Grapevine Pizza Restaurant


The Grapevine Pizza Restaurant came highly recommended by some friends that we bumped into during the Jazz Festival in Merimbula. Coincidentally enough when we went in for lunch, we bumped into the same friends who just finished eating. At least they put their recommendation where their mouth is.

Ned Kellytender beef, sliced capsicum, onions sprinkled with mozzarella cheese (small $17.90) the pizza had generous topping portions with a tasty crust. I didn’t think it was anything special but it did fill the spot and I left feeling satisfied. Maybe I didn’t order the right topping flavour?

Trying new drinks and odd looking Coke can sizes.

It may be considered expensive for a pizza considering all the franchised pizza restaurants are so competitive with their prices, but the Grapevine Pizza restaurant is a locally owned restaurant who makes their own bases (gluten free bases are bought).

Venue: Grapevine Pizza Restaurant

Address: 2/2 Market Street, Merimbula NSW, Australia

Phone: (02) 6495 1119




Another food porn post. A cousin was hosting a celebration for her 30th (the new 20) birthday and with so many people she thought she’d keep it simple with an Italian theme. I didn’t cook anything, merely just an eater that night but I did bring some ice-cream and a fabulous cake by Frugii to share.

Spoilt for choice between lasagna, artichoke vegetable bake, spinach and ricotta cannelloni and a chicken and pea risotto. I decided other dishes would be jealous if I left them off my plate so a bit of everything for me. 

Just when everyone thought they were already bordering on full, the pizzas come out. Lucky I had enough room! Vegetarian, ham and pineapple and supreme.

And the essential sides of some greens and of course parmesan cheese!


Early grey sorbet and of course everyone’s favourite Salted butter caramel ($12.00 each tub). The sorbet had an unexpected citrus tang afterwards and was really cold and refreshing, probably not the best dessert to have during Winter but it provided a nice palette cleanser between courses. SBC always a favourite with the salt to accentuation the sweetness of the beautiful caramel taste.

Earl grey sorbet

A French torte with a bottom layer of almond dacquiose, dark chocolate mousse with suspended candied hazelnuts and within that is a window of crème patissiere with macerated brandied fruits finished with a chocolate glaze ($55.00).

Sorry about the cross section photo, we were all so keen to try the cake we were too busy serving it rather than keeping it upright and pretty. Surprisingly not crazily sweet despite all the sweet components. I also found it very light with dacquiose, mousse and the crème patissiere and could have eaten another slice but there were other sweets to be had!

A warm ooey gooey perfect Winter warmer, I can’t remember the name of the cake though but I should get the recipe.

Boterkoeka traditional Dutch buttercake.

Profiterole cake 

A perfect way to spend the evening- plenty of cake, delicious food and fantastic company.  

The Kennedy Room – bar and dining


I don’t have the most fun when it comes to hens nights with always being the designated driver and seeing everything through ‘sober eyes’, but when I heard that this particular hens night was just a simple dinner at the Kennedy Room and drinks afterwards, I was rather excited to go.

It seemed easy enough, no crazy ‘to achieve’ list or hideous veil for the bride-to-be, just delicious food and one ‘no fuss $40 set menu’ to include bubbles and dinner. Apparently not so easy to book for my friend who was organising the dinner, the guy who took the booking was meticulous on the rules of no phallic objects in the restaurant, the terms and conditions for 10+ people bookings, the deposit and blah blah blah,  my friend just said that she would ring back later. The next day when she rang, she was greeted by a more casual friendly tone (and another person) to just come in and pay the deposit soon.

I have never been to the Kennedy Room but I instantly got a vibe that this was a trendy location with a pretentious feel about it, which might have been justified if there wasn’t a bucket in the middle of the room to catch the roof leaks.

Not knowing what was going to come out, I was pleasantly surprised at the variety and the sensible portions of food.


Mixed dips with ciabatta House made Italian bread 

Zucchini balls with harissa yoghurt – These had a bit of a chilli bite to them which I really liked, possibly the nicest zucchini balls I’ve ever eaten. 

Caramelised roast pork belly with chilli & coconut vinegar – This was so delicious, which I was really happy about- nothing worse than ruining a delicious piece of pork belly. The only bad thing was that we only got one piece each. 

Fried calamari spiced with sumac & black pepper – Slightly oily but really really good.


Tropical leg ham, pineapple & mozzarella – Ok I know it’s just pizza, but there was something really delicious about it that I can’t put my finger on, but it may have been the best tropical pizza I have ever eaten (and I have eaten a fair few).

Amritsar tandoori chicken, cucumber & yoghurt – also delicious with generous portions of the ingredients.


Mixed green salad and chips.

Regardless of the ridiculous terms and conditions for tables of 10 or more, I am very keen to try the food from the a la carte menu. Despite being very busy, this did not affect the quality of food, everything that we ate that night was really good. I wouldn’t stay too late though, the volume of the music seems to be proportional to the time.

Venue: The Kennedy Room bar and dining

Address: 25 Kennedy St, Kingston, ACT 

Phone:(02) 61622318


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Siren bar and restaurant


I’ll travel anywhere for food, so when my friend asked where we were going for dinner, I suggested Siren, the new hot spot out in Gungahlin. The only booking I could get for a Friday night for four people was at 8:30pm (admittedly I didn’t ring until Friday afternoon).

With the tiled floor and all the hustle and bustle it was very noisy.

Love the wine glasses.

The tapas were easy to choose, the only hard part was to cull the list down to three choices, but looking over the mains I was torn between the prawn linguine or field mushrooms. The next table over just happened to be getting their meals where both of my choices were being served. I leaned over- “sorry I never do this, but how is your pasta?”, she replied that it was nice but not many prawns though, maybe only around 4. I looked over to her friend’s dish, ‘I’m not going to get full off that’ I thought while staring at two mushrooms piled on top of each other with a bit of feta sitting in the middle of a huge plate. Linguine it is then!


Braised Pork Belly with Pear puree ($14.00) Delicious and crispy, the pork was complimented very well by the pear puree- yum!

Grilled haloumi cheese with tomato salsa ($10.50) Nothing too special about this dish but the haloumi wasn’t too salty.

Chefs selection of dips with crusty bread ($10.00) I know this is just bread and dips but it was so good! The bread was crispy and soft at the same time and the dips were very tasty!


PizzaOur pizzas are prepared with homemade pizza bases and fresh  ingredients. We also offer a gluten free base option”

Fungi pizza ($19.00) I thought it was odd that they cut pizza this way.It was disappointing as there was more avocado on the pizza than mushrooms.

Garlic chili prawn linguine ($21.90)- I had a lot more prawns (10) than the other girl which is good because the linguine was so hot I could only eat two mouthfuls of pasta.

Penne with chorizo ($17.90) How odd to have linguine mixed through the penne? This pasta wasn’t particularly good especially after just having such exquisite tapas.

While waiting for our mains, my friends and I spotted a girl get what appeared to be a ‘hot chocolate’ where it was served on a long chocolate decorated plate with a glass of hot milk on one side and a paddle pop stick inserted into a chocolate chunk on the other. How cute!

At 10:20pm while our plates were being collected, we asked to see the dessert menu, the waitress said she’ll see if the kitchen was still open but when she came back she informed us “sorry the kitchen is now closed, but they only had one dessert left anyway”. I was shocked! After seeing all the gorgeous little toffee hats on every one’s dessert on the surrounding tables, I promised my stomach that I’d get something sweet to end on. That’s fine I thought, we’ll get those cute hot chocolates I saw on the adjacent table. What came though were just ordinary hot chocolates in a glass ($3.00).

But I’m guessing what everyone else got was:

Siren hot chocolateDark, milk and white spoons –Hot steamed milk served with our playful chocolate spoon – this is not a drink it is an EVENT ($6.50)

After such a wonderful start with delicious tapas, the mains by comparison were very disappointing. I would come again just for the tapas and maybe also be lucky enough to get a dessert next time?

     Tapas I’d like to try next time: Spicy chicken wings served with vodka lime sauce, BBQ pork ribs served with Sirens BBQ sauce & potato fondant or salt and lemon pepper calamari served with roma tomato salsa.

Venue: Siren bar and restaurant

Address: Corner of Anthony Rolfe Avenue and Gozzard Street, Gungahlin, ACT 2912

Phone: (02) 6162 0377

Entertainment book: Yes it has recently been added on the gold card!


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