80). The sauce was really delicious and much better than the roll with shrimp.Pork dumpling with shrimp ($7.20). Not my preferred style of dumpling but it went really well with chilli sauce.Prawn dumpling ($7.80). These were nice, they didn’t stick to the paper, the wrapper was a good thickness and the prawn filling was delicious.Pork rib with black bean sauce ($6.80). The pork pieces were very small but that didn’t stop me from eating almost the whole thing to myself.Bean curd skin roll with pork and shrimp ($6.20). One of my favourite things to eat during yum cha, this version was a little on the skinny side but the sauce was really nice.Wasabi salad prawn dumpling ($7.80). I didn’t think I would like the deep fried dumpling but the wasabi and roe was subtle and complimented the prawn filling.Rice with beef and fried egg ($8.80). I was looking forward to this, albeit it wouldn’t be my first flavour choice out of the rice toppings. I found the beef cake layer too chewy and tough while the egg was cooked in an egg ring and didn’t look too appetising.Glutinous rice in lotus leaf ($8.80 one serve). It had lots of ingredients inside and the rice was really nice.Baked bun with BBQ pork ($6.80 for three). This was the star of the evening. It wasn’t as pretty and golden brown as the ones in HK, which made me sceptical but they had a wonderful crunch on the top like a pineapple bun. The pork and bun have a perfect balance of salty and sweetness.I had dragged TimmyC to one of the Tim Ho Wan locations scattered around Hong Kong and we had had our fill for around $12 AUD, although then we were eating 4-5 meals a day so it couldn’t be too big. The Sydney store is much more pricey comparatively but roughly consistent with neighbouring yum cha places.

The yum cha here is very mediocre and I prefer to go to Fook Yuen when I’m in the area but the baked buns with BBQ pork are a signature dish for Tim Ho Wan and it is worth lining up for (maybe not 2+ hours long but 15-20 minutes) if you have a craving.

There is a way to skip the queue but you need 8+ friends to do so like NQN did.

Venue: Tim Ho Wan

Address: The District, 436 Victoria Ave Chatswood, NSW

Phone02 9898 9888


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3 states in 3 days- Sydney: Kam fook


Rarely do all my family get to sit down and eat together since we have all moved out of home, so it is great when we are all in the area to go out and eat some seafood… Oh and spend time with each other 

Complimentary soup

Mud crab cooked with ginger and shallot and a noodle base OMG so good! The only bad thing was I had to share it with 9 other people 

Mushroom stuffed with fish I didn’t realise they were stuffed until I flipped it over. It was such a delicious rich brown sauce that made the mushroom extra juicy when you bite into it.

Wagyu Steak with honey and black pepper We didn’t necessarily think the meat was wagyu calibre, it was still tender nonetheless. Perfect amount of honey and black pepper!

Some sort of chicken with sticky rice I don’t really recall what this was but it was really nice flat crispy chicken on top of a delicious bed of rice. I might have to show this picture so I can order it again next time.

Fish soup fungus and vegetables Definitely a Winter warmer. I didn’t eat much of this but I did have the soup with the bok choy.

Yin Yang fried rice A favourite for the young and old. This beautiful rice is presented as the name suggests, in the shape of ‘yin yang’, with chicken, onion and a tomato base side tucked up next to a creamy prawn side. Some people like scooping from one side or the other but I liked both mixed in together. 

Complimentary fruit platter After all the food I guess it’s good to eat some fruit, they weren’t particularly sweet though.

Complimentary sweet soupred bean soup Mmmmm my favourite Chinese sweet soup served nice and warm.

Complimentary random assorted biscuits Not very overly sweet or maybe I should have eaten this before the red bean soup.

The food was served rather promptly with both waiter and a server for each dish. Everyone got food really quickly which is great because I was starving. I’ve also been here for yum cha and even though it gets really busy, this never has put a strain on the large number of staff.

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There seems to be a big craze for Taiwanese desserts in Sydney at the moment! After having a very delicious dinner at New Shanghai in Chatswood, we headed over to ZenQ Desserts where just getting a table was a 40 minute wait! Lucky for us, it was well worth it!

As we were standing outside looking into the restaurant full of very happy people sitting and indulging in their dessert, we saw some people order from the ‘honey toast series’. It looked seriously indulgent! It appeared to be cream, ice cream, chocolate and fruit drizzled over half a mini loaf of bread! Definitely a ‘to share’ dessert.

Hmmm what to choose?

Grass jelly with red bean, taro mash and pearls– a bowl full of delicious traditional Asian flavours with a very chewy texture (between all the grass jelly, red bean and pearls).

Matcha snow ice with red bean– the green tea was very addictive (I kept stealing spoons fulls), it had a lovely texture like a thin ice cream ribbon and definitely melts in your mouth.

Passion fruit shaved ice with passion fruit, mango jelly and ice cream– a seriously summery and refreshing dessert! Highly recommended and is a great option for people who don’t like green tea, red bean flavours etc.

Find your nearest location– Sorry Sydney siders only 😦

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Old favourites at New Shanghai

Being interstate from my family means I don’t get to go to as many family gatherings as I’d like but I was able to attend a double birthday dinner @ the ‘New Shanghai’ while I was visiting in Sydney recently. There are several locations of this franchise but we went to the one in Chatswood.

While waiting for everyone to arrive, I started drooling over the dozens of dumplings that were being made fresh and steamed in the front window of the restaurant.

Keep in mind I was eating with a table of 10 people and not by myself (we ordered multiple things so we didn’t miss out on anything).

Shallot pancake- slightly oily but still tasty.

Deep fried crispy skin chicken with special garlic & chilli sauce

Hot, spicy and sour soup with shredded pork and bean curd

Drunken chicken

Stewed beef shank in five spice sauce

Shanghai noodle stir fried with shredded pork & vegetable- mmmm I love me some noodles!

Duck-  I can’t exactly remember what this dish is called and I couldn’t find it on the online menu either. Sorry!

Pan fried pork dumpling– this is one of my favourite things to eat! These were SOOOOOOO nice and a good size too! The only bad side is that as I was taking a bite out of one (out of many) dumpling, it’s juices exploded onto my dress  

Combination stir fried in hot & spicy paste served with cold noodle- this was rather quite hot and I couldn’t eat too much of it.

New Shanghai Xiao Long Bao- Steamed mini pork buns- delicious but not the nicest ‘xiao long bao’ I’ve eaten.

There were juices inside though!

Everything came out rather fast and hot! All the food was delicious, in particular their pan fried pork dumplings (I’m getting hungry just writing about them!). Just ordering bits and pieces for the whole table meant lots of variety and it didn’t cost very much either (and then the bill was even less again aided by a NSW entertainment book voucher- yay!). I would just come here again (even if by myself) and just order lots of dumplings. 



Chatswood Chase

Shop B-038, Chatswood Chase
Chatswood, NSW 2067
+61 2 9412 3358


Shop 20, Lemon Grove Plaza
Chatswood, NSW 2067
+61 2 9415 3536


273 Liverpool Rd
Ashfield, NSW 2131
+61 2 9797 7284

Bondi Junction

Shop FC04, Level 5, Westfield
Bondi Junction, NSW 2022
+61 2 93864623


Shop L01 1035, Charlestown Square
Charlestown, NSW 2290
+61 2 4943 5857

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