Singapore Series- TWG

I had my heart set on going to TWG before I even left the country, but time went by so quickly I had to squeeze a visit whenever I could which ended up being for breakfast. It probably wasn’t the best time to go especially when what I wanted to try was their dessert range.

I love how all the crockery and cutlery are customised.

Everything for breakfast seemed to be overpriced but we bit the bullet and ordered breakfast anyway, who knows when we would be back again.

Paris breakfast – TWG Tea from our extensive tea list, freshly squeezed orange or apple juice and a choice of 1 croissant or chocolate croissant served with TWG Tea jelly and whipped cream (SGD $20.00) The croissant was so delicious, I didn’t think it even needed the jelly and cream but Tim really liked the jelly.

Juices, teas and jams- oh my!

New York breakfast – TWG Tea from our extensive tea list, freshly squeezed orange or apple juice, Eggs Benedict- homemade toasted English muffins topped with two poached farmhouse eggs served with creamy hollandaise sauce and a choice of smoked salmon or turkey ham (SGD $30.00). I was really impressed with their extensive tea selection but it made it almost impossible to choose one. I ordered some green tea from Laos which was really nice without an overwhelming flavour. For some bizarre reason I cannot find the pictures of my eggs benny, but it wasn’t anything too special. CRAZILY OVERPRICED!

And of course we had to sample their macarons, I don’t exactly remember the flavours but they were REALLY good!

It’s a shame that I went at the wrong meal time to visit TWG. I think coming after dinner for dessert would be perfect and not too expensive. Alas it was too early to eat cake for me, they looked really pretty in the cabinet though!

The next morning just before leaving the hotel…

One more for the road, we couldn’t help ourselves, it was so much cheaper just for the croissant plus taking away!

Venue: TWG Tea Salon & Boutique 

Address: Tea on the Bridge, Canal Level B2-89, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 10:30pm

Friday and Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday: 10am to 12am

Phone: +65 6636 8663 / +65 6535 1837

Breakfast at 3 seeds


With Belgian waffles that I haven’t yet conquered from Bean and Grain, I was keen to drag my friends along to the Fyshwick markets for brunch but the down side to the cafe is the lack of seating. So we walked across the car park to my next choice, 3 seeds– the school, gourmet store and cafe above Ocean fresh.

It was also full but with more space to work with, the staff were very nice and cleared a space for us as soon as it became available (5-10 minute wait). The place was full of families with children and babies all having breakfast away from the hustle and bustle of Fyshwick markets.

We started off with some beverages while waiting for our other friend to arrive. 

Earl grey tea ($4.00)

Freshly squeezed juice ($7.50) I thought I wrote down the flavour somewhere but apparently not, it was apple something. Nice enough but not worth $7.50!

Flat white ($3.60) Okay coffee and not crazily priced.

Poached eggs with bacon, mushrooms (in place of the tomato) and baby spinach on toast ($18.00) With not even butter on the toast, this dish was standard- poached egg with bacon and mushrooms with not even wilted spinach plonked on top of some toast. I don’t see how this is $18.00 worth?

Thick cut toast and 3 seeds jam ($6.50) The bread was hard and the jam very underwhelming.

French toast with berries, vanilla yoghurt and maple syrup ($17.00) Interesting that they used their sour cherry bread for the French toast. The egg/milk mixture didn’t really infuse into the bread, more just like an outer coating. Not overly sweet which was good for me.

There is a gourmet store around the back with some unique food items.

The cooking classes must be a hit with most of them being booked out way in advance, they provide a wide range of courses from Spanish Tapas to preparing seafood to French cooking. I might come back for a cooking class but I think I’ll cross brunch @ 3 seeds off my to do list based on the overpriced breakfast. I wonder what all those families were ordering and how they are affording such an expensive mediocre breakfast.

Venue: 3seeds

AddressFyshwick Markets  Cnr Dalby & Mildura St ACT 2609

Phone: (02) 6295 7722


Cafe & Gourmet Store:  Thursday-Friday 9.00-5.00pm, Saturday 8.30-4pm

& Sunday 8.30-3.00pm

Cooking School: Wednesday & Thursday nights 6.00-9.30pm, Saturdays 3-5.30pm. 

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Morning tea @ the Hyatt


Not long after my first High tea at the Hyatt, I was invited to a Morning tea at the Hyatt. Despite the 9am start, I was still ready for an all you can eat buffet.

