Lounging it up at the lounge

With a stupid o’clock flight we preemptively booked the lounge with massage chairs, free internet, free food, drinks and alcohol but with my eager eating throughout the day I don’t know how much I can actually consume.

My last day in Singapore started off with a cookie filled with lotus seed paste from Fung Wong confectionery.20140424-203752.jpgFollowed by an early lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop.20140424-203640.jpgWith no clear direction of what to order, I just went with simple Hainanese chicken rice set with a soup and the recommended ‘3 layered drink’.

I was trying to decide if the ‘3 layered drink’ was really just a lazy chef’s milk tea who couldn’t be bothered stirring. The three layered drink tasted like if you were drinking a milk tea and chewed on the bubble at the same time, but sweeter. I couldn’t finish it, a little OTT for me.20140424-203652.jpgThe chicken was nice enough but for me the flavours were truly in the rice and the ginger and shallot sauce accompaniment.  MMMmmmm mmmmmm.20140424-203745.jpgSucculent juicy chicken.20140424-203813.jpgI was needed back at the resort but before I jumped on the monorail, I grabbed a Portuguese tart from 8tarts n pastries. Not great, so I’m glad that I only got the one.20140424-203804.jpgAfter a browse at the Aquarium, it was time for second lunch where we headed to the ‘Malaysian street food’ at the Sentosa resort world. We grabbed a huge chicken rice claypot that could have fed a family and one last dose of char kway teow. Both were delicious and full of Chinese sausage. 20140424-203825.jpgHumble ingredients that might not look like much, but I absolutely loved this.20140424-211802.jpgThe noodles were stir fried fresh and proved to be very popular with a long queue.20140424-203848.jpgI could feel my eyes roll back into my head and my body shutting down into a food coma but I just wanted one last thing, a you tiao from Dough Culture. It was really nice. Slightly crispy, not oily and really soft and chewy. The perfect ending to my food adventure.20140424-203857.jpgThank you Singapore and Penang for my fabulous foodie adventure. Now it won’t feel right when I pay for a $15.00 lunch back in freezing Canberra.



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