Singapore Series- chocolate buffet

This is more of a food porn post. Nothing much to say but yum! They had such gorgeous presentation at this all you can eat chocolate buffet, with a personal chef to make hot chocolate doughnuts on order included! Needless to say that towards the end, the chocolate became overwhelming and the fruit was a refreshing change.

Venue: The Club at Marina Bay Sands (top floor overlooking their infinity pool and the city)

Price: $38 pp (SGD)

Operating hours: daily 8pm – 12am












Singapore Series- TWG

I had my heart set on going to TWG before I even left the country, but time went by so quickly I had to squeeze a visit whenever I could which ended up being for breakfast. It probably wasn’t the best time to go especially when what I wanted to try was their dessert range.

I love how all the crockery and cutlery are customised.

Everything for breakfast seemed to be overpriced but we bit the bullet and ordered breakfast anyway, who knows when we would be back again.

Paris breakfast – TWG Tea from our extensive tea list, freshly squeezed orange or apple juice and a choice of 1 croissant or chocolate croissant served with TWG Tea jelly and whipped cream (SGD $20.00) The croissant was so delicious, I didn’t think it even needed the jelly and cream but Tim really liked the jelly.

Juices, teas and jams- oh my!

New York breakfast – TWG Tea from our extensive tea list, freshly squeezed orange or apple juice, Eggs Benedict- homemade toasted English muffins topped with two poached farmhouse eggs served with creamy hollandaise sauce and a choice of smoked salmon or turkey ham (SGD $30.00). I was really impressed with their extensive tea selection but it made it almost impossible to choose one. I ordered some green tea from Laos which was really nice without an overwhelming flavour. For some bizarre reason I cannot find the pictures of my eggs benny, but it wasn’t anything too special. CRAZILY OVERPRICED!

And of course we had to sample their macarons, I don’t exactly remember the flavours but they were REALLY good!

It’s a shame that I went at the wrong meal time to visit TWG. I think coming after dinner for dessert would be perfect and not too expensive. Alas it was too early to eat cake for me, they looked really pretty in the cabinet though!

The next morning just before leaving the hotel…

One more for the road, we couldn’t help ourselves, it was so much cheaper just for the croissant plus taking away!

Venue: TWG Tea Salon & Boutique 

Address: Tea on the Bridge, Canal Level B2-89, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Opening hours: Sunday to Thursday: 10am to 10:30pm

Friday and Saturday & Eve of Public Holiday: 10am to 12am

Phone: +65 6636 8663 / +65 6535 1837

Singapore Series- Snacking @ Au Chocolat

We had just come from three consecutive restaurants, so I was surprised we could fit any more in but we just couldn’t help ourselves while walking past the very big shop front that was Au Chocolat.

What caught Timmy’s eye was the gelato!

The store offered many goodies from gelato, merchandise, over priced Western cuisine and chocolate (obviously).

It was their French pastry cabinet that caught my eye. They had macarons bigger than the size of my palm!

Rose and Lychee Macaron (SGD $7.00) A nice texture with a lovely strong rose flavour, I would have liked a bit more lychee-ness though.

Venue: Au Chocolat

Address: L1-03, Bay Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Opening hours: Daily 11am – 12am

Phone: +65 6688 7227

Maccas in Singapore

I didn’t intend to eat McDonalds while I was in Singapore but someone kindly bought snacks during an afternoon of hobby fun.

I was so excited to see curry sauce but it wasn’t the same sauce as they had in Australia, it was more of a satay curry, but they did have a fabulous garlic chilli sauce that I couldn’t get enough of! 

They also have shaker fries!

Singapore Series- Disappointment at High society

We probably got a little greedy with going to another food shop STRAIGHT after Toast Box and eating our 3rd meal/snack within the hour, but the pretty cupcakes lured us in like sirens and we couldn’t help ourselves.

Vanilla ‘macaroon’– I guess my first warning sign should have been that they called it a macaroon. This was disgusting, dry, tasteless and worst of all stale. I guess everything can’t be delicious in Singapore.

Pistachio and raspberry cupcake– I picked this because of the pretty icing and colours but I was also pleasantly surprised by how the flavours complimented each other.

The icing was very pretty but waaaaaaaay too rich but the cake itself was very tasty and moist.

We informed the staff that the macaron was terrible and stale but I don’t know if she heard because she just smiled and processed the bill.

Singapore Series- International QC on DTF

When you think of breakfast, dumplings isn’t the first thing that comes to mind but for me, I can eat dumplings at any time (plus by the time we crawled out of our very comfortable bed it wasn’t that early anyway ). I couldn’t help myself but stop by my closest Din Tai Fung store in Singapore and see if their xiao long bao was consistently good across the globe.

Green apple and pineapple juices– so sweet and refreshing.

Steamed vegetable dumplings– delicious but no where near as good as what was to come.

Pork chop and fried rice– the fried rice came out nice and hot and the pork was so tender.

Their famous Xiao Long Bao- I wanted to order more but Timmy convinced me to save my stomach for the next meal. 

Steamed buns

An inside look of the chilli crab and pork steamed bun- a hit of chilli but it is counteracted by the subtle sweetness of the bun.

The service and dumplings are consistently fabulous with all the locations in Australia. I wanted to order their noodles too but Timmy reminded me I wanted to eat french toast at the place next door afterwards.