Singapore Series- International QC on DTF

When you think of breakfast, dumplings isn’t the first thing that comes to mind but for me, I can eat dumplings at any time (plus by the time we crawled out of our very comfortable bed it wasn’t that early anyway ). I couldn’t help myself but stop by my closest Din Tai Fung store in Singapore and see if their xiao long bao was consistently good across the globe.

Green apple and pineapple juices– so sweet and refreshing.

Steamed vegetable dumplings– delicious but no where near as good as what was to come.

Pork chop and fried rice– the fried rice came out nice and hot and the pork was so tender.

Their famous Xiao Long Bao- I wanted to order more but Timmy convinced me to save my stomach for the next meal. 

Steamed buns

An inside look of the chilli crab and pork steamed bun- a hit of chilli but it is counteracted by the subtle sweetness of the bun.

The service and dumplings are consistently fabulous with all the locations in Australia. I wanted to order their noodles too but Timmy reminded me I wanted to eat french toast at the place next door afterwards.


Chef’s gallery


Luckily we changed our dinner booking to 8:45pm and surprisingly we were hungry despite our late lunch at Jamie’s Italian. Off we went to Chefs Gallery with their convenient location right on George St in the heart of Sydney CBD.

Looking through the menu was like looking through a beautiful portfolio full of food porn. There is something for everyone who enjoys delicious food- everything from dumplings to steamed buns to freshly made noodles and Wagyu steak.

Ginger tea ($6.90)

Pan fried pork and cabbage dumplings ($9.90) Not the shape that I thought dumplings would look like but that didn’t take away from the taste. They had a nice and crispy texture just like a great pan fried dumpling should.

Shredded Peking duck with cucumber and hoisin sauce rolled inside a fluffy Chinese roti($15.90) Oh what an amazing combination, why aren’t more restaurants doing this?

Prawn and pork wonton noodles in a chicken soup ($14.90) The noodles were really good and in this restaurant noodles are stretched to order. You can see the chefs effortless pulling the noodles and cooking them fresh resulting in a nice chewy texture. The wontons were really good too.

Traditional Dan Dan noodles with pork ribs ($14.90) The same great noodles in a peanutty spicy sauce and a tasty pork chop on top.

Chargrilled medium rare Wagyu steak served with a black pepper sauce 180gm ($28.90) Yummy but expensive comparatively to other dishes which are just as nice.

Mixed dim sim platter with salad prawn dumplings using Australian wild caught jumbo size prawns encased in a translucent pastry, chicken and prawn shui mai encased in a won ton pastry, crab meat spring rolls, fried savoury daikon radish cakes ($19.90) I thought this would be one of the first things to be served but it came while we were munching away on our noodles. Everything was good but I also thought this was a bit pricey for what it was. Don’t be polite and say ‘you eat the last one’ back and forth, they are only good while hot!

Wok fried medium grain rice with prawns and diced Chinese olive ($14.90) You can’t really taste the Chinese olive but it was still really tasty.


Ice-cream 3 scoops- green tea, strawberry and mango ($9.90)

Steamed piggy buns with black sesame filling  ($7.90) Awww how cute one girl and one boy piggy. This is possibly one of the cutest things I have ever seen and I almost didn’t want to eat them, but after digging into the delicious black sesame filling I had no regrets of eating the cute piggy face.

Lots of staff so it is easy to flag someone down if you need anything. Dishes were promptly taken off out table to allow space for new ones and it is really handy that you can book a table.

Venue: Chefs Gallery

Address: Shop 12, Ground Floor, Regent Place, 501 George St, Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 92678877


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3 states in 3 days- Sydney: Cafe Court @ the Star


It was just coincidental that we ended up at another food court later that day. I wanted to check out the new revamped ‘The Star’ after I saw all the flags on the street during the International Crave food festival. We tried to get into MomoFuku but it was hard enough to find the door and when we finally did, it turns out that they were completely booked for two weeks straight.

Would you have noticed a restaurant behind this wall?

We divided and conquered the food court coming back with different things.

Din Tai Fung~

Shrimp and pork Shao Mai ($10.80) Delicious hot dumplings, I like how they still serve it in a steamer even though it’s a food court.

Cha Jiang Noodle with minced pork ($13.80) Really nice noodles with a flavoursome topping.

