Heng Hing Roast Inn

We were braving the Belconnen markets on Christmas eve eve with everyone scrambling to get their fresh seafood, fruit and groceries done before the big day by going there to eat lunch but I wanted to try something different/had a chance of opening.


Lots of large photos and choices so you know what you’re getting.20131224-065145.jpg

Duck noodle soup with rice noodles ($13.50). Not an overly salty broth with the duck juices and skin lending itself for a bit of flavour while the soup made the duck not too salty. A great balance.


Beef brisket with noodles ($13.50). In the typical Chinese braised sauce. I was rather impressed that this fatty tender cut of meat was cooked authentically.


Combination chow mein ($16.50). Ever since Hidden dragon shut down I have been forever hunting down a good chow mein that has crispy egg noodle, not the tiny shards of fried stuff that is constantly being served everywhere and I think I have found one! A thick rich gravy covering a crispy egg noodle nest which was slowly absorbing the sauce.


Roast pork and roast duck rice plate ($13.50). This is my ‘go to’ dish with a whole meal including vegetables is on one plate with my favourite two roast meats. The roast pork pieces are cut smaller than I’m used to and I found the meat had dried out a bit (they are supposed to cut the meat just before serving) but the succulent roast duck made up for the disappointment. I know what I’m getting next time!


A very casual place to get some great authentic Chinese food and in the convenient spot where all the fresh produce is held. I wonder how good their laksa is… Hmmmm.

Venue: Heng Hing Roast Inn

Address: Shop 12A, Belconnen Fresh Food Markets, Belconnen

Phone: (02) 6253 4888

Opening hours: 8:00am – 6:00pm Wednesday – Sunday


2 Yummy BBQ Noodle House

Ever since the sad and mysterious closing of Hidden Dragon in the CBD, I’m always on the look out for a Chinese restaurant to rival their delicious duck laksa, chicken chow mein and roast meats. I had heard rumours that one of the chefs who worked at Hidden Dragon now works at 2 Yummy BBQ Noodle House so I was definitely keen to check it out.

Sang choy bow with roast duck (2 pcs $15.60) Seemed a bit expensive for what it was, the duck taste was subtle even though there were big chunks of it.

Combination roast (duck and pork) ($17.60) The meats were succulent, the pork had crispy skin and the duck was juicy, just the way I like it.

Double mushrooms with green vegetable ($18.60) A nice mix of greens with mushrooms, although I found the price is a bit steep for vegetarian dish.

Chicken chow mein ($13.60) I love this noodle in chow meins but this wasn’t as good as Hidden Dragon.

Honey King Prawns ($20.60) A generous serving of prawns and the sauce is separate for those who like to control their honey portion.

Chinese tea

With just a casual setting and simple menu including traditional Chinese dishes (don’t be put off by all the offal choices), don’t expect table cloths and special night out, but do expect delicious Chinese roast meats.

It is conveniently located on the ‘Board walk’ at Belconnen by the water and I want to come back and try the ‘suckling pig banquet menu’, it sounds delicious!

Venue: 2 Yummy BBQ Noodle House

Address: 3/114 Boardwalk Emu Bank Belconnen 2617

Phone: (02) 62516622

Opening Hours: Close on Monday

                    Tuesday-Thursday / Sunday 

                          11:30am –  2:30pm 

                           4:30pm -10:00pm


                          11:30am –  2:30pm 

                          4:30pm -10:30pm

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