Pizza Hut is at it again

Merging your product with Vegemite is old news, Pizza Hut did it ages ago. They have also incorporated hot dogs and Doritos and now they are at it again. This is two meals in one! Would you try this?


La Sable Patisserie 

A friend had told me about La Sable Patisserie a few weeks ago (thanks Katie!) and ever since I saw her photos, I had food envy and wanted to go ASAP.

I justified a bakery breakfast before a whole weekend of eating in Sydney by telling TimmyC that we didn’t have time to eat breakfast at home because we were running late and that La Sable Patisserie was on the way anyway. I didn’t mention the fact that I haven’t been there before and I was excited for another patisserie to join the Canberra scene, but surely he would have known that as I was taking lots of photos with a big smile on my face. It was easy to find where La Sable was because everyone else in Mitchell was there too.Some people enjoying the lovely sun and some tasty bakery treats. This is the beautiful cake that they had on display at the One Fine Day Wedding NightHmm what to choose?Croissant ($3.00). This was a super buttery and flakey croissant not dry and bready like most bakeries. As Tim was eating it in front of me I was getting shards of pastry raining all over me and we both had to dust ourselves off before getting in the car.Macaroons ($3.00 each). We were sceptical about their macarons because their sign is labelled macaroons… If you don’t know what it is, that can’t be a good start but despite our initial hesitancy we order one anyway. The texture was okay but I wouldn’t have guessed the flavour, it tasted slightly alcoholic from their rum soaked raisins and I would have guessed tiramisu or something.Chicken and leek gourmet pie ($7.50). The pie filling was super thick and so when you bite into it nothing really leaked out which was handy. I’m more of a beef pie girl but I let TimmyC decide the pie flavour, it must mean that I have to go back to try their beef pie.Choux pastry ($5 ish based on change?). A nice choux pastry filled with subtle sweet custard enrobed with a sticky hard toffee. It is clever that they put two together because one is never enough. 

Everything is made on site from their pastries to their chocolate and their elaborate wedding cakes.

The secret is out about this place, going there over the weekend was busy and people just kept on flowing in. I would really like to go back and try other things like their vanilla slice, tarts, beef pie and sausage rolls. Items in the cabinet must change all the time because Food Porn Journal happen to go a couple of hours after I did and she didn’t have the same choices, see her post here.

Venue: La Sable Patisserie

Address83 Lysaght St Mitchell, ACT

Phone02 6241 2966
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The Gumnut Patisserie re-run


I found myself yet again staring into the glass cabinet filled with delicious baked goods at the Gumnut Patisserie but this time I ready to eat.

Pretty, oh so pretty!

This time I was ready to eat a pie or two!

Potato pie, lamb and rosemary, chicken and leek– delicious pies and the lamb was really tender but I don’t think the beef pies were as good as Gum Tree Pies from Wodonga. The chicken pie was so yummy.

Chocolate eclair– nice choux pastry and the chocolate cream wasn’t overly sweet.

Vanilla slice– not very memorable.


I didn’t take the sign too seriously when it claimed to have the best pies in Merimbula, but the cheese and bacon pie was so good we came back the next morning to have them for breakfast! I also ate the curry pie and it was better than most.  

Venue: Bakehouse Merimbula

Address: Alice St , Merimbula, NSW 2548 

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The Pies have it

I had bought some frozen pies from Gum Tree Pies and I remember the first time I walked through my door smelling amazing scent of delicious pastry, I have fallen in love with their pies ever since.

Great packaging with cooking instructions and clear descriptions of each pie flavour.

Long lines must mean the secret of yummy pies is out! 

Steak & Red wine– I get really disappointed when bakeries claim to have ‘chunky steak’ but there is nothing but minced meat or just a few bits of chewy steak wrapped in pastry. These pies are nothing like that, you lift up the pastry lid to find tender chunks of braised beef in rich sauces.

Steak & Pepper– a nice amount of cracked black pepper with tender chunky steak.

Curry Steak– I’ve yet to try this but it is sitting in my freezer waiting to be devoured.