Dergah Grill~

Chicken kebab ($9.50) This seemed to have a relatively short line which was a plus. The kebab was hot and tasty but nothing special.

3 states in 3 days- Sydney: Din Tai Fung


Before trying on a hundred and one dresses for the day, the girls and I grabbed some sustenance at the Centrepoint Westfield food court. I’m not the greatest at making decisions so I let my sister decide, she came back with delicious rice and noodles from Din Tai Fung. Now I’ve been meaning to post about Din Tai Fung for a while now, I’ve eaten at all the locations in Australia and I absolutely love their dumplings. I will post anything and everything I’ve eaten soon, I promise!

Fried rice with fried chicken fillet ($14.80) Hot and delicious, a great combination.

Shrimp and pork wonton with tangy sauce and dry noodle ($13.80) Chewy fresh noodles with delicious dumplings, great sauce alternative for those who don’t just want to order an ordinary wonton noodle soup.

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Dumpling Inn re-run

I don’t post every time I eat at Dumpling Inn, otherwise you would know how much I come here. So let’s pretend this is only the second time I’ve come here recently  

My friends and I have now become slightly addicted to this, we would even drive past and get a takeaway order of just shallot cakes even if we were already running late to somewhere. Luckily now there is a shopfront of ready to go shallot cakes @ the Belconnen Westfield upper foodcourt, but it’s nicer when it’s fresh.

Shallot cakes- hot delicious pastry encasing a salty shallot goodness. Quality varies from day to day but usually it’s delicious.

Four Season beans (this time without minced pork)- I told you I order this no matter who I dine with! Delicious and counts as a serve of greens! Win win!

Sizzling bean curd– Even the biggest of meat eaters love this dish where tofu puffs are left sizzling away in a thick sweet-ish sauce. Watch out, it often retains it’s heat even after a few minutes and I always burn my tongue. 

Peking shredded beef aka rusty nails in some other restaurants. Crunchy, sweet and sticky with thin sweet potato chips

Scallops with garlic

What’s a ‘dumpling inn’ without some dumplings? My favourite is the pan fried pork dumplings with chinese vinegar- YUM! Plates of 10 so you have to find someone to share it with or you won’t be able to fit much more in.

Shan tung chicken– Not the best in Canberra but it still  has the crispy skin and often finished quickly.

Hot rock salt bean curd– crispy outer shell encasing soft tofu in the middle and who doesn’t love anything in hot rock salt anyway?

There are few people who get to dessert after eating at Dumpling Inn (usually waaaay to full to get anything else) but there are a few things you must try!

Toffee banana– comes out in a hot sticky toffee then dipped into iced water at your table (and this was when bananas were expensive!). I have also tried toffee apple and strawberries, all very nice.

Egg custard pancake- there is also a red bean version which I love. SOOOOOOOOO delicious. Comes deep fried and hot to your table with a crispy coating with an amazing egg custard centre.

They also now have ‘live mud crab‘ (from another sitting). Mud crab with ginger and shallots with a noodle base (different noodles to what I’m used to but still very nice).

This still remains as a good ol’ favourite restaurant between my friends and I. Although we’ve had some ‘miss’ dishes, we’ve been enough to know what we want now and we even get cravings for specific things!

Can get very busy for dinner, so try and book to avoid disappointment!

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Melbourne Series – Noodle Kingdom


Saturday night

With so many places to eat in Melbourne, I find it very hard to choose. One of our friends said that they knew a place that had dumplings, close to the theatre and was very reasonably priced. He didn’t need to say anything more, he had me at dumplings 

Hand made noodles made on premises.

Despite the name, we were there for another reason. DUMPLINGS!

Pork buns

Xiao long bao

Fried dumplings- pork and chives

Boiled dumplings- pork and chives

Even after eating so many dumplings, we had to at least try some hand made noodles (before ordering more dumplings). 

Chicken with hand made noodles- I can’t remember the exact name of this dish, but I’ve described the jist of it. It was very very hot, you could tell it was fresh noodles though.

I only took a photo of each type of dish, but I didn’t let you know how many plates we ordered of each  (with no dumpling was left standing) and it still only came to less than $15 per person! Bargain!

Don’t expect table cloths and chandeliers, but if you’re going to give me delicious dumplings and serve huge bowls of noodles (I saw other tables order this) at good prices, I won’t complain. 

