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Sushi Tei

When I head to Sydney, I leave it to my sister or cousin to decide where to eat. They always try different cuisines, they know all the new places and they know what I like, so I had no problems when they took me to Sushi Tei in the city.


They have huge photo books for the menu, it almost felt my Mum was going to read me a bed time story to make me hungry.


Sushi Sashimi combination plate – tuna, snapper, kingfish, salmon and octopus sashimi, snapper, tuna, salmon, kingfish, scallop, eel, flying fish roe and salmon roe sushi and mini california maki($45.00). Fresh tantalising sashimi and sushi rolls which were served on a huge plate.


Going through the plate one piece at a time.


I loved their pickled ginger and they have it on the table so you can have as much as you’d like. image


Soft shell crab temaki ($6.00). I didn’t taste this hand roll *dirty look at my sister* but it looked fantastic.


Chashu tonkotsu ramen with sliced roast pork (pork-based or soy sauce-based) ($15.00) – its no Ippudo but it is better than anything we have here in Canberra. 


Jo Una Ju premium eel on rice ($22.00) Juicy grilled eel on top of a bed of hot rice.


I don’t think I tried enough food to judge if I loved it enough to brave the terrible traffic and lack of parking in the area but I am definitely wiling to come back again and try more from their menu if someone else drives me. image

Venue: Sushi Tei

Address: 1 Chifley Square, Sydney, NSW 2000

Phone: (02) 9232 7288


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Brisvegas – Wagaya

Guided only by Google maps and Urbanspoon, we finally find Wagaya nestled upstairs in the Fortitude Valley district. With already a long wall of waiting patrons, I optimistically asked if there was a table for two available with no booking, the wait was going to be 45 minutes (this was at 8pm), but with ratings so high and not knowing where else to eat I was willing to wait. Timmy and I headed down stairs to Venice to kill time and indulged in what was the most heavenly gelato I’ve had in a long time.


I smile like I’ve just won a raffle as they call me to say that my table was ready, we are lead to a booth and the waitress walks away like we know what we are doing. I was super impressed with their computerised ordering system but there are no room for errors, once you confirm there is no heading back and they have started making it. It is fun and novelty to watch the status of your food go from being made, to being delivered and then at your table.


I went a bit crazy with the ordering because it was so much fun to browse through their menu and I wanted to try a bit of everything.


Vegetable tempura ($8.90). To be served hot, crispy and not overly oily is an art form that they have got down pat.


Spicy chicken wing ($6.50). Readers may know that I have thing for chicken wings but these were truly delicious.


Scallop and garlic fried rice ($11.50). At first I wasn’t too excited about this but when I found the crispy rice stuck to the bottom my eyes lit up. The heavy weight bowl allows the rice to retain its heat.


Homemade gyoza ($7.90). Nothing too special but it was served hot and crispy.



Wagaya Shio ramen ($9.50). Scrumptous ramen with a thick heavy soup base and yummy pork. I would say it needed more pork if I was to nit pick.



Rainbow roll ($10.90). Fresh sushi with a drizzle of mayo, I didn’t think I could finish it but I did. image


Creme brulee and ice-cream ($7.50). I thought since everything was so amazing and tasty, I pushed my luck by ordering dessert. It was the most disgusting creme brulee I’ve had at a restaurant. The cream was weird, the ice cream had a terrible ‘hairy’ texture, there was no hard toffee top and the custard lacked any egg or custard flavour.


Despite the dessert, everything was amazing and it was the best fun meal I’ve had in a long time. Wagaya is very popular and busy, it is best to book ahead and avoid disappointment/wait.

Venue: Wagaya

Address315 Brunswick St Level1 Tcb Centre, Fortitude Valley, QLD 

Phone: (07) 3252 8888

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I don’t usually make it up to Gungahlin so it is great when friends let you know what’s new and where is good to eat. Kokoro came as a recommendation but I could find next to no information online about where it was and the phone number to book. Lucky for me I have a foodie friend who I knew would definitely have this information.

It was very lucky I went out of my way to find the number to book because this restaurant was packed, which made me more eager to see what this place was all about.

Takoyakioctopus balls ($9.50) Delicious and served nice and hot. I love the texture of octopus in these balls.

Chicken katsu medium rolls 8 pieces ($11.50). The pickled ginger was really delicious and definitely not from a packet. They were generous with their portion of chicken.