Steak & Mushroom–  rich brown sauce with mushrooms and tender chunky steak.

Steak & Bacon– the perfect combination, I wish they added cheese to this though.

Mince steak– I’ve yet to try this but it is sitting in my freezer waiting to be devoured

Chicken & Vegetable– a creamy combination of vegetables and a chicken mornay sauce

Chicken & Mushroom–  a creamy combination of mushroom and a chicken mornay sauce

Lamb & Mint jelly– you can taste the tender lamb chunks with a subtle mint taste

Creamy Cauliflower– I didn’t think I would like this but surprisingly this turned out to be one of my favourite pies. Think creamy cauliflower mornay wrapped in tasty pastry. 

Panang Curry pumpkin– I was hesitant to try this as I thought it was an odd combination but when I took my first bite, I was amazed! A rich curry sauce with soft pieces of pumpkin.

You can find the Gum tree pies crew at the Epic Farmers market on Saturday mornings but definitely go early to avoid disappointment.

Bakery Bonanza! Hughes


Okay, it might have been a bit excessive to go to a third bakery in one morning, but we couldn’t have a bakery bonanza and not come to 210 degrees patisserie and bakery, plus it was close to lunch time and I wanted a pie!

Different cake selection on different days it seems. Good to mix things up a bit though!

Cheese and bacon pie – This was a MUST for me (after all I am a savoury kinda gal) but I was sad that there weren’t any Italian sausage rolls that day. Tim sure did eat a lot of my pie for a guy that didn’t want one! 

Curried sausage pie – I ate this later at home and I chose it because I thought it sounded like an interesting filling. I was hoping more for a ‘sauce’ as it was a bit dry and felt like it was sausages and vegetables wrapped in pastry.

Raspberry tart – I was excited to try their pastries after they posted photos of them being made on their FB page. I found the filling of this one a bit too tart for my liking.

Creme brulee tart – Lucky for me I ended on the creme brulee tart. The top was not as ‘crispy’ as before, but still delicious.

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Trapper’s Bakery re-run


I promised my friend pie, so even though my plan A of going to The Daily Pie Cafe failed, I was still going to get us some pies! I started heading towards Goulburn, in my mind it wasn’t that far away, but after what seemed forever, I finally saw the big merino in the distance.

Pies we chose~ clockwise

Curry – I do love a good curry pie, so I do take a risk trying it whenever I can at a bakery. I didn’t find it to have a strong curry flavour. Not bad but definitely not memorable.

Mushroom – subtle taste, if someone gave me this pie I would have thought it was a plain pie.

Pepper (chunky) – I cut this pie in half and I only had one chunk of steak in my half (my fried got several). While eating this pie, you can definitely feel the pepper and the one chunk of steak I had was very tender.

Cheese and bacon – A crowd favourite, so we had  to get this flavour. This pie was very delicious, I found the filling very thick and when I did my ‘Goodberry’s upside’ test, nothing moved.

Something a little sweet~

Even though we were pretty full, I couldn’t come here and not get a vanilla slice.

Carrot cake – the carrot cake was a little dry but it did have a lovely icing.

Vanilla slice – just as good as I remember it, tasty and not overly sweet custard complimented by it’s sweet icing. 

I’ve never seen such a cute size for Appletiser before! They have a huge selection of soft drinks, flavoured milks and water as well as juice. 

Clean bathrooms, high turn over customers and a nice place to rest. If you’re travelling through definitely plan your break here. 


I had been looking forward to travelling out to Collector to try some pies from The Daily Pie Cafe since I keep turning my head ‘exorcism style’ while trying to read the sign on the highway. Finally when I clear my schedule to head out there, I find the restaurant closed which made me really sad.  I drove down to the little information centre and they informed me that the owners decided to place their sole attention on their thriving steel business and just after Christmas decided to shut the cafe down. A girl still has to eat right? So with a craving for pies I headed to Trapper’s bakery in Goulburn. 