Venue: Noodle Kingdom

Address: CBD, 175 Russell St, Melbourne

Phone: (03) 96542828

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Old favourites at New Shanghai

Being interstate from my family means I don’t get to go to as many family gatherings as I’d like but I was able to attend a double birthday dinner @ the ‘New Shanghai’ while I was visiting in Sydney recently. There are several locations of this franchise but we went to the one in Chatswood.

While waiting for everyone to arrive, I started drooling over the dozens of dumplings that were being made fresh and steamed in the front window of the restaurant.

Keep in mind I was eating with a table of 10 people and not by myself (we ordered multiple things so we didn’t miss out on anything).

Shallot pancake- slightly oily but still tasty.

Deep fried crispy skin chicken with special garlic & chilli sauce

Hot, spicy and sour soup with shredded pork and bean curd

Drunken chicken

Stewed beef shank in five spice sauce

Shanghai noodle stir fried with shredded pork & vegetable- mmmm I love me some noodles!

Duck-  I can’t exactly remember what this dish is called and I couldn’t find it on the online menu either. Sorry!

Pan fried pork dumpling– this is one of my favourite things to eat! These were SOOOOOOO nice and a good size too! The only bad side is that as I was taking a bite out of one (out of many) dumpling, it’s juices exploded onto my dress  

Combination stir fried in hot & spicy paste served with cold noodle- this was rather quite hot and I couldn’t eat too much of it.

New Shanghai Xiao Long Bao- Steamed mini pork buns- delicious but not the nicest ‘xiao long bao’ I’ve eaten.

There were juices inside though!

Everything came out rather fast and hot! All the food was delicious, in particular their pan fried pork dumplings (I’m getting hungry just writing about them!). Just ordering bits and pieces for the whole table meant lots of variety and it didn’t cost very much either (and then the bill was even less again aided by a NSW entertainment book voucher- yay!). I would just come here again (even if by myself) and just order lots of dumplings. 


Chatswood Chase

Shop B-038, Chatswood Chase
Chatswood, NSW 2067
+61 2 9412 3358


Shop 20, Lemon Grove Plaza
Chatswood, NSW 2067
+61 2 9415 3536


273 Liverpool Rd
Ashfield, NSW 2131
+61 2 9797 7284

Bondi Junction

Shop FC04, Level 5, Westfield
Bondi Junction, NSW 2022
+61 2 93864623


Shop L01 1035, Charlestown Square
Charlestown, NSW 2290
+61 2 4943 5857

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National Multicultural Festival mania


The multicultural food festival is the highlight of the year for any foodie in the area. I spent 9 hours eating my way around the world and don’t have much to show for it. Sorry for the lack of photos, I’m surprised I took any really!

South African stand- next year I’ll try some of this very long sausage that I see every year.

Massive pretzel! Remember to share! Don’t fill up on bread.

Delicious sweets from the Italian desserts stand. One is filled with custard, the other ricotta. MMMMMMMMM, be quick, this stand sells out quick.

The highlight and one of the main reasons why I go to the festival every year. Russian dumplings served with soy sauce and sour cream. So delicious!

Can’t find the Russian stand? Look out for the big matryoshka doll!

I can’t remember which stand I got this from or exactly what it is but I remember it being very very tasty!

Definitely grab a sausage from the German stand, the line is ALWAYS long but worth the wait!

Other highlights that I didn’t get a photo for:

1). Poffertjes dutch pancakes. Though you would have to really want one to stay in line for so long.

2). MoMosHimalayan dumplings. So delicious, though there are two stalls and one is better than the other as it’s less ‘doughy’

3). Pad Thai- it was ok, there is much more exciting food to try though.

4). ChurrosSpanish doughnuts. By the time we got to the front of the line we found out that they ran out of chocolate sauce and only had icing sugar left. Still delicious, will just have to go earlier next year.

5). Gelato– Nice to cool off on a hot summer’s day.

6). Chinese pan fried pork dumplings– oh so delicious! YUM! Went back several times.

Obviously next year’s festival will be much better documented! I’m excited as they have already announced the dates:

10-12th February 2012!

Lots of fun for everyone- entertainment, dancing, art, demonstrations and you can drink you way around the world also! Some stalls sell beer that have been especially imported for the event.