Who wrote it better

I’ve been on social media mindlessly scrolling more than usual because I was sick all last week and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes when seeing the same articles over and over again. Not identical but almost like copy cat posts from ‘Canberra pages’ such as Out in Canberra and RiotACT of fellow blogger original ideas.

Who wrote it better?

Case study 1: My friend started her blog Feel the Powerberra back in 2013 going through the many many suburbs of Canberra. You get to experience a bit of every suburb through her artistic eye and lens.

RiotACT have now started their band of writers to do the same but in a less tasteful fashion full of statistics.

Case study 2: A foodie friend The Food Avenue wrote an awesome piece about where to find alternative shakes that won’t take 4 hours to line up for. Weeks later, I saw this sad sponsored article on my Facebook feed for Out in Canberra about milkshakes with what looks like address information missing from places that I would never order a milkshake from. Admittedly they published their article first but it doesn’t excuse the poor writing and recommendations.


It might seem ironic because I (slowly) write about restaurants that other bloggers have also been to but I’m just sharing my own experience and a different perspective.

Maybe I’m just bitter from all the pills I’ve been taking but I want to read pieces that make me want to eat where you’ve eaten or inspires me to bake something in my kitchen ASAP. C’mon Canberra pages, inspire me.


2 thoughts on “Who wrote it better

  1. The Food Avenue

    Hi! Thanks for the mention. I’ve only just seen the OiC article because of this post, so didn’t even realise they had done a list of milkshakes when I wrote my article!

    Anyway, hope you feel better soon! 🙂

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