Queanbeyan Carnivale – Multicultural Festival 2017

Are you having cultural food withdrawals since the National Multicultural Festival that happened a few weeks ago? Or did you miss out on some delicious Hungarian fried Lángos bread that your blogger friend keeps raving about? Then I have some good news, Queanbeyan Multicultural Festival is happening this Sunday 5th March!

Here are some photos that were taken from the National Multicultural Festival this year, they might not all be at Queanbeyan this Sunday but the Lángos man told me he certainly will be!

Top left to right – Portuguese tart, Hungarian Lángos bread, Greek loukoumades

Middle left to right – Lithuanian dumplings, Spanish pork ribs and octopus, Greek salt and feta balls

Bottom left to right – Filipino Pork BBQ, German currywurst, German Bratwurst

Below is information that was taken from their websitewebsite.

“Vibrant, diverse and energetic” wonderfully describe the Queanbeyan Multicultural Festival, which has grown to become one of the most loved events on the local calendar.

The festival delivers a culturally packed program featuring live performances, community activities and informational stalls. Delivered in partnership between the Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council and Queanbeyan Multilingual Centre the event attracts between 4000-6000 people from NSW and interstate.

Now in its 10th year, in recent years some of the highlights have included high energy African dancers, traditional Maori shows, the very energetic Macedonian Dance Troupe, the majestic Egyptian Folkloric Dancers, the colour and movement of Mexico Lindo, and stunning Belly Dancers.

The event attracts international performers to wow crowds and delight new audiences, while the street food brings pleasure to any foodie and quells any rumbling tummies. In short, people come for the performances but stay for the food and free family activities, the dancing and all round warm feeling that is this multicultural community!

Set amongst the iconic, lush green trees of Queanbeyan Park, the event is a relaxed day out for all the family. As the culture in Australia has changed, the delivery of this event has continued to evolve. A proud moment in 2016 was the announcement of Queanbeyan as a Refugee Welcome Zone. This zone means that Queanbeyan is committed to welcoming refugees into their community.This year the Queanbeyan Multicultural Festival is going to party like never before as we celebrate 10 years of ‘culture, food, and harmony’ on 5 March 2017 – ALL WELCOME.

I hope the rain stays away. I want to eat some Lángos! Will I see you there?

Location: Queanbeyan Park, Lowe Street, Queanbeyan, NSW, Australia

Date: 5th March 2017

Time: 10 AM – 4 PM

Lime Leaves


My friend and I have tried to get to Lime leaves before but we got lost and ended up at Punjabi Hut (still serendipitous), I didn’t realise it would be on the corner in what almost looks like a house from the outside. This time I was determined to go after a few bad Thai restaurant experiences within Canberra, everyone assured me I would like it here.


Pik Gai Thoddeep fried marinated chicken wings ($7.50) Not particularly great on its own, much better with the creamy white sauce.

Garee Puff puff pastry filled with diced chicken and potato ($7.50) 

Popia Thod minced pork and vegetable spring rolls ($7.50) 

Accompanying sauces– they didn’t really explain what the sauces were or what it went with so I just dipped everything in one of them once and stuck with the nicest one.


Massaman curry tender beef with potatoes and roasted peanut simmered in delicious curry sauce ($16.50) Not sweet like some other restaurants I have been to and it has really tender beef, I really enjoyed this curry.

House special~

Gaeng Ped YangRed curry duck with lychees and cherry tomatoes, garnished with lime leaves and capsicum ($21.00) This was bordering on the ‘too hot’ side for  me and boy did I have to eat a lot of rice to compensate (although my chilli tolerance is poor and nothing to go by). The duck meat and skin was really juicy and even though it absorbed all the curry flavour, you could still taste the duck.

Pad Cee lew stir fried fresh rice noodle in dark soy sauce with Chinese broccoli and egg and chicken ($15.50) Really nice noodles served really hot (temperature wise) just the way I like it.

Saffron rice steamed rice mixed with coconut milk and saffron ($3.50 per serve) I have never had any rice like this, a lovely mix of coconut milk and saffron.