Volcanorolled with tempura prawn, cucumber, crab topped with spicy cheese sauce, fresh tuna ball ($21.50). Not very traditional for sushi I know but it came highly recommended so I had to get it. I didn’t think it was too spicy at first, but some bites were hotter than others oddly enough. I couldn’t really distinguish the different ingredients within the sushi, the cheese and spicy sauce were over powering.

Medium sushi set 10 pieces sushi, 6 small rolls ($23.00). We enjoyed the grilled fishes more than the sashimi. I found the tuna sashimi the most unexciting and lacking flavour, other than that everything tasted fresh and tasty.

Who knew you could find decent Japanese at the G! I will be back to order some noodles and Kokoro’s special makisushi.  Thanks for the recommendation Katie!

Venue: Kokoro

Address: Shop 34, The G, Coles shopping centre, 40 Hibberson St, Gungahlin, ACT 2912

Phone: (02) 6241 7450

Opening hours: 11:00am – 10:00pm

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Roll me out like a sushi roll after a dinner at Kagawa


Apparently Sunday is a day of rest for most Japanese restaurants but not Kagawa Japanese Cuisine. An interstate friend had a craving for Japanese food but since my first two options weren’t opened, I remember I have had enjoyable meals before at Kagawa out in Dickson, so off we went!

I thought we’d start off with some nibbles for the table because I was contemplating a long wait for my sushi.

Green soybeans fresh green soya beans ($4.00) salty and addictive, pop the beans in your mouth and toss the outer casing away, potato moti potato and cheese patty (5.90) potato and cheese- it sounded like a winning combination but I didn’t find it salty enough and a bit lacking of taste, pork gyoza Japanese pan-fried dumplings 5pcs ($5.90) delicious and hot.

Sushi Nigiri (each) yellowtail ($2.00), salmon ($2.00), tuna ($2.50), eel ($2.00), Avocado roll (med- $7.00)-Delicious sushi but my favourite one would have to be the eel, you have to try it! I’ve been here several times and every time (both lunch and dinner) the sushi comes so late you wonder if they have forgotten it but tonight the sushi came promptly and it caught me by surprise. Our table filled up quickly and there wasn’t enough space without doing a bit of tetris work. 

Steak teppanyaki sizzling steak with vegetables and rice ($22.00)- Very hot and filling, nothing scream ‘Japanese’ about it though.

Kagawa ramen pork, fish cake, egg and vegetables ($8.50)- this doesn’t do the  name ‘ramen’ any justice. The pork was not the traditional roast pork and was cut too thick, the broth wasn’t anything special and the bamboo and vegetables were a bit chewy. All in all, not worth getting, just buy a plane ticket to Japan and get the real thing.

I do like their lunch ‘sets’ and I think they are good value. If it’s not enough you could get a few extra sushi rolls (and pray it doesn’t take long to come).

Venue: Kagawa Japanese Cuisine

Address: 55 Woolley St, Dickson, ACT, 2602

Phone: (02) 62572225

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Tasuke Tea House


My foodie work colleague alerted me to Tasuke Tea House which is the latest addition to the newly renovated Belconnen Westfield mall (just outside of Coles supermarket). It’s a branch off the civic ‘Tasuke’ Japanese restaurant, they have noodles, sushi, squid balls etc but that is not what sets them apart from all the other neighbouring Japanese food stalls.

They have an elaborate rotating sponge making machine which is mesmerizing to watch and brings in crowds of fascinated people to come and stare.

The molds are filled with batter and then both sides are clamped together which is then later flipped as they rotate around the machine.

The end product? Well there are multiple molds but this is the koala shaped light fluffy sponge cake. Ningiyouyaki sponge puffs (1P- $1.00, 4P $3.00, 8P $5.00). The sponge puffs were ok, nothing too special, it is more the novalty of watching them being made.

Soy milk eclair ($2.00) and soy milk cream puff ($1.00) I didn’t get to try everything but this looked really interesting.

Another unique feature of this stall are these ‘Snow Lover‘ Asian sweets. They have a smooth thin gelatinous outer layer with various fillings/flavours in the centre, the flavours vary from day to day.

I couldn’t help but to get all three flavours. Strawberry was ok, it tasted more like strawberry conserve rather than fresh strawberries. Mango was good with a big chunk of fresh mango inside but my favourite by far was the chocolate flavour filled with Belgian chocolate.

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