Progressive walking dinner – Kingston foreshore

It is always wonderful to meet up with like minded people, so when fellow foodies and I met for dinner at Kingston foreshore and we weren’t sure what to eat, we strategically planned for a progressive walking dinner to get the most of our meal.

To start we made good use of C dine‘s ‘Buck a Shuck’ Friday’s in summer and we had a dozen oysters each for our entree.Venue:C dine bar

Address:17/19 East Lake Parade, Kingston Foreshore, Canberra

Phone: (02) 6239 5299
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7 by the Lake has only opened recently so we were excited to check it out. As we walked in, I was confused by the decor, it was supposed to be an Indian restaurant but it had African-eqsue statues around the room.

We ordered three curries: Goanese prawns ($29.90), murgh makhani (aka butter chicken $23.90) and palak paneer ($23.90). I really enjoyed their butter chicken, it isn’t your typical creamy and sweet version. I felt that the prawns and the paneer tasted slightly watery and didn’t absorb the flavours of the curry, maybe because it was added in later from a stock sauce.


We also ordered a serve of masala kulcha fermented plain flour bread stuffed with a mix of spiced potatoes and herbs, sprinkled with onion seeds, chopped coriander and mint, cooked in a tandoor ($5.00). It smelt divine and I would easily just eat this with butter chicken and be happy.
Our waitress did three odd things while we were there 1) she didn’t really know the name of the dish when she put down our palak paneer, she just stated it was our ‘cheese dish’ 2) she interrupted our conversation when she over heard us wanting to have dessert somewhere else 3) she opened the bill folder counted the money at the table, every last cent of it.


I found the prices of the curries a little steep but to be fair, everything along the Kingston foreshore seems to be over priced. I really enjoyed the bread and the chicken curry but I feel that isn’t enough to have me running back for more any time soon.


Venue: 7 by the lake (contemporary Indian cuisine)

Address: 143/41 East Lake Parade, Kingston Foreshore, Canberra

Phone(02) 6140 7040
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To not be disappointed any more, we opted dessert an an old favourite, Morks. I had eaten their other desserts recently so I chose the Pikachu *I choose you* mango gelato ($3.00) for dessert with a side of BBQ pork bun ($8.00). It may not be conventional but I think a BBQ pork bun and mango gelato from @morksrestaurant was a wonderful way to end the nights meal. Venue: Morks

Address: 18-19 East Lake Parade, Kingston Foreshore, Canberra

Phone(02) 6295 0112
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I’ve been wanting to try out Morks since they’ve moved to the Kingston foreshore and with my cousin and her family visiting, I couldn’t think of a better time to go.


Three crunch salad, eggplant and chilli jam ($12.00). I must admit, I sort of rolled my eyes when my cousin ordered this salad. I didn’t come here for salad, I came here for awesome amazing dishes, but boy was I blown away by this and it was probably one of the most delicious things we had during lunch. In my defense, no where on the menu did it mention pork crackle. If it had that in the description I would have ordered it myself. Indeed it did have three ‘crunches’ in there – pork crackle, noodles and nuts. This combined with the fresh flavours of the mixed herbs gave this dish an ‘uplifting’ feeling and it was rather addictive. I would definitely recommend this dish as well as reorder it myself.20140728-204620-74780208.jpgSoft shell crab, curried potato and leek ($16.00). Well made in terms of being crispy but not oily although it didn’t compare to the salad. 20140728-204651-74811642.jpg


Farmer’s Pad Thai (g) ($25.00). I was keen to order this to see how they would make it. I thought the chunky pieces of chicken would be dry but they were quite the opposite, very moist and tender. At first I thought the dish looked a little disjointed with the chicken separate from the noodles, the bean sprouts and the perfectly cooked egg off to the side but it allowed me to pick and choose how much I wanted of each element on my plate. The noodles tasted somewhat lime-y which I loved but I would hate to have ordered a $25.00 pad thai and still be hungry afterwards, as it wasn’t the biggest serve of noodles.20140728-204725-74845370.jpgA close up of the lovely moist chicken pieces.20140728-204655-74815873.jpgBeef chuck stewed mussamun style, chilli bread (g) ($28.00). Really tender chunky beef pieces in a rich nutty sauce. I thought it as unusual to serve it with bread and not rice but with the chilli kick in the bread, it sorta works.20140728-204726-74846747.jpgDessert~

Egg in Hay homemade coconut ice cream, sweetened condensed milk, roasted coconut, roti, pashmak ($15.00). The toasted coconut with the addition of the crispy roti gave the flavours and feeling of a lovely aromatic deep-fried ice-cream shell. The different textures of this dessert working really well together and I would definitely order this again.20140728-204757-74877031.jpgDefinitely not on my cheap eats list but I find that Morks defy the norm and aren’t scared to do something with your typical Asian dishes whilst using fresh ingredients and flavours that work well together.

