Bspoke cafe and bar

It would be by complete luck and nerdy reasons that I found Bspoke cafe and bar out in Fyshwick.

TimmyC had rushed into MSY for computer parts, leaving me in the car (with the air con on) to reply to messages but after I was done I turned my head to notice a cute cafe that I had never seen before and in true foodie fashion, I locked the car and went straight in to explore.If you’re somehow not tempted by their extensive cabinet, there is a small menu to choose from.Bspoke is actually inside the Pushys bike store. They have a cute small bar to one side, an open cafe next to it and plenty of seating which extended to an outside courtyard. It looked like there was  limited menu and not a single piece of bacon in sight but it still intrigued me. I wasn’t really hungry as I just ate my weight in popcorn but my eyes lit up when I saw home-made pies in the cabinet. I messaged TimmyC to come next door to meet me.

Smoothie of the day mango honey and coconut ($8.00). This was really light in texture, not all foam but frothed into light fluffy texture which made this very easy to drink. It didn’t have a strong flavour overall but you could still taste the mango, honey and coconut.Flat white medium coffee ($4.00). TimmyC said it was a decent coffee but it wasn’t good enough to just come just for their coffee.Homemade pepper steak pie ($9.00). I am the first to admit that 9 bucks for a small pie is a bit steep but I loved the outer pattern of the pie and I’m a sucker for pepper steak. The pastry was golden brown which encased big chunky pieces of tender steak with a good dousing of pepper. It was served with a side of delicious sweet tangy chutney but it could have done with some simple green leaves to make the plate more complete.I really liked the huge tender chunks of steak inside the pie.If my friend or partner wanted to shop for bike bits, I would definitely appreciate this oasis with a laid back atmosphere as they shopped on the other side of the store. I found the service to be very friendly and efficient.

Venue: Bspoke cafe and bar

Address: 79 Collie street, Fyshwick, ACT

Phone: (02) 6280 4984

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday 6:30am – 5:30pm

Saturday 8:30am – 4:00pm

Sunday 10:00am – 3:00pm

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Bean and Grain- again


When you’re hungry first thing in the morning, it doesn’t take much convincing to go eat waffles at Bean and Grain. I have been wanting to try this since hearing that one of Timmy’s cousins went and they recommended it. We only had one between us because we were heading off to lunch afterwards. 

A delicious hot fluffy waffle served with whipped butter and maple syrup and a complimentary berry smoothie shot, it was so good. It was really hard to share. I wanted more. 

A dream come true


With most people dreading the thought of work this morning (Monday-itis regardless if it isn’t Monday), I woke up feeling excited like a kid waking up on Christmas day. It’s here- finally! The grand opening of the Dream Cuisine Patisserie store!

Although I wasn’t a keen bean early riser like some (with Owen getting there at 5am to start the day), I still had a big smile on my face when I walked through the door just after midday.

From their pamphlet and website:

“Dream Cuisine is take no prisoners, make no compromises sweets and pastry. We use organic ingredients and we make everything fresh by hand. Everything is made in our Canberra kitchen from the freshest natural ingredients. We use organic whole flour, free-range eggs, farmhouse cream, organic milk and fresh seasonal fruit.”

A cute petite store with very lovely colour detailing from the walls to the lights even the chairs.

What did we leave with?

A sampler of a ‘mini macaron’- double chocolate, all 6 available macaron flavours ($3.00)- lavender and honey; salted butter caramel; strawberry and champagne; pistachio and lime; passion fruit and double chocolate

and two flat whites (I don’t drink coffee so I badgered my two friends to try it, they said it was good coffee but not outstanding).

So what have I sampled from Dream Cuisine previously from accidentally/on purpose bumping into them all the time at the markets?

A break down: there’s only so many ways you can say amazing and wonderful so just assume that description for all of the following flavours. 

Coffee (although I don’t drink coffee I still liked this and didn’t find it bitter), strawberry and champagne (tasted more like white chocolate and strawberries but I still liked it) and salted butter caramel (one of my favourite flavours).

Passion fruit(an amazing burst of passion fruit flavour), ‘Real Chai‘ ( Real Chai and this is very true to the flavour), lavender and honey (you can definitely taste both flavours and they go so well together) and raspberry (my first lve- yep it’s the first flavour I had from Dream Cuisine and I’m always sad when they don’t have it). Not shown: double chocolate (a pure chocolate indulgence) and pistachio and lime (they don’t win awards for this for nothing).


Crème brûlée tart, raspberry tart, roasted hazelnut and honey tart, crème brûlée  tart, crème brûlée  tart (approximately $4.00-$5.00 from the markets).

A break down:

Raspberry tart (the burst of fresh delicate raspberries and vanilla bean custard how could you go wrong? I think this is my favourite! Oh Owen, why didn’t you have this today? ), Crème brûlée (yes you might have noticed the multiple pictures, I also enjoy this tart very much. It stays true to its name and has a crunchy top and a velvety custard texture), hazelnut and honey (a great marriage of flavours and not too overly sweet).

If my memory serves me correctly the prices of the macarons have gone up (even though Adriano Zumbo macarons are just $2.50) but if other people around Canberra (and Melbourne for that matter) are charging the same if not more for no where near the quality (texture, flavour and quality of ingredients), I’m ok with that, it might just mean I only eat 3 macarons and not 4. 

Being the first day, they didn’t have all the fabulous flavours and tarts that I wanted, but they assured me during the up coming weeks there’ll be more variety and even hot food! I guess I’ll just have to come back real soon.

Venue: Dream Cuisine Patisserie

Address: 9/18 Whyalla St Fyshwick


Opening Hours: 6:30am-4pm Monday – Friday (except public holidays)

you can still find them at EPIC farmer’s market on Sat and OBD markets on Sunday.