Chris’ patisserie and bakehouse

I like a bit of variety in my shopping so when I went to Weston Creek and drove out of the car park, I had a double take on a shop front when I had a glimpse of ‘patisserie’ in the name. I started messaging locals to see if they had been to Chris’s patisserie and bakehouse which had apparently opened three months ago. My friend who was intrigued went there and bought a large tart ($29.00) to take to a dinner party and she said it was really tasty which prompted me to take TimmyC at the first chance we got.It was a busy morning but we were greeted with smiling faces at the counter. When I asked who ‘Chris’ was, a young polite handsome man smiled and put up his hand, it appears to be a family business where they assured me that all the bread, pastries, tarts, cakes etc were all made in-house.

A large selection of cakes, tarts, slices and biscuits to choose from.They also have pastries and muffins.And a selection of quiches and croissants with fillings.I was a bit hazy with the prices, not everything was labelled and I was too busy choosing something to eat but the thick shake, pie, croissant and large coffee came to $17.00.

Vanilla thick shake. I sat there waiting like patient bear as multiple coffees, table water and toasted sandwiches were served to other customers. All our food had been served and half eaten while my thick shake was no where in sight; just as I was about to enquire about my missing beverage it appears and I stir it around with the straw, it didn’t feel very thick. I had a sip and it tasted like a milkshake and nothing more. It was served at the same time as a child’s milkshake, maybe they had gotten the order wrong and I just got what that kid got. When we were served a vanilla creme brulee which we ordered later, we asked if the drink was really a thick shake, when the answer was yes and I said it felt very runny, the owner quickly ran to the kitchen and returned with a replacement thick shake moments later. The second one was much thicker (still not crazy thick) and had a lovely subtle sweet vanilla flavour.Cheese and bacon pie ($5.00). A meaty pie with a little bit more bacon than your average cheese and bacon pie, but nothing particularly exciting.

Croissant. It has a lovely pastry network inside but it wasn’t buttery and flaky. It felt more like a squishy bread roll.

Large flat white. TimmyC said it was mediocre coffee.Vanilla creme brulee ($5.90). I felt that I didn’t try enough of their menu so I told TimmyC to go choose another sweet from the cabinet, he got the creme brulee which I thought was odd to have in a bakery (it is served in a ramekin so I presume you can only have it when dining in?). They pre-prepare the base and store it in the cabinet and sugar is caramelized on top before serving. The toffee ‘hat’ broke beautifully under the knock of my spoon which revealed a velvety smooth custard. I didn’t understand that since there was a toffee layer, how there were still some granules underneath the sugar top that didn’t caramelize, it didn’t do anything to the taste it just took away from the smooth custard texture.I didn’t have an overall amazing bakery/patisserie experience here but I’m not convinced it is a bad bakery, maybe I just didn’t choose their specialty items, which the website suggests is their cakes and bread. I don’t know how much their bread costs but I thought the large tarts and cakes had a hefty price tag (tarts $29.00 cakes $50.00) but I’m determined to try one soon, maybe not this week though.Venue: Chris’s patisserie and bakehouse

Address: Unit 1, 27 Brierly Street, Weston ACT 2611

Phone: (02) 62880587


Opening hours: Monday – Friday 7:00am | 4:00pm

Saturday – Sunday 8:00 | 3:00pm
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Bakery Bonanza! Hughes


Okay, it might have been a bit excessive to go to a third bakery in one morning, but we couldn’t have a bakery bonanza and not come to 210 degrees patisserie and bakery, plus it was close to lunch time and I wanted a pie!

Different cake selection on different days it seems. Good to mix things up a bit though!

Cheese and bacon pie – This was a MUST for me (after all I am a savoury kinda gal) but I was sad that there weren’t any Italian sausage rolls that day. Tim sure did eat a lot of my pie for a guy that didn’t want one! 

Curried sausage pie – I ate this later at home and I chose it because I thought it sounded like an interesting filling. I was hoping more for a ‘sauce’ as it was a bit dry and felt like it was sausages and vegetables wrapped in pastry.

Raspberry tart – I was excited to try their pastries after they posted photos of them being made on their FB page. I found the filling of this one a bit too tart for my liking.

Creme brulee tart – Lucky for me I ended on the creme brulee tart. The top was not as ‘crispy’ as before, but still delicious.

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Bruno’s Truffels


I was meeting up with some lovely friends of mine before Christmas, I thought Bruno’s in Mawson would be a lovely convenient location with delicious food. Unfortunately by the time I got there around 1:15pm, the cannoli filled with kirsch cream (one of my favourite things) had sold out and there wasn’t much left in the cabinets.

galetteapricot, apple and plum ($4.00)

coffee eclair ($4.00)


quiche lorraine ($5.00)

Although everything we had was delicious, I just didn’t feel right being there and not getting a cannoli! Bruno’s also sell a wide range of breads, chocolate truffles, gelato and some German sweets, just try and get there early to avoid disappointment!

Venue: Bruno’s Truffels

Address: 2/106 Mawson Place, Mawson, ACT 2607