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I had to do a loop of the whole Food and Fashion Handmade markets despite being there for one purpose. At first it seemed like the same set of stalls- jams, chocolate, cupcakes and more cupcakes, but then a new macaron stall caught my eye. Lu’mon macarons had a nice simple clean set up but what made me smirk and come back and get something even though I was running crazily late for my lunch date was there unique flavours.


They had a variety of flavours but I was going to skip out on the ‘boring’ flavours and just grab those which were unique to this store and of course a salted butter caramel as a measuring stick.


Macarons honeycomb, iced vovo, salted butter caramel, snickers, red skins and bubblegum (not shown) 6 for $15.00.

Snickers: EXACTLY like the chocolate bar, you wouldn’t even have to tell me what the flavour was.

Honeycomb: this had a honeycomb centre which was a pleasant surprise.

Salted butter caramel: Not THE best but definitely up there.

Red skins: wow, I was amazed how this flavour to be so dead on but have such a different texture to the candy.

Bubblegum: more for Timmy than me but I could appreciate the taste and the likeness.

Iced vovo: since all the other flavours were so great, I was looking foward to this one the most and left it til last. Sadly the raspberry component tasted medicinal and it was the worst flavour out of the 6.




Wonderful textures and flavours, does anyone know where I can find these macarons outside of random market days?

Thanks for the heads up Learnian! Ill check them out 😀

Soulfood Kitchen

I sit here with my dress belt undone after a satisfying meal at the very new restaurant Soulfood Kitchen. Not only was I excited that an authentic Southern American restaurant was opening but it was located SOUTHSIDE!

Located at Erindale shops (around the the side near Pizza Capers), Soulfood Kitchen had very recently opened its doors to provide comfort food and flavours from New Orleans.


Currently BYOB while they are obtaining their license, this laid back atmosphere dining has only limited seating so I would suggest you book. You order and pay at the counter and because we went early-ish and it wasn’t too busy (yet), the food came out rather quickly.


Going with a true Louisianian, she knew to order extra BBQ and hot sauce and a whoooole lotta napkins!

Soul Food Sampler get the platter loaded with goodies- smokin’ ribs, crab cakes, buffalo wings, bourbon street oysters ($42.00) – My eyes lit up and I didn’t know where to begin on the plate! They say this platter is ideally for two people and allows you to try a range of snacks.

Crab cakes – golden crispy crab cakes with a simple salsa went very well with the accompanying sauce.

Buffalo wings – Yum! Very addictive and slightly spicy, they made me do my happy clap.

Bourbon street oysters – You couldn’t tell that these were oysters, I guess the batter took away most of the texture and natural taste. Even if you don’t usually eat oysters, I’d give these a go!

Smokin’ ribs – These impressed everyone without fail, maybe I’ll order just a plate of these next time. *licks lips*image

A close up of the very tender, succulent and delicious BBQ smoked ribs that fell off the bone and their spicy hot wings.

Barbecue Pork Po’Boy made with fresh French bread, dressed with lettuce, tomato, homemade garlic mayo and Louisiana hot sauce ($16.00). I really enjoyed the pulled pork with the BBQ sauce and the coleslaw but I felt the bread was too thick and slightly stale, but nothing that ditching the bun didn’t fix.



Gumbo (shrimp, chicken and sausage)the most famous dish in Louisiana is Gumbo, meaning “all together”. Hearty and full of flavour served with a stack of rice ($21.00). I had just a spoon of this but I could taste the great smokey flavour in the sausage and the gumbo. image

Southern extras~

Macaroni and cheese ($8.00) – I couldn’t help but spontaneously order a side when I got to the counter, it wasn’t the best mac and cheese I’ve had but it would have been better if it was served piping hot rather than luke warm.



I thought the prices for a slice of cake/pie was a bit high but I was willing to pay because you can’t get authentic Southern American sweets anywhere else in Canberra.

