A quick overview of what we ate at the Thai food fair that was held in Lyneham last Sunday. I couldn’t walk away from chicken wings and sticky rice, we also indulged in homemade fish cakes, fresh rice paper rolls, a prawn ‘donut’, the mandatory chicken satay skewers and prawns covered in noodles.

Drinks– to quench our thirst, explore more flavours and cool our mouths down from the chili we tried the tamarind drink, iced longan drink and a watermelon ice crush.

Not wanting to miss out on dessert but definitely not having any room in our tummys, we took two desserts home. 

Left – sweet potato, jellys etc with coconut milk

Right – tapioca balls in coconut milk

There were crazy amounts of people, parking was a nightmare and a lot of plants were damaged, but I hope the temple was able to raise enough funds for their building. I hope they keep fund raising because Canberra loves eating and supporting their cause.


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