I know I am late to the game. Kokomos have been open for a few months now but I have never gotten around to trying it until last night. I had heard that it was ‘pricey but tasty’ so when we spotted their island banquet option, it was a good excuse to try it out.

Island banquet 8 most popular dishes ($49.00) you can add a key lime pie to the banquet and at $1.00 pp, why wouldn’t you?

Salt and vinegar taro chips. The taste of vinegar isn’t too strong; nice and crispy but there were more interesting things to eat.

Mullaway ceviche coconut, ginger, cherry tomato, Thai basil, tostadas.

Fried chicken bun bread and butter pickles, hot sauce. Succulent crispy hot chicken with all the right trimmings. I was really sad when I finished the bun and had none left.

Prawn toast lime and sweet corn, smoked chilli mayo.

Lamb ribs sweet and sour glaze, puffed wheat. This was so tender and had a really nice glaze.

Udon noodles seared beef rump cap, egg yolk, crispy eschalot, kombu butter. I might be biased because I really love udon noodles, but this dish with its egg yolk creaminess reminded me of a creamy pasta dish without the heaviness. So delicious!

Iceberg salad pickled red onion, sunflower seeds, creme fraiche, dill. I thought it sounded boring because it had iceberg lettuce, but surprisingly this dish works!

Smoked beef rib molasses glaze, puffed rice, roast eggplant puree. Another really tender protein.

Rotisserie Huli Huli chicken lemon butter gravy. I loved the flavours of this chicken; the meat was juicy and the lemon butter provides just the right amount of tangy flavours.

Dishes were coming thick and fast, it was almost a shuffle game to fit everything on the table. Just as we adjusted plates and cups to move out of the way for one dish, another dish would appear almost straight away. We were served all the savoury dishes within the hour, but I would have liked a slower pace.

We really enjoyed everything and it was hard to choose a favourite but the pick of the night would have been between the fried chicken bun or the lamb ribs, but the udon noodles were a close second.Key lime pie – this was a pretty decent serve per person and I did enjoy the unusual green colour. The base by itself wasn’t very nice but the pie with cream altogether had a nice balance of sweetness, creaminess and tart flavours.Added on top Yes, my greedy eyes couldn’t help but order a few more items that weren’t included in the banquet.

Lobster lollipops kombu, sesame bonito mayo ($18.00 4 pcs). This was disappointing and fell really flat. You couldn’t really tell it was lobster and as tasty as the mayo was, it didn’t save this dish at all. I wouldn’t bother ordering this again.Pecan pie burnt butter ice cream ($10.00). I didn’t think this was sweet enough and instead, I was getting bursts of salty flavours. The ice cream reminded me of a creme brulee with the torched sugar crust. I would not order this again.It was a shame that the extras we ordered were a disappointment but if you stick with the Island banquet and it has those dishes, you can’t go wrong.

The staff were friendly and attentive, although there was some confusion with the dishes as one of us had dietary requirements but it was eventually clarified. I can imagine this place getting loud as the nightlife and bar begins to take over, but on a weekday we were not rushed, could talk comfortably and enjoyed our food.

Venue: Kokomo’s

Address: 1 Genge St, Canberra ACT 2601

Phone(02) 6171 2092

Yes, I ate there last night and wrote this post quickly out of spite because TimmyC didn’t think I could get it done.


Maestral- long time no see

It had been years since I had been to Maestral in Weston and a revisit was long overdue. When I stepped into the dining room, I had forgotten how tiny their space was, but it always filled with happy patrons and today was no different.

Platter potatoes, calamari, pan-fried fish, prawns and oysters to your liking ($36.00). Everything on the plate was finished. I loved the potatoes, the calamari was tender without being oily, the prawns were plump and the fish was cooked perfectly. Unfortunately, the Kilpatrick oysters weren’t as grilled as I would have liked but the oysters themselves were fat and meaty.Hand made pasta with chilli, capers and crab meat ($30.00). I loved the texture of the pasta and it was cooked perfectly. The sauce had lots of flavour and a nice dose of chilli kick; I would happily eat either of these dishes.Garden salad ($5.00). A simple light salad that was well dressed and stifled our guilty conscious of eating something green in our meal.The service was attentive and food came out in a timely manner. I must go back again soon, I really do miss seafood.


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Bernie’s from the bay

I don’t know if I’ll start riots in the streets of North Belconnen by adding Bernie’s from the bay onto Urbanspoon, for an establishment which has been there for years I expected it to be on the list or maybe I’ve just unknowingly spilt the beans on the best kept secret of Charnwood?

I remember hearing about this place years ago and my first reaction (although I’m sure it wasn’t uncommon) was ‘what?! Charnwood?’. After several failed attempts and empty promises from local residents, I took myself to Bernie’s from the bay as I had a particularly ravenous craving for fish and chips that day (yes I’m looking at your Pete!).20131201-004053.jpg

There is a selection of fresh seafood (delivered straight from the bay Wednesday through to Friday) that you can request to be grilled/deep fried or buy as fresh seafood.20131201-004119.jpg


Garlic prawn ($1.60) you could taste the garlic flavour and the batter coating wasn’t too thick.
Homemade prawn cutlet ($3.00 each) this was a really nice crumb on top but I thought it was a bit pricey at $3 a pop.
Chips ($4.00). Great and crunchy (I’m a big fan of the small crunchy pieces)! I saw a woman take away some chips with a bottle of tomato sauce and a loaf of bread in hand. Chip sandwiches!!! That would have been awesome!!!
Crumbed fish ($6.50). The crumb didn’t fall off, it stayed very crisp and the fish was tender and moist. All in all the perfect crumbed fish.                                                             Potato scallop ($1.50?) I don’t usually eat scallops outside of my burger (yes insert a potato scallop into your burger, it’s sooo good!) but I couldn’t put this one down. Golden brown, crunchy and not overly oily, how do they do it?!


Grilled grenadier fish ($9.00) I asked for a suggestion of the best fish to grill and they chose this one, but I found it lacked seasoning (I do love pepper on my fish) and the meat wasn’t delicate but rather quite clumpy when I was trying to break it apart. A squeeze of lemon helped.


Pineapple fritter – definitely lacking in cinnamon sugar, as in: it had none what so ever, it would have been perfect otherwise.



I’m going to put it out there and say it is the best fish and chip shop in Canberra! For a completely deep-fried meal, I didn’t think it was very oily, everything was perfectly cooked to a golden brown colour and retained its heat for quite some time. I would love to come back and grab a burger (with a potato scallop inside of course!).

Venue: Bernies from the Bay takeaway seafood

Address: 33 Charnwood Pl, Charnwood Shopping centre

Phone: (02) 6258 4707

Opening hours: Wednesday – Sunday 11:00am – 8:30pm

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Oh loneliness and cheeseburgers are a dangerous mix

Ok I wasn’t alone and technically it was a cheeseburger.

When I met up with friends last night to discuss details of our Japan trip, I might have eaten a speckle too much and on the verge of burping aioli all night but I did it in the name of research – which is best burger at Brodburger?

I thought to myself- why should I always order the same burger when I haven’t tried them all and established a true favourite? All the boys had already set their hearts on a brodchicken and I’ve already had a brodchicken so they were of no use to me. I was able to convince Anita to go halves in two burgers with me- brodburger with brie (its the one I usually get and was a backup for my tastebuds if I really didn’t like the others) and brodbattered fin and then also try a baby brodveggie on the side.

Now I’m a big red meat eater through and through but I much preferred the brodbattered fin over my brodburger and because I’m such a big fan of haloumi and eggplant, I think I might have even enjoyed the brodveggie the most (I’m surprised just as much as you)!

So just remember, just because you thought you hit the jackpot by liking the first thing you tried, you could still be missing out, but if you try something different and you don’t like it as much… Well I take no responsibility for that.


*No photos were taken as I was too busy stuffing my face.

The Fish Shack


I was out on a mad dash buying birthday presents but a gal has gotta stop for lunch. Conveniently located off Bunda street, The Fish Shack only uses fresh Australian sustainable fish while making everything fresh to order.

Beef burgerprime beef, tomato, lettuce, cucumber, red onion and tomato chilli relish ($13.50). This looked like a really good juicy patty and it tasted like a well seasoned rissole. I personally prefer cheese on my burger (well cheese on anything really) and I’m tempted to get a burger next time.

Fish and chipslarge size premium beer battered fish served with chips, dips and lemon ($13.50). I couldn’t go to the Fish Shack and not order fish and chips! Boasting ‘the best beer batter’ using Burleigh 28 Pale ale, I opted for the beer batter fish while resisting getting my usual favourite of crumbed fish. A great coating served hot and not oily, I still think the crumbed would have been better or maybe that’s just a personal preference.

With a simple ordering system of ordering and paying at the counter, food comes out relatively quick and hot. Despite being busy this doesn’t compromise their quality of food. There were a lot of things that caught my eye on the menu that I would like to come back and try.

Venue: The Fish Shack

Address: Petrie Plaza Off Bunda St, Canberra, ACT 2601

Phone: (02) 6248 5822

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