Hunter Valley Series- Open Dorz


After a lazy morning, Mummy and I headed out to New Lambton for a late lunch at Open Dorz, a cute cafe where the sweet and savoury treats are made daily and the menu caters for those who want to dine in and those who are on the go.

Hmmm, what to choose…

Latte with complimentary home made biscotti.

Chicken, avocado, sour cream and cheese quiche ($9.00). Not your typical quiche which is a nice change and the combination of the chicken, avocado, sour cream and cheese is a real winner!

Chicken schnitzel with avocado, cheese, sweet chilli, mayo and lettuce sandwich($8.50)– it might seem weird to rave about a sandwich, but I truly enjoyed every bite! The thick fluffy white bread didn’t soften and squish under the heat of the delicious hot chicken schnitzel, the lettuce remained crispy and everything was really fresh with the perfect amount of sweet chilli and mayo.


Even just looking at the photos, I want another sandwich! I’ll try and go back when I’m next in the area.

Venue: Open Dorz 

Address: 71 Regent St, New Lambton, NSW 2293

Phone: (02) 49528854

Opening hours: Mon – Fri: 7:00 am-5:00 pm 

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Hunter Valley Series- Chocolate bar

——- later that night ——-

Well we weren’t going to stay around and have dessert at Brasserie88 especially while knowing that Chocolate bar was just around the corner. With quiet seating away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the club, Chocolate bar has chocolate themed decor and lounges to match the huge chocolate fountain at the front of the counter.

Cookies and cream ice-cream cheesecake with melted chocolate drizzled on top (because it really needed it   ).

Iced chocolate with whipped cream ($4.00) 

Belgian waffles

The waffles were nice and not overly sweet themselves. I wouldn’t recommend a drink AND a dessert unless you have a very big sweet tooth.

The ultimate chocolate Belgian waffletoasted Belgian waffle topped with sliced banana, marshmallows, strawberries, crushed nuts, whipped cream and chocolate fountain sauce ($12.50)

Strawberry and chocolate Belgian waffle– toasted Belgian waffle topped with cream, chocolate ice-cream and chocolate fountain sauce ($8.50)


Venue: Chocolate bar

Address: also inside the Wests club in New Lambton, 88 Hobart Road, NSW 2305

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Hunter Valley Series- Brasserie88


While I went home over the Christmas break, I did indulge in a few social eating occasions. Join me on my long over due ‘Hunter Valley’* series.

Located inside the Wests Club in New Lambton, Brasserie88 boasts delicious steaks and in a spacious casual dining setting.

*NB: the Hunter Valley and the surrounding areas.

Garlic bread (4 slices)- freshly grilled garlic bread ($6.50) For some reason, they can’t get this right, I’ve been here multiple times and the bread is never crispy and always cold to luke warm.

The Rattle Steakslow roasted 300g blackened primer rib dipped in our special blend of spices, chilli and breadcrumbs, fried til golden brown ($33.00)- it apparently had lots of gristle and my friend ended up scraping most of the ‘special blend of spices’ off anyway.

300g ‘Riverine’ Sirloin120+ day grain fed, South West NSW ($35.00)- Unfortunately my sirloin was hard to cut through (seriously my hands were getting sore) and the meat itself was rather chewy and had too much of a charcoal taste, I had to smother it in the hollandaise sauce to hide the taste. They are lucky that I really liked the hollandaise sauce!

Blackened Slow Cooked Prime Ribour prime rib is slow roasted for 18hours in our own special spices and blackened smoke marinade then seared on the char grill for an extra taste sensation (recommend medium). Because of the cooking nature of this steak, rare is not available. Due to popularity, this steak may not be available. This steak was much more tender than my sirloin, maybe I’ll get this next time. 

Nutmeat Wellingtonnutmeat, roast pumpkin, cherry tomatoes, basil, Persian feta and Swiss brown mushrooms wrapped in puff pastry and baked til crisp and golden, served with garlic mash, green beans and hollandaise ($24.00)- It was served luke warm and the pastry might not have been fully cooked all over but at least the mash potato was nice. I don’t know why you would want to order this in the first place when there is steak on the menu. 

Pork Ribletsfall off the bone pork riblets smothered in 88’s BBQ sauce with rustic chips and side salad with balsamic dressing ($27.00)- the ribs itself had no taste what so ever so you really had to smother it in sauce, which is a shame really because I really like ribs.

Complimentary sauces: salsa, hollandaise and smokey BBQ.

——- a few weeks later ——-

Why did I come back? Well if someone else is choosing the place and paying for it, you can’t exactly say no. 

Mornay and Kilpatrick oysters ($35.00)- The bacon bits were too big and the mornay should have been cooked longer to get that brown golden top.

Blackened Slow Cooked Prime Rib- Yes, it is not dark lighting, that’s how black my steak came out, it wasn’t all burnt, it was just black in colour for some reason. I had to cut and discard the charcoaled ‘border’ around the steak, which is weird because the middle was cooked medium. I think they were a bit heavy handed with the spices that they used and the mash potato wasn’t as nice as when my sister ordered the nutmeat Wellington the previous time. 

My sister’s steak looked better, it’s just a shame she didn’t finish hers.

Although the wait staff was polite and attentive, I wish the kitchen staff would pay more attention to the food that they are serving. I don’t know how many more times I can give this place a chance, hopefully I can convince my family to go to the Chinese restaurant next door instead next time. 

Venue: Brasserie88

Address: Wests New Lambton, 88 Hobart Road, New Lambton, NSW 2305

Phone: (02) 4935 1200

Opening hours: open every night from 4pm – 11pm

Members receive a 10% discount

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