Embreaded in my memory

Pork barrel is now a bakery as well as eatery, supplying baked goods including breads, brioches and scrolls (oh my!) to the South Side Farmer’s Market. I did my usual casual walk by and when it registers in my brain that it’s maybe worth a try, I did a slow backwards walk and I’m glad I did!

Blueberry and chocolate brioche ($2.50) I didn’t warm it enough that the chocolate melted (I didn’t even know that there would be chocolate inside, I just thought it was blueberry). I would have liked a little more filling but it was still very nice.

Savoury ham, cheese and mustard scroll (120gm- $2.50). The hint of mustard was the real clincher for me and I thought it was magical! When I got home, I warmed the scroll just enough to return life back to the cheese which was once yummy and molten. Mmmmmmm 

Go and try their stuff today! Southside Farmer’s market is open every Sunday til 11:30am @ the Woden CIT campus!

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