We were taking a big “Risk” (tee hee, I love that game) when we headed down to Guild on a Friday night without a booking, but we were lucky enough to squeeze on a table for two between the three of us, but the tables are big enough that we weren’t squished at all.

Handy wipes on each table to protect sticky fingers from the games and to have clean hands to eatHappy friends all concentrating on defeating each other, only in the game of course.Mocktails~

Peach, ginger and cinnamon virgin spritz roasted peaches infused with ginger and cinnamon, combined with lemonade and a hint of mint ($9.00). My friend really enjoyed this, she said it was sweet and very refreshing.

Strawberry virgin mojito fresh strawberries, mint and lime muddled and topped with soda, perfect on a hot day ($9.50). I didn’t really read the description so I was a little surprised when this wasn’t sweet, it would be nice if you wanted something cold, bubbly but not sweet.To share~

Pumpkin and feta fritters served with minted yoghurt dipping sauce ($14.00). These fritters had a dry interior and really needed the dipping sauce, there wasn’t enough and we had to ask for more.Pizza~ 9″ small meal or 11″ regular meal

I loved the names of pizza, they have nerdy witty humour. My friend can’t eat pork so there was very limited choices for her, maybe they could eventually bring in beef mince pizzas?

Connect 4 marinated feta, imported gorgonzola, buffalo mozzarella, provolone and cracked pepper on an oil base (11″ size $17.00). I didn’t get to try this pizza but my friends were sadden that there wasn’t even coverage over the entire pizza.Zombicide spicy chorizo, pepperoni, smoked ham, herbed lemon chicken breast, smoked bacon and homemade BBQ sauce (11″ size $18.00). A very delicious, meat-a-licious pizza, with a more even coverage of topping. I think if the base was a little fluffier or thinner, the slightly burnt edges wouldn’t be so hard.The pepperoni pieces are a little thicker than I’m used to but that meant they didn’t burn as much.There was a wait on food because it was so busy and the nature of wood-fired pizza but we didn’t notice as we were having so much fun playing Love Letter (Batman edition).

A fun and easy to learn game while waiting for dinner.After dinner, we switched over to playing Dixit by a recommendation from the Game Master (I have no idea what his name was so that’s what I’ll call him), which led us almost to closing time. When we went to pay the bill, I was surprised to see a gamage surcharge of $3.00 per person which we would have happily paid, but we didn’t see any signs nor were we told about it.

Lots of games to choose from all around the restaurant.There are still a few teething issues with timing and service but they have only just opened over a week ago. We really enjoyed our time here, there are many games and options and the friendly staff are only more than eager to help; if you have zero idea they will also run through the game with you. It is very refreshing to have a something in civic that is fun and doesn’t revolve around drinking, although there are plenty of options for that too if that’s what you’re into. My friends and I would be very keen to come back and try out more of the menu and play more of their games.

Venue: Guild

Address: (Where APK used to be) LG, Bailey’s Arcade, 150 London Cct, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2601

Phone: (02) 62572727

Opening timesMon-Sun 11:00 – 00:00



Pizza Gusto

When I rang Pizza Gusto, I asked very sceptically if they took reservations, from what I’ve heard they were just a little establishment boasting delicious pizzas but their business mainly comes from takeaways. They very nicely said yes and asked if I would like to sit inside or outside, without a sarcastic reply after glancing at the frost covered grass, I requested a table for four inside.

You have more of a chance of finding a park in Braddon at night so that wasn’t a problem. When we walked in, we saw just how small the restaurant was. Only fitting 5 square cafe tables in max and with a very basic set up which included plastic cups for water that you fill from the outside animal shaped tap, eating out of the pizza box and a flyer for a menu, I knew it had to have amazing pizza to have thrived in Braddon for so long.

Pizza (33cm – 8 slices).

We were trying to choose classic pizzas with simple ingredients to use it as a measuring stick against every other pizza we’ve had. They came out rather promptly and not oily at all, perfect crust and base, fresh ingredients which amplified the simple flavours. Pizza gusto definitely makes it in my top 3 pizza places of Canberra. 

Margheritatomato, mozzarella, bocconcini cheese and fresh basil ($16.00).

Supremotomato, mozzarella, Calabrese salami, shaved leg ham, veggies  mushrooms, pineapple and olives ($20.00).

I looked a little disappointed when everyone said that two pizzas should be plenty between the four of us, but since the first two were so awesome we were able to order one more pizza that was a little outside of the ‘box’.

 Patate garlic oil base, finely sliced potatoes, mozzarella, rosemary, and sea salt  ($17.00). On the little salty side but the potatoes were perfectly done. Despite the salt, I found the pizza overall to be very bland and it was my least favourite pizza of the night.

Not a fine dining restaurant by any means but if you want a good pizza to dine in (best to reserve a table) or to take away, Pizza Gusto is the place to go.

VenuePizza Gusto

Address: 23 Lonsdale St, Braddon, ACT 2612

Opening hours: 5:30pm – 9pm 7 days

Phone: 6257 7508

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