Spotted… In Civic

A vegan pop-up has taken over Milk Crate’s original site in Civic. A Slice of Life is serving beefless beef pies which really intrigues me. If anyone has been here, let me know what you think.Thanks Thomas for the photos and the heads up!


Galleon Cafe – Melbourne series


TimmyC’s trendy cousin took us out for brunch at the Galleon Cafe near Ackland street; it is a hipster central cafe decked out in mismatched vintage furniture (it reminded us of A bite to Eat in Chifley) and really friendly staff. There was a bit of a line up at the front to get a seat but since we didn’t mind squishing to one side whilst sitting outside, we got a table fairly quickly.
Us seating outside smooshed to one side, just trying out the fish eye camera lens that I got for Christmas.
A peek inside the cafe: the view from the outside.
There was a bit of a wait for food and beverages but they were super busy.
Scrambled tofu with mushroom, spinach and crispy fried enoki with sour dough toast – vegan ($14.50). I surprised even myself when I ordered this but I love a good tofu scramble ever since my friend made an awesome one for me years ago (hello Mellie!). I think because it doesn’t have a sauce or bacon, it needed a good dose of flavour or salt from something and this tofu scramble just didn’t have that. I think if it had more salty notes or chilli it would have been a lot better. I love the addition of fried enoki and I think I’ll be doing that more often in my own home cooking.
Eggs Benedict made with our house made hollandaise sauce with bacon and two eggs ($14.00). I really liked their house made hollandaise and was sporadically dipping my forkful in it. The eggs were probably ever so slightly over cooked, maybe 30 seconds less it would have been perfect. 
Poached eggs on toast (full serve $10.00) with a sweet potato hash brown ($4.50).
Banana and date loaf (baked in house) toasted with vanilla bean ricotta (half serve $4.00?). I am always torn between savoury and sweet for breakfast, so today I decided I will have both. It probably didn’t really matter what was underneath because the vanilla bean ricotta stole the show! A semi sweet, rich creamy paste that I smothered all over the bread. I’m going to have to start making my own ricotta soon.
Fresh juice orange, pineapple and ginger ($7.50). This was a nice refreshing sweet juice but I couldn’t taste any ginger.
Despite being bogged down heavily with patrons, I found all the staff at Galleons to be super friendly. I loved the diversity in the menu from different toasts, bagels, breakfast bowls to a wide variety of vegetarian, non vegetarian and a whole bunch of extras. The most expensive menu item was $15.50 and a lot of options come with half serves for those who don’t eat as much as me; making this place very accommodating and cheap!


Venue: The Galleon Cafe
Address: 9 Carlisle St, St Kilda VIC 3182
Phone: (03) 9534 8934

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Same people, must be just supplying to other cafes. I had a cupcake from the Sweet Bones store previously too, I didn’t like it. Maybe they are getting better? Or I just got lucky with the flavour this time.

  1.  quizabel said: Cupcakes at Sweet Bones on Lonsdale St are the same (high) price, but not too impressive! These ones sound better 😀

Braddon stalking- Sweet Bones




Coincidentally my friends told me about this vegan bakery the night before! Sweet Bones is an organic vegan bakery and cafe hoping to open up at the end of the month. They will have cow’s milk for coffee though, I joked with the owner that he should charge extra for cow’s milk like how other cafes charge extra for soy. 

I can’t wait for this cute little bakery to open up, their cupcake photos on their FB page look fantastic!

Venue: Sweet Bones organic bakery and cafe

Address: 27 Lonsdale Street, Braddon, ACT 2612


Phone: 0413 067 890

guilt free sweets

I was strolling along Kingston markets and Veganarchy caught my eye with their unique gluten free and vegan cupcakes and interesting flavours that included chocolate brownie, ‘The Elvis’, French toast and Raspberry lemonade.