Venue: Morks

Address: 18-19 Eastlake Parade, Canberra ACT 2615

Phone: (02) 6295 0112

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Morks Restaurant

Morks is one of those restaurants where I have been meaning to go for years, waaaaay before I even started blogging. I’ve heard many things about this place: it’s a Thai restaurant, it has a tiny dining room and you definitely need to book, they have a cool blog etc but nothing prepared me for what I saw in the menu. It had main and entree dishes with Asian elements  but what surprised me was the fine dining fancy tasting menu available for $65.00 per person. How odd… I did not expect that. 

I was torn, do I come here and try more Thai types of dishes that I was expecting to eat or do I have the fancy schmancy tasting menu? After our hesitation of which banquet to choose, we found out that they don’t usually serve the tasting menu past 8pm. We smiled ever so politely and they were able to accommodate for us even though we also had dietary requirements on our table.image

Tasting menu($65.00 per person).

Springs rolls with meat (non seafood alternative).


Scallop and pig pan seared scallops and pig ear terrine with a delicately balanced relish of coriander root, garlic, chilli and lemon juice served with grilled spring onion. I’m not the most adventurous eater so I don’t know if I didn’t like the odd gristley texture of the cold terrine or just the thought of eating a pig’s ear. The scallop was very nice though.


Eggplantgrilled eggplant salad with chilli jam dressing, fried shallots and coriander. This might be bias because I love eggplant, but this was one of my favourite dishes. The salad leaves were fresh, I loved the dressing and the eggplant wasn’t overly oily.



Chicken satay skewer (non seafood alternative). Apparently it was really juicy and succulent and even though it was just a simple skewer, it was fabulous.


John Dory John Dory fillet with kaffir lime leaf based curry served with steamed wombok. A fantastic delicate fish with the most amazing intense curry on top.


Sorbetlychee sorbet to cleanse your palette. A lovely refreshing sorbet to take away the spicy sauce from the John Dory.


Cauliflower cauliflower fritters with white lime sauce garnish served on bean sprouts tossed in basil oil and finished with a drizzle of chilli oil. Not much to look at but easily one of my favourite dishes. The crunch of the bean sprouts with the crispiness of the battered cauliflower left a yummy buttery taste in my mouth.


Asparagus – asparagus served with a mild green curry, coconut milk infused with Brie and crispy rice noodles (no seafood alternative). Spicier than the curry from the John Dory and the asparagus was cooked perfectly.


Prawnsopen wonton of green curry prawns on a bed of basil and pea mash. I don’t like peas so I didn’t know if I was going to like this dish. Comparatively it probably didn’t impress me, the green curry was nice but it was just a prawn on a wonton blanket. The individual peas were very hard, I just left them on the plate.


Pork ribspork ribs with caramelised sweet and sour soy glaze with round beans and mustard leaves. This was the make or break dish that made us choose this tasting menu. Even though it was amazingly delicious and tender, it was bordering on too salty and sweet but could be balanced out by the rice.



Coconutcoconut ice cream with a passionfruit coulis and warm sticky rice. The ice cream had an icy texture and it was probably tasted better when it was melted down into the warm sticky rice. The passionfruit coulis was unnecessary and slightly tart.


Not part of the banquet~

Fried ice-creamvanilla ice cream wrapped with butter cake, coated in egg yolk ($8.50). We were worried that by the end of the tasting menu that we would still be hungry, so during the cauliflower course we preemptively ordered a deep fried ice cream. Better than you average deep fried ice cream, the caramel topping was the best in my opinion.


It was rather quite big.


I was overly impressed by this hidden gem. The food, the service, the food… Despite being fully booked, the wait staff (well just one guy) was very attentive, the kitchen was flexible and kindly adjusted to our dietary requirements and it was not at all what I expected (I thought we were just going to be eating pad Thai and Massaman curry).

Morks are still set to move to Kingston but they will continue service until the end of the month and open mid September in in their new location near the Aurora apartments.

I understand that the take away menu is entirely different and definitely worth a try!

Venue: Morks restaurant

Address: 37 Kesteven St, Florey, ACT 

Phone: (02) 6259 0112


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