Bern baby Bern

It is absolutely stunning here in Bern, Switzerland. The town is beautiful, everyone is friendly, there is stunning summer produce and there is lots to eat. When we asked a local if it was safe to walk around at night, his response was ‘it’s the safest place in the world!’.

My first full day has entailed waking up late, eating delicious crunchy (but not hard) bread with awesome butter and homemade strawberry jam for breakfast. Strolling into beautiful ‘Old Town’ where we went past the town clock to watch it chime then my nose led me straight to a food market which had seasonal produce and food stalls. 

I couldn’t help but buy local berries and cherries and we ate them near a fountain basking in the warm summer sun. Afterwards, we browsed more of the town and found spectacular views behind the Parliament. We had delicious Italian food for lunch around the Main Street, followed by a freshly made waffle dusted in icing sugar and cinnamon, which smelt incredible!
Now I’m taking an afternoon nap and a catch up on laundry before I go eat fondue for dinner! 

Everything looks incredible at the market.   TimmyC said I could get two fruits so we compromised and I got three 😉

Strawberries, raspberries and cherries oh my!  Isn’t this beautiful? The whole town looks like this.   The beautiful town clock that chimes every hour with moving figurines.     Light fluffy gnocchi with butter and sage. The wonderful thing was that they left the cheese grater on the table. This is my kinda place!  Sweeping views of the lovely surrounds.   Ended my afternoon with a hot waffle, it is a good way to end the day.