French toast vegan cupcake ($3.50) A moist cupcake with beautiful flavours of cinnamon and nutmeg. The icing had a perfect amount of sweetness which didn’t dominate the whole treat. You couldn’t tell that it was a vegan cupcake!

Veganarchy Sweets & Eats currently supplies to the following businesses:

ANU Co-Op Food Shop and Cafe

Cafe Essen

Van Der Veens Coffee

What’s delicious at Burgerlicious?


Everything! Well everything that I have tried at least. Situated along the busy main road in Newtown, Burgerlicious is an Australian owned company boasting self made meat patties and sauces and their burger buns are made to their recipe.

At first I ordered wings but the meat patty looked too good for me not to try one so I changed my order.

Tofusionmarinated tofu, grilled onions, roasted eggplant, avacado, tomato, lettuce, tomato relish, homus (meal $12.40) This is my friend’s standard order, I asked if she had tried the other vegetarian burgers, but she said why stray from a great thing.

Their (vegan) chips are yummy!

Cheese– angus beef, grilled onions, cheese, American mustard, pickles, ketchup burger (burger- $6.90) Not the best burger I’ve ever eaten although I did appreciate the tasty patty but I wish they made more effort to melt the cheese though.

Venue: Burgerlicious

Address: 215 King St, Newtown, NSW 2042

Phone: (02) 95197401


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Sydney Series- Going naked in Newtown

Sunday breakfast

Fellow blogger Shimmy Shimmy coconut has spoilt me every time I go to Sydney and this occasion was no different, she braved the CBD traffic to pick us up and we headed into Newtown to a cute quiet cafe- where it’s Naked Espresso by day (weekend breakfast/lunch only) and Basil pizza and pasta by night (from 5pm).

Now I’ve been to my fair share of restaurants where they don’t know what a vegan is or they can make one dish into a vegan friendly option but rarely do I go to a place where most of the dishes are vegan and offer things that you don’t get every day like vegan gravy, margarine and even mayonnaise! 

Their  coffee  is all organic and fair trade certified and the fact that they offer organic whole-bean soy milk at no additional charge is a just a sweet cherry on top!

Organic Buckwheat Pancakes with vanilla ice-cream- made absolutely to order, topped with sliced seasonal fruit ($12.90 with additional charge for the ice cream): nice crispy pancakes and I love how I could see the vanilla bean speckles in the ice-cream!

Mix ‘n’ Match NEW- sauteed mushrooms, wilted baby spinach, two hash browns, two Redwood streaky-style rashers (contain gluten) served with two slices of organic sourdough with vegan margarine ($12.90). We were corrected several times by the waitress that it wasn’t ‘bacon’ they were Redwood streaky-style rashers (maybe to avoid disappointment from those who failed to read it was a vegan cafe?), it tasted like ‘bacon chips’ (remember the kind you could get from Sizzler) which I didn’t mind. Everything else was pretty standard, I would have liked to have them make their own hash brown or potato rosti, my favourite was  their selection of bread with vegan margarine.

Scrambled tofu feast (gluten-free available)- spiced scrambled tofu with baby spinachhome cooked baked beans, roasted pumpkin, sauteed mushrooms,hash browns and two slices of organic sourdough with vegan margarine ($13.90) additional Redwood streaky-style bacon. My friend said she was disappointed with the spiced tofu scramble (which is easy when you’ve tasted her version!) but she didn’t mind everything else.

Although there wasn’t that many people there when we were seated it was still a bit of a wait on the coffee as well as the food but I’d come back again and try all the different unique menu items and I always  a place that makes such an effort to source fair trade and organic items.

Venue: Naked Espresso

New hours! 9:00am- 2:00pm Saturday and Sunday

Address: 126 King St, Newtown, NSW, 2042

Phone: (02) 9519 4880


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Cronulla @ brunch time!


Who better to show you around than a local? First stop obviously had to be coffee otherwise my friends would not function. Our ‘tour guide’ took us to a lovely little coffee shop called Grind where they mainly sell coffee (and a few cakes). They had a menu board the length of a cafe breakfast menu just for coffee!