Hunter Valley Series- Euro patisserie


Yet another late lunch (holidays are for sleeping in right?), my sister was treating me to some sweets and lunch @ Euro patisserie where I have eaten a lot of their delicious cakes before but have never actually been there.

The Euro has taken the cake for the second time winning NSW patisserie of the year for 2010/2011. When I walked in, I was like a kid in a candy store, everything caught my eye and I wanted to order one of everything!

First: lunch. We all chose a selection of pies (starting from the top left going clock-wise): beef and mushroom pieItalian bolognese with cheese, chicken and leek and Italian bolognese again cut open. 

Beef and mushroom pie– nothing particularly special. Italian bolognese with cheese– I liked the pie but if I had to judge it based on it’s name, I would have thought it would have been a more tomato based sauce and would have been disappointed. Chicken and leek- could have used a little pepper and the leek was very subtle, my sister usually goes for the delicious vegetable mornay pie but it had sold out.


Even though we had arrived after 2pm, business was booming and we were lucky enough to get a table. People were coming in and out and there were take-aways on top of that but lucky they had sufficient staff that you never waited long before being served.

With all the hustle and bustle we decided to take our cake home, it was cheaper (it costs $1 more/per cake to eat there) and I never eat my tarts with much finesse anyway. Mummy chose a fruit flan and I chose a strawberry cheese tart. Mum always has a knack for choosing the better cake, the fruit flan had a delicious custard while I found the strawberry tart base a bit too thick and the cheese filling wasn’t as nice as the custard.


I haven’t had a cake from here that has disappointed me, I don’t know how many pastry chefs they have at the back but I am very impressed by the huge amount of variety that they are able to have. Although I find their cake prices reasonable, we still only indulge for a special occasion, after all cake is a sometimes food

Venue: Euro Patisserie

Address: 68 Orchardtown Road, New Lambton, NSW, Australia

Phone: (02) 49 577188


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Tasty things are baked @ 210 degrees

My mission: go to 210 degrees patisserie & bakery and pick up my mud cake that I purchased through ‘GrabOne’. It’s not like I didn’t achieve my goal, I just happened to leave with a lot more than one cake. 

7” mud moist mud cake, a bargain for $9.00 though the ‘GrabOne’ voucher.


There is so much to choose from- bread, foccacias, pastries, slices, tarts, savoury tarts, cupcakes, slices, cakes and daily made rolls.


I was looking at the semi-empty pie cabinet and since it was well before lunch time, they looked to be very popular! I asked how long it was til the next batch of pies, they said it was going to be 20 minutes, “I’ll wait!”.

While I was waiting, there was always a steady stream of people coming in, the staff were friendly and the coffee smelt amazing.


The smell of delicious pies wafts through the store as they were being cooked. Mmmmmmmmm finally, the shelves are re-stocked!


While I was deciding what pie I wanted, someone inquired what the thinner sausage roll was, ‘an italian sausage roll with wholegrain mustard’. SOLD! I want a cheese and bacon pie and one of those!


The sausage roll was piping hot and delicious! The cheese and bacon pie was one of the best I’ve ever had, the perfect balance of all the ingredients.

A fresh roll- delicious with a nice oregano flavour.

The tarts looked so beautiful, I couldn’t not leave without one… Or two? 

Strawberry tart– I had to get one because the last time I got one I only got one nibble  This was SOOOOO yummy! A bit hard to eat because of all the strawberries but if you’re not sharing, it’s not a problem.


Crème brulee tart– it had a slight toffee crunch that I could crack with a spoon that made me squeal with excitement! The tart was Ah-mazing! It was truly a crème brulee in a tart!


I asked them why ‘210 degrees’? and they said that it is a good temperature to bake bread at, which I thought was very cute. Everything I’ve tried was really good and I’m excited to go back and try more (and grab a few more tarts!). Go earlier to avoid disappoint of empty shelves!

Venue: 210 degrees

Address: Hughes Shopping centre, Canberra, ACT 2605

Phone: (02) 62810111

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 7am – 5:30pm

                                       Saturday 7am – 2pm

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