Key lime cheese cake ($10.00) – I’ve always heard about key limes but had never tasted one. Even though it says cheesecake, this cake had a delicate, very smooth mousse texture and was very light and refreshing with the zest of the limes.


Pecan Pie ($10.00) – I thought this was going to be super sweet and I’m not the biggest ‘nut fan’ but this was delicious and I would definitely order this again. Convince someone else to have dessert and get one of everything!


Victor the owner (and USA celebrity chef who recently featured on SBS Food safari) came out of the kitchen several times during the night to have some fun and chat with his customers. They have live Blues music the first Friday of every month, Victor wanted his restaurant to be just like in New Orleans where there was music, laughing customers and kids running around. He was very grateful to his kitchen staff, front of house, the band and the patrons and even showed off his musical talents.

Despite being only opened for the fourth night and encountering internet problems, phone problems and power outages, Soulfood Kitchen showed us nothing but a good time and authentic comfort food made with love and soul and hopefully can only get better when it is well established.

They have dine in and take away which is really dangerous, like I need a restaurant close by serving delicious ribs that I can take away . image

Apparently they only do takeaways between 3-6pm

Venue: Soulfood Kitchen

Address: Shop 8, 38 Gartside street, Wanniassa, ACT 2903

Phone: (02) 6231 2568


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Lux Bite

It was completely by chance that we found Lux bite the first time but this time it was no coincidence as we bee lined straight to the door at South Yarra.

They had a small precise menu show casing a range of foods with Asian influences but choosing something for brunch was more critical than ever as I was not to ruin my appetite for sweets that I had longed for.

Pandan Chicken burger with sambal mayo, apple & kiwi relish, Asian slaw ($15.00) – you can still feel the texture of chicken despite being blended in with other ingredients to give it an Asian taste. I couldn’t really taste the apple and kiwi in the relish but I was satisfied none the less.



Eggs on toast 60/60 (soft poached egg in 60C for 60 minutes) on toasted white sourdough ($7.50) avocado & feta cheese ($2.50 extra) – these were beautifully cooked and if everyone had a spare hour in the morning it would be the perfect way to start every day.


‘LuxBite Pork bun’ 2 ways with bamboo charcoal brioche bun, pulled pork, kimchi, housemade pork jerky and Kewpie ($15.00)– one bun was definitely better than the other. I found the housemade pork jerky to be too sweet and candy like. The pulled pork however was much more savoury and enjoyable.


I found the multicoloured bun very visually interesting.


Iced coffee with a macaron of the day ($6.50).


Time for dessert!

Caramel Cravings~ All time favourite caramel lovingly placed between winning chocolate and coconut base ($7.50) – I dread thick looking caramel slices in fear of instantly becoming a diabetic but this one was perfectly balanced. My tongue wandered through the slice looking for a strong caramel taste and it wasn’t til the very end that the flavour was apparent. A wonderfully subtle sweet slice that wasn’t overwhelming. I love the clean cut edges!


Endless love~ inspired by Pierre Herme’s Ispahan lychee ganache, rose cream, lychee and fresh raspberries ($9.00) – from someone that has actually hunted down Pierre Herme in Japan, I am most impressed that I didn’t have to go overseas to relive the experience. Fabulous flavours of fresh raspberry, lychee and hints of rosé all beautifully complimenting each other. A ‘must buy’ during every visit!


Epic Chocolate Cravings~ awarded in the Best Chocolate Cake category, The Foodies’ Guide to Melbourne 2013 rich Belgian dark chocolate with hazelnut crust and salted caramel sphere ($7.50) – a really rich chocolate dessert and not for the faint hearted.




Of course I didn’t leave without taking some macarons with me. My favourite flavours were the Heilala Vanilla Creme Brulee and Peanut butter and jelly.


Oh why oh why are you so far away Lux Bite? image If this was in Canberra I would be there every week. Good luck with choosing just one dessert when you get there ladies and gents, I wanted one of everything.

Venue: Lux Bite

Address: 38 Toorak Road, South Yarra, VIC 3141

Phone: (03) 9867 5888

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