Very cute inside- just a few couches and mis-matched tables and chairs, but most people stand outside waiting for their named to be called. They have take away orders down pat: a customised branded coffee cup and if you’re doing the coffee run they have a nice cardboard holder for up to 4 coffees. My friends say the coffee was great!

Then we were off to find somewhere to eat brunch! Nulla Nulla was still serving breakfast and looked busy (which is a good sign).

Pancakes served with strawberries, cream and maple syrup. The ice-cream was additional but highly recommended!

Did I mention that the pancakes were really thick and fluffy?!

I wanted something savoury- STAT! What could beat a delicious bacon and egg on an english muffin with hash browns on the side?

My vegan-friendly friend ordered Turkish bread (no butter) with hashbrowns and tomato.

A breakfast favourite- Eggs benedict!

Although they were busy the waitresses were still very attentive and friendly!

While my friends went for a “stroll” aka head back to Grind for a second coffee, I couldn’t help but stop at this place as their cake cabinet caught my eye.

I ended up buying the ‘pyramid cake’ which was supposed to be layers of sponge and rum mousse (even though I was very full from brunch). I didn’t eat it until we drove back to Canberra (which probably didn’t help) but by the time this cake was in my mouth it was very stale and the mousse was hard. That’s a shame, it looked pretty though.

21st b’day celebrations v2.0- Homestead Cafe


You only turn 21 once! Or if you’re my friend, 2-6 times in a lifetime . We celebrated in style on the lovely veranda of the Homestead Cafe located @ Gooromon park just outside of Canberra.

Firstly the savouries came out- come to think of it, I was stuffing my face so fast that I didn’t actually note what was in the wraps or sandwiches! I’m surprised I even remembered to take a photo with all this food around!

Of course there was champagne flowing but I opted for an OJ, I just really wanted tea but they said that the tea would come out later.


Risotto balls and caramalised onion tarts- YUM!

Note to the savoury eaters! They take away the plates and tiers (with no offerings for someone to take the last delicious morsel) just as quick as they came! Best to line your plate with some ‘extras for later’ if you want to end on a savoury note.


Then came the sweets…

Chocolate panna cotta, lemon curd tarts, caramel slice and brownies- all very nice but the lemon curd was a little too tart for my liking.


Scones with homemade jam served with double cream-  the scones were lovely and fresh but the jams weren’t very memorable, luckily there was cream there!


Finally the pots of tea came out! Everyone had a different colour/patterned tea cup- very cute.


My vegan friendly friend was given strawberries in balsamic vinegar, which she didn’t like very much but I enjoyed it! She also had crust-less sandwiches with beetroot filling (sorry didn’t get a photo).


My vegan friendly friend was not a fan of stewed fruit but was very pleasantly surprised with her stewed pears with vanillla. Looks delicious!


The view out there is spectacular, especially on that day when the sun had come out to play for the first time in several days. The road on the way there is a little worse for wear but if you drive carefully enough you could avoid all the pot holes (not ideal to drive during dusk/night). I’ve also been out here for breakfast and lunch, lovely presentation and delicious food (sorry no photos). They also have several private rooms available which are very cute but are catered for fewer people (4-6?). A highly recommended place for all those who want a country feel with a view but don’t want to drive too far out.

I’m going again in another week or two for another friend’s birthday (good excuse to go to Hall markets while I’m out in that direction too!). Hopefully the menu will vary a little as they change the savouries and petit fours to whatever they feel like making on the day, but I’m sure it’ll be wonderful either way.

Venue: Homestead Cafe

Address: 214 Gooromon Ponds Road – Hall – ACT 2618

Opening hours: Fri – 11am – 3pm (Lunch)
                                   Sat/Sun/Public Holidays – 9am – 4pm (Breakfast, Lunch, High Tea)

Phone: (02) 6230 2349