There were more pastries, muffins and deceiving buns with no fillings instead of cakes, slices and tarts. I much prefer the High tea (2:30pm – 5pm) over morning tea and you don’t have to wake up early for it either. 

High tea @ the Hyatt


We were celebrating several occasions- birthdays and finishing courses but who doesn’t love catching up with wonderful friends in cute dresses while eating cake all afternoon? My friend booked well in advance to ensure we got a table for High tea at the Hyatt.

The table is set, let’s eat!

A big table of an ‘all of you can’ buffet with both sweets and savouries.

Each tea/coffee cup had a cute peppermint macaron for an ‘after dinner mint’. It was a very strong flavour and I didn’t think the shell was the best consistency.

Complimentary champagne or juice on arrival.

A close up for several plates- strawberry tart, jelly, tarts, cheesecakes, bread and butter puddings, pavlova and trifle.

Mmmm savouries!

My vegan friend was given a savoury platter with char-grilled vegetables and anti-pasto elements.

Even though we had specifically mentioned that there was a vegan while booking, we weren’t sure how they were going to cater for her. We were all amazed that there was a sweet vegan platter to follow. I asked to see the chef to explain the plate (and to double check that it was vegan). There were a lot of delicious elements but it got a wee bit sweet towards the end and unlike me, my friend couldn’t swap back to savoury afterwards.

Vegan option: Chocolate panna cotta, hazelnut crumble, orange polenta cake, biscuits, fruit loaf and sweet jellies. My friend’s favourites included the crumble and orange cake but found the jellies a bit too much.

A close of up the cold hazelnut crumble with apples.

I have eaten at a lot of local venues who have high tea and I think this is definitely one of the better ones. Something things were too sweet for me but that didn’t matter because they were constantly re-filling the hot savouries (as well as everything else). My favourites of the afternoon- spinach and cheese pastries, bread and butter pudding with berries and the trifle.

We have been to several high teas where my vegan has had to pay full price and was basically given vegetables sticks in 3 ways, so to see such a wonderful variety was a double plus! The icing on the (vegan) cupcake was that the price was only $28.00 in comparison to the full price $47.00.

Venue: The Tea Lounge @ the Hyatt

Address: 120 Commonwealth Avenue, Canberra

High Tea: From 2:30pm- 5pm daily (Yes we were there for the whole duration and then some) $47.00

Phone: (02) 6269 8815

Vegan friendly

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A sweet treat from a sweet friend


This is more a food porn post. A sweet friend invited me over for a morning tea that she was hosting the day of my birthday and she put out an impressive spread with a nice variety of sweet and savoury and most things were homemade- how lovely!

She made awesome dips and she was nice enough to give me some recipes!

Liptauer Dip

Process 60g softened butter and 250g cream cheese with 1 small onion, 3 anchovies, 8 cornichons and paprika, capers and caraway seeds to taste.

Herbed- ricotta spread

Combine 400g ricotta with 1/2 cup finely grated parmesan cheese and finely chopped black olives, chives and fresh thyme

A close up of the impressive serving dish with cheese balls with three coatings.

A delicious moist (Italian?) orange cake– Mmmm I should get the recipe for this. What cute paper!

Thanks for hosting Christine, I had a tasty time.  

Sweets at Sweet Copper


During an ‘intermission’ at a wedding, a few of us headed to Sweet Copper for some lovely morning tea. Tucked away nicely amongst some of my favourites stores like the Style Emporium and the Darling Sisters boutique, I love walking past Sweet Copper to look at their menu and events calendar.

They recently held a 100 year Anniversary of The Last Dinner on the Titanic serving a ten course degustation as served in the first-class dining saloon of the R.M.S. Titanic on April 14,1912.

Looking at what Sweet Copper had to offer.

Lemon and pistachio (gluten free) ($7.50) A moist delicious cake with the perfect amount of icing.

New York baked cheesecake ($6.50) 

Freshly made scones ($7.50) Ok scones but I would have preferred a berry jam rather than the apricot jam.

Vanilla slice ($6.00) Not the biggest and thickest vanilla slice but it was still a good balance of sweetness.


English breakfast tea

A lovely day to sit outside to enjoy some tea.

They have a candy machine inside making yummy candy.

A cute place to have light meals and tea with cake. It is a shame it was a bit hidden away and not as well known as the other cafes but definitely up there as one of the better choices in the area.

Venue: Sweet Copper

Address: Old Ginninderra School House Ginninderra Village, Gold Creek Village, Nicholls


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