Laduree is finally here- Well, there!

After delays and no updated ETAs, Ladurée has finally opened its doors this week in Sydney Centrepoint Westfield! If you have a couple of hours to spare to line up and pay $3.20 per macaron, then this is the place! You need a minimum of 8 to get the cute boxed packaging. Thanks to my patient cousin who braved the lines today to get some for her Mummy’s birthday and let me use her photos.

Wait times in the queue have been anywhere from a 45 minute to 1 1/2hr. Let’s hope by the time I go there, the lines would have died down.

Ladurée’s menu.

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Bean and Grain- again


When you’re hungry first thing in the morning, it doesn’t take much convincing to go eat waffles at Bean and Grain. I have been wanting to try this since hearing that one of Timmy’s cousins went and they recommended it. We only had one between us because we were heading off to lunch afterwards. 

A delicious hot fluffy waffle served with whipped butter and maple syrup and a complimentary berry smoothie shot, it was so good. It was really hard to share. I wanted more. 

The need for Knead


I was taking my Mummy out and about in Belconnen markets and we couldn’t pass Knead without stopping by.

From their website:

Knead Patisserie’s philosophy is simple: to use real ingredients (organic where possible) and create delicious food from scratch on a daily basis.

 Knead Patisserie serves an array of rustic breads including Baguettes, Traditional boiled Bagels, Sourdough, Light Rye and Multigrain Cobbs, tarts including crème brûlée tarts, frangipane, chocolate ganache and berry cheesecake tarts, and individual cakes, muffins & pastries.

They have a beautiful marble top studded with beautiful tarts, breads and pastries.

Berry Cheese cake ($5.00) and creme brulee tart ($5.00).

Berry Cheese cake – Even though the cheese layer was very thin (in comparison to a ‘normal’ cheesecake), there was intense cheesecake flavour. Truly wonderful.

Creme brulee tart despite leaving it a few hours before eating, the top still had a great toffee sugar top that I could break with a spoon. The custard filling was silky smooth and delicious!

There were so many choices and everything looked incredible it made it very hard to only choose two things.

Venue: Knead patisserie

Address: Shop 18, Belconnen Markets, Belconnen

Phone: (02) 6162 3200