Son of Beaster pie


Back due to popular demand but with a twist! With the success of the Easter Beaster pie a few years back, Scotty and Nige from 104.7FM have received input from their listeners and created a new pie named ‘Son of Beaster’.

Son of Beaster pie contains: mince; hash brown chunks; sausage; bacon; mushroom; tomato and special sauce ($6.00). It is like eating a breakfast in a pie! The ingredients you can really taste is the mince, sausage, tomato and hash brown chunks, which is a shame because I really love bacon.

Overall it was an okay pie (let’s face it, I have been spoilt by Gum tree pies from the markets), but I don’t think it was worth the $6.00. It has a great novelty factor as it is only released for one week and people go out of their way ringing up several bakeries to reserve these pies. Maybe the original Easter Beaster pie created shoes too big to fill for it’s successor but top markets for its unique contents though.

Only sold in selected Brumby’s bakerys (Lyneham, Gungahlin, Aislie and Kambah) until Easter Sunday.