I didn’t find the service slow, I was having a great chat with my friends that I didn’t notice it was hard to flag someone down until we ran out of rice. This is a family run business and Lime Leaves has also expanded to open another restaurant (same name) in Kaleen. I am keen to come again as this is the best Thai I’ve had in a long time.

Venue: Lime Leaves

Address: 24 Lowe St, Queanbeyan NSW

Phone: (02) 6299 2000

Website: http://www.limeleaves.com.au/

Eat in and takeaway
Dinner 5:30pm-9:30pm Tuesday-Sunday
Lunch 12:00pm-2:00pm Wednesday-Friday

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Punjabi hut- makin it great


It was serendipitous that we went to Punjabi Hut as my friend and I were walking up and down the street trying to find another restaurant in Queanbeyan. I had heard great things about Punjabi Hut and the name always made me giggle. 


Mixed Platter for two or morecombination of samosa, veggie cutlet, chicken tikka and rum kababs ($18.50). I couldn’t fault it, everything was delicious and the platter allowed us to try a bit of everything.


Shahi Thali (non-vegetarian) includes three chef’s selected curries, rice, naan and accompaniments (26.50). I asked the waitress if the chef was in a happy mood that evening and she said that the chef is always happy and smiling. “So the curries won’t be too hot?” I asked, she said that we could request mild. “Will butter chicken be one of the three curries?” I asked being one of those annoying customers with a thousand questions. “Yes, butter chicken will be one of the curries”. SOLD! That’s all I needed to know really. 

Butter chicken- I’m going to put it out there and I know it’s a big call, but it was THE most delicious butter chicken I’ve ever eaten (and believe me I’ve eaten a lot of butter chicken). My boyfriend thought it was a big call to make until he tried some (on a different night) and with a shy look he agreed with me. Creamy and delicious!

Beef vindaloo (mild)- although we requested mild there was still some bite to it but I could still eat it. The meat was very tender and the sauce was delicious!

Lamb rojan josh (mild)- also spicy but not too hot. Although the vindaloo and rojan josh were very nice, they took a backseat to the butter chicken. Mmmmmmmmmmm…


mango chutney & rasgulla (2pcs) – white sponge cottage cheese dumplings. Very tasty and added a nice sweet touch to the meal.

Yes, we also had dessert. With everything being so good so far, I wanted to see if it was across the board.


Punjabi Malai Kulfi- Home made milk and nuts ice cream ($5.50). This was very delicious with all the spices and nuts. I don’t recommend sharing, it’s not big enough for two, maybe not even big enough for one. 

Gulab Jamun (2pcs)cottage cheese dumplings dipped in flavoured syrup ($5.50) I’ve eaten a lot of gulab jamun but I’ve never had one warmed to the perfect temperature and it wasn’t too sweet. This made me do my happy clap. 

There are currently major road works on Crawford street right now which make the restaurant a little bit hard to get to than usual. The owner told me that Friday nights especially, the restaurant would be booked out solid but since the road works it has been less busy. ‘Lucky for us’ I thought, otherwise we wouldn’t have been able to stroll in as we did but sad for them because their food was really really good.

Everything we happened to order was a “Punjabi Hut recommendation” and choosing a platter for the main and entree meant that we got to try a full range of dishes even though there was only two of us. 

I have to mention that the staff were exceptionally polite and attentive. My mouth was spoilt with delicious flavours and textures. I ate with a friend who didn’t mind letting me order whatever I wanted and was willing to try everything. All in all- a perfect dining experience! The only bad thing is that it has ruined all other butter chickens for me.

I’m heading to the Erindale location very soon with a lot more people, I’m hoping it will be just as wonderful!

Venue: Punjabi Hut

Address: 224 – 226 Crawford St, Queanbeyan, NSW 2620 (also @ Erindale)

Phone: (02) 6297 2717

Entertainment book: Yes it’s a paper voucher, remember to bring it with you.

You can’t argue with the numbers!

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