Breakfast at Bean and Grain


We were lucky enough to get a seat (and this time make it for breakfast) at the Bean and Grain cafe before another rush of people came in.

Flat white coffee

Breakfast from 8:00am – 11:30am  All cooked dine in breakfasts come with a potato croquette with creme fraiche, chives and a smoothie shot.

Classic Eggs Benedict– 2 poached free-range organic eggs, english muffin, smoked leg ham, fresh made hollandaise sauce ($16.00)

Country Benedict– 2 poached free-range organic eggs, english muffin, sausage patty & sausage bechamel ($16.00) 

I preferred the sausage patty over the leg ham, but both dishes had perfectly poached eggs and both sauces were good. I liked the potato croquette and the smoothie shot, it’s a unique little extra that sets them apart from other cafes.

Complimentary frozen yoghurt~

Raspberry and leatherwood honey frozen yoghurt- both were delicious flavours! I definitely want to come back and try the other flavours (and a bigger sized portion). 

Mixed berry smoothie shot, mmm so good. Don’t rely on it to be your only beverage though because it is literally a shot.

We might have been full but I couldn’t help myself but grabbing some sweets to go. Peanut butter cups $2.20 Mille fluers $4.20

Friendly service and a short wait for food, definitely one of my favourites places for brunch in Canberra. I want to come back and try the waffles, I hear they are good.   

Easy Peasy Summer Series- meringue nests with fruit

This light and easy to assemble dessert comes from a close friend of mine proving that you don’t have to slave over a kitchen for hours to make something delicious. 

Meringue nests with fruit (thanks Amy!)


* in season fruit or berries

* pre-made meringue nests

* 1-2 tubs of fruche yoghurt

* maple syrup for drizzling


  1. Fill the nests with fruche and top with fruit/berries and drizzle some maple syrup on top.
  2. That’s it. I told you it  was easy.