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We went to a beautiful wedding in March and even though I was admiring the beautiful bride, everything from her dress to her very unique bouquet down to her gorgeous shoes  the delicious food that was being offered before reception still managed to catch my eye.

Simply put- everything was deeeelicious. I loved everything from the bountiful portions to the cute bamboo serving accessories.

Calamari and rocket, vegetarian quiche, fancy looking spring rolls, really good crispy pork belly, zucchini balls, risotto balls and a beautiful croquembouche.

3 states in 3 days- Via Del Corso


My sister send me off on a mission to get a drink, I did come back with a drink… And a mini croquembouche. 

While waiting for my fresh juice, the sweets at Via Del Corso caught my eye and I couldn’t resist having a sweet ending to my meal.

Glass cabinet drawers showcasing their beautiful sweets and small cakes. Hmmm what to choose?

Mini croquembouche ($6.00) Cute bite sized profiteroles filled with a delicious subtle custard and covered in toffee. Mmmmm  

They also have interesting macaron flavours (I’ve eaten them before, not bad) and a delectable looking gelato range, I’m definitely coming back to